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Automatic Cat Feeders Ensure Your Cat Is Fed!

Updated on September 20, 2014

Finding The Best Automatic Cat Feeders For Your Cat

If you are going to be away from home when your cat needs their meal then you need to consider getting one of the Automatic Cat Feeders that are available.

There are a variety of Automatic Cat Feeders to choose from and this page will show you the best, most popular, and top featured automated cat feeders you can buy.

You can buy a feeder that will automatically disburse a measured amount of food at specific times during the day.

One of the featured feeders has up to four feeding times available on the automated timer!

You can be sure your cat is fed on time even if you are home and busy with other activities.

Fill the feeder, set the timer and let the automated system take care of the rest. You can spend more time playing with and grooming your pet rather than watching the clock for feeding time.

Top Featured Automatic Cat Feeder - The top featured Automatic Cat Feeder we found

Crown Majestic Automatic Pet Feeder
Crown Majestic Automatic Pet Feeder

Top featured automatic cat feeder with detachable water bottle, drip pan, A/C 6V power adapter (included) needs 4 AA batteries (not included). This feed it total capacity 4.4 lbs. dry grain.

Record your message (12 seconds) to call your pet when the food is dispensed.


The Benefits of An Automatic Cat Feeder For You and Your Cat

How An Automatic Cat Feeder Works

Automatic cat food feeders come in a variety of designs, from simple to more sophisticated ones that include self-timers.

One of the more simple designs includes gravity based feeders. This is where an empty food bowl encourages the flow of food down the container. There are no mechanics involved, just plain gravity and the weight of the food working together to keep your cats fed and full.

The only drawback to these kinds of cat feeders would be the fact that you aren't able to portion control the amount of food your cat takes in since food is readily available at all times. If your cat is like Garfield and needs to be put on a limited diet, then these types of feeders wouldn't be recommendable.

For cat's that are on some sort of diet or require limited feeding, then what you need would be programmable and timed automatic cat feeders. These kinds of feeders allow you to program how much your cat can eat, as well as when they can eat.

Many owners aren't comfortable with the idea of food always being available whenever a pet wants it. So cats don't know their limit and can take advantage of the situation to overeat and overindulge. Other types of sophisticated models include water dispensers, revolving plates and a remote control.

Automatic cat feeders are great for owners who have to go out for long periods of time or be away for a certain number of days. With the feeders, you can guarantee your cat won't stave while you're gone.

They're also great because they give you one less thing to have to do every day. No more constantly refilling their food bowls or cleaning up spilled Kibbles. Cats are now able to feed themselves and all you have to do is put food and water into the dispenser every few days or so. What more can a cat ask for? Get them their own automatic feeder today.

Most Popular Automatic Cat Feeder - Find the most popular Automatic Cat Feeder you can buy

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Did you find the Automatic Cat Feeder you were hoping to find?

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    • Craftymarie profile image


      5 years ago

      I really need one of these for when we go on vacation so I'm bookmarking this to come back to.

    • Coreena Jolene profile image

      Coreena Jolene 

      7 years ago

      Great info here! I use the C20 auto feeder with a small frozen blue ice pack that they have for my wet food when we go away for a day or 2. I leave a container of dry out because they are used to having that to graze on. The C20 timer lets you have the top open at normal feeding times. I had to tape the trays in because my cats tried to open the feeder before it's time causing it to jam. After that, taping it prevented that problem and I love them :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very cool feeder, does this work for kids too?


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