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About a year ago we took in my deceased uncle's dog,who he'd taken in and was chasing neighbors cows

first off the dog is off chow decent, and I have never felt comfortable around chows........then, my cousins cat had kittens and a place made for her and them on our poarch....1morning his gf walked out to him w/ a kitten n his mouth,3 mangled on ground in front of him already w/ him staring at her growling(she froze) as he proceeded to drop it and go grab and eat the last of the 5 kittens in front of her as he growled! I have a adult female who escapes 4 a day or 2of wild er once in a while,n ive caught him w her treed barking at her,I smacked his nose n he tried to bite me,is he safe to own


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