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Are Plastic Dog Kennels Best?

Updated on November 28, 2010

Just like their owners, our canine companions need a safe, secure, and comfortable place to which they can retreat when needed, whether to escape a stressful situation or just to take a nap.

The best way to give them this area is to provide them with a kennel. This type of modern day den is usually made from wire, wood, or plastic, and each style can be used for different situations.

Most pup owners are familiar with wooden dog kennels or houses. This kind of shelter is mainly used outdoors for pups that usually live outside, such as huskies. It must be kept in good condition in order to prevent the wood from decaying. It needs to have a waterproof roof as well as floor, which must also be maintained, along with dry bedding for warmth. For many, wooden models can be a little high maintenance for today's fast pace living. The plastic dog kennel is becoming much more popular and readily available.

For those whose pet lives indoors, but still needs a place to retreat if necessary, a lightweight plastic dog kennel is a perfect fit. These come in sizes to fit the smallest to the largest pups. Although they are mainly used indoors, these crates will work outside as well.

They are very durable and require no maintenance other than cleaning the bedding used by the pet. Many will find that their furry friend likes this type of home the best.

When choosing a crate for a specific pooch, having the correct size is very important. When inside the shelter, the dog should have enough room to stand, allowing two to three inches of space above its head. There should also be enough room for the pup to turn around, sit, and lie down. Anything smaller will be very uncomfortable to live in. While anything larger than this will not give the dog the secure feeling that it is seeking in its modern day den.

There are many ways to give man’s best friend the safety and security it needs, and making a kennel available is one of the best. Because this shelter can be made of different materials, the owner must consider where it will be used, how much upkeep it requires, and the size needed. Keeping all of these items in mind, many find that plastic dog kennels fit the requirements they have, and will do so long into the future.


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