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How do I stop my spayed male dog from being aggressive to un-spayed male dogs?

My little dog, Scooter is 13 year-old shih tzu-lhasa mix. About 2 years ago, lost an eye when he got in "a bar fight" with a non-neutered huge Labrador. Yesterday he met an adorable little shih tzu and wouldn't stop growling. The owner told us his dog was not fixed. I tried a method someone had suggested and lifted him up and turned his little tail section toward the nose of cute little "Mo". That didn't help him to stop growling. He has always been unfriendly on leash, but is ok off leash on the dog beach. The problem is everyone in our RV park has to have their dog onleash. Strategies?


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Greg Schweizer (gregas) says

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2 years ago
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