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Has your pet ever had a Convenia injection and if so what was your experience with it?

My veterinarian injected my small kitten at only about 2 lbs with this without even asking me or warning me of side effects and now I am reading some bad things like it could kill it and I am very worried. If anyone has any knowledge or experience with this I would appreciate hearing about it. This picture is not of her but looks just like her by 9meow.blogspot.


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Dr Mark (DrMark1961) says

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21 months ago
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    Jackie Lynnley 21 months ago

    Thank you so much! I hope you are right. I got this kitten from someone who said she was just thrown out and she had abscesses all over her and although they don't look abscessed now they are still swollen with sores. I have fallen in love with her!