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My 9 month old French Bulldog is so picky with her food

She is perfectly healthy but has always been a fussy eater. I have tried raw food, and have a load in the freezer after buying several portions because for a whole week she actually liked it. I have 3 different variety of dry kibble that she refuses to eat. Even cooked chicken won't tempt her. I have been reading your comments on here and am so relieved to find other people have this problem as well. I am going to toughen up and take her food up after 5 mins and bin it. Fingers crossed...????


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Roger T Duquette says

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10 months ago
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    Maureen Macleod (momac) 10 months ago

    Thanks Roger, I have toughened up and it seems to have worked. Bella prefers only one meal a day around 3 pm. Before then she just isn't interested despite having a 2 hour walk and play with her friends every day.