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Asian Theme Aquarium Ornaments

Updated on August 28, 2013

Asian Aquarium Ornaments For Your Fish Tank

The different types of themes that you cold possible choose from when designing your aquarium can be at times overwhelming. This is especially true when you have not settled on an idea yet and am just fishing through the mountains of suggestion online for an ideal theme. The key is not to feeling breathless over the variety of themes but rather to look into your everyday life and work out a theme based on your likes or life. Only then will you be ale to create the ultimate theme.

But if you are looking for suggestions, my recommendation to anybody new to the hobby is to go with the Asian Theme. In this post we will look into what makes the Asian Theme ideal for your aquarium and how to get the aquarium ornaments you will need to construct this theme.

Asian Aquarium Décor Components - What goes into the tank

OSI Marine Lab Mountain with Trees Large Aquarium Ornaments
OSI Marine Lab Mountain with Trees Large Aquarium Ornaments

The plan is to have your aquarium look either like a natural Asian Scene or have Asian building.

The first, most important element in any aquarium theme is the cave. If you have ever followed any of my articles online you would know that I keep stressing that caves or hiding holes are the most crucial part of any fish tank decoration. Your fish will occasionally need to place to hide away when they get stressed from too much attention or from harassment by other fish. In the Asian Theme, there are numerous fish tank décor that would make the ideal cave. We'll be looking at a number of them after this.

What you need to do first decide on what you want from your theme. If you want a scenic Asian nature scene, you would be looking into aquarium ornaments made mainly from rocks that depict a mountain range. Because they generally are large in size, you would most likely have only this décor in your tank and have no more space for other stuff. Also, it is meant to look like a mountain, so it would be odd to have a proportionally larger building beside it.

If as an alternative you would rather have Asian buildings in your tank, you have numerous Asian buildings that you can choose from. These are easy to find in numerous types and you could match a couple of them together to create an awesome scene.

The second important factor that you have to look at apart from caves is swim space. Never pack too many aquarium accessories into the tank at the expense of the fish swim space. It is more important to provide them ample room to move rather than cutesy décor because your fish definitely won't know what the pagoda or mountain is supposed to be.

With that, let's look at the two most important components in the Asian Décor: the Mountains and the Buildings.

The Asian Mountain Decorations - Scenic and gorgeous

Asian Mountain Décor
Asian Mountain Décor

The Asian mountain decorations are probably one of the most beautiful tank décor available today. They provide the perfect hiding hole for your fish, are always wide enough to cover the based of the tank and have nice spires that does not take up too much swim space. There are numerous types of mountain décor that you could get for your tank depending on the details that you want on it.

The main characteristic of course is the rock made to shape like a mountain. You would select them based on the size of your aquarium. Always look for ones with gaps and openings large enough for your fish to enter AND exit because they will try to do so.

The details that are on these mountain replicas are either tiny little buildings such as houses or pagodas OR miniature plastic trees which makes the décor look so close to what it is meant to depict.

Asian Mountain Décor Samples

Here are some of the types of mountain replicas that you could get from Amazon.

OSI Marine Lab Mountain with Trees Large Aquarium Ornaments
OSI Marine Lab Mountain with Trees Large Aquarium Ornaments

A large mountain range in two spires with two separate caves and a lot of bonzai looking artificial trees.


Asian Buildings Décor For Aquariums - Quaint little houses and temples

Aquarium fish tank Ornament resin Decoration
Aquarium fish tank Ornament resin Decoration

Among all the building replicas that you could get on the internet or in local pet shops, the Asian ones are the best. This is because they depict structures that we are not accustomed to seeing in everyday life, so they will look unique and interesting. Also, they are a lot more detailed and have an old fashioned, rustic look.

The types of buildings that you could get include Pagodas, temples or simple wooden houses.

What makes them great is that many of the larger ones also have little hiding holes in them.

When using this type of fish tank décor, you would most likely have to match a couple of them together to create a nice theme. That is, if you have sufficient space. Remember, do not pack too much in a small space. Generally what most people do is to match a building with a bridge or Asian figurines.

Asian Building Aquarium Decor

Petco Asian Gazebo Aquatic Decor
Petco Asian Gazebo Aquatic Decor

Nice small gazebo that will work well with some Asian figurines

Exotic Environments 5 Story Pagoda Of Nanjing, China
Exotic Environments 5 Story Pagoda Of Nanjing, China

A gorgeous Pagoda which you should match with a bridge


Unique Asian Tank Décor - Bet you haven't seen these before

Blue Ribbon Cambodian Temple Ruins Aquarium Ornament
Blue Ribbon Cambodian Temple Ruins Aquarium Ornament

Quite recently I have noticed several extremely unique Asian style tank décor on sale. Before, when you say unique Asian aquarium decorations, it would be things like statues of Buddhas. But now there are more interesting ones.

There is a range of Cambodian styled buildings that have extremely fine details that look absolutely gorgeous. I can't describe in words how beautiful they are and will let the Amazon samples below speak for themselves.

The statues have Buddhas have not gone out of style though. Now there are better ones, some of which having little openings for the fish.

Unique Asian Décor For Aquariums - Here are the cool stuff I talked about

Blue Ribbon EE-5657 Cambodian Temple Ruins Exotic Environments Aquarium Ornament, Brown
Blue Ribbon EE-5657 Cambodian Temple Ruins Exotic Environments Aquarium Ornament, Brown

An extremely detailed Cambodian temple with the roots of a tree wrapped around it.

Exotic Environments Ancient Stone Head Ruin Aquarium Ornament
Exotic Environments Ancient Stone Head Ruin Aquarium Ornament

This ancient Buddha's statue head has a gap on the top that can be used as a pot for aquatic plants

Penn-Plax Sitting Buddha Aquarium Decor
Penn-Plax Sitting Buddha Aquarium Decor

This sitting Buddha statue has a little cave at the bottom for the fish


Like The Asian Tank Ornaments?

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