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Save Baby Seals

Updated on September 15, 2017

Sweetest Little Things!

This is a baby Harp Seal. Isn't he cute? Once seal pups are born they only get a very little time with their Mom, just a few days, up to a couple of weeks for some species. Then she's off to go mate and begins to ween the pup. Sometimes the process is quite harsh and abrupt! The Harp Seal has one thing to his advantage - he develops a lovely and warm white coat soon after birth. The coat has a dual purpose: it protects him from predators by blending in with the ice, and it keeps him warm until he develops a full layer of blubber. At this point the cute little thing has still not taken his first swim in the ocean, or had a meal of solid food. He can barely scoot around on the ice. After a few days, this beautiful fur begins to molt. They only get to be this cute and cuddly for a few days of their lives!

There is one big disadvantage to his beautiful coat: baby seals are hunted especially for it. While adult seals are considered "hunted" too, it is by far the baby seals the hunters are after. Harp Seals are the most sought after, but some other species are vulnerable too. Ribbon Seals were over hunted in the 19th century and are now listed as a "species of concern" , and Hooded Seals, who are often caught as "by catch" (in with gillnets for limpfish for example) are taken as pups or "bluebacks" for their beautiful blue-black fur.

Now there is an even more urgent threat to our precious baby seals: Global Warming - they are drowning from lack of ice or getting crushed by broken ice chunks

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Sir Paul McCartney - Save the Seals
Sir Paul McCartney - Save the Seals

The Fight to Save Baby Seals

Taking the lives & skins of baby seals who aren't even swimming yet - it is a cowardly hunt. These poor baby seals are not yet even strong enough to drag themselves away. They are often skinned & dragged across the ice while still alive. Sometimes they are clubbed and left to suffer an agonizing death. Still others are shot from the boat, with the intention of killing them with a tool called a hakapik (looks sort of like an axe but with a sharper end), but instead the shot and injured seals slip into the water to die from their wounds more slowly.

Most of the baby seal killing occurs in Canada, but other nations allow the practice, including Norway, Russia, and Namibia. The United States and European Union, as well as Mexico, have all banned the seal trade. In an attempt to get Canada to join the fight against killing baby seals, celebrities, chefs, and celebrity chefs have joined together to protest with the "Kind Dining" initiative. The plan is simple: stop buying Canadian Seafood!

Cute Baby Seal Videos

Why Do They use Clubs to Kill Baby Seals?

Because it's safe

(for humans anyway)

Because it's easy

(they don't care that it's torture)

Because It preserves

the seal's valuable pelt.

(after all, it's not the meat they want)

I've got an idea:

If killing an animal

with humane methods

is so much trouble for ya,


Pups on the Beach

if you see a baby seal on the beach, the safest thing to do for it is leave it alone and walk away.

So Innocent and Sweet!

So Innocent and Sweet!
So Innocent and Sweet!

The Bond - Wayne Pacelle

Wayne Pacelle, President of U.S. Humane Society, writes a compelling and from-the-heart book which both celebrates human-animal relationships and confronts cruelty to animals.

We have learned so much in the past several years about how much in common we have with our fellow inhabitants of this planet. In many ways, animals are becoming more like our brothers and sisters. In some instances, they are our teachers. Yet, still, some people seem to think it is okay to treat animals with cruelty. This book examines this dichotomy and looks for ways to enhance the human-animal bond while decreasing the existence of animal cruelty.

Seals in the Ocean

if you want to see a seal in the ocean, look for clouds of seabirds following them while they forage for food

Harp Seal Art

Please report if you see any "seal fur" objects for sale anywhere

Are these people Human?

Canadian law says you have to keep clubbing the seal in the forehead until you know for sure that it's dead.

I cannot believe clubbing it even once is considered "humane" .... these are helpless babies!

Fast Facts: Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt - from the Humane Society of the United States

Young Ribbon Seal
Young Ribbon Seal

97 percent of the seals killed in the past 10 years have been less than three months of age. At the time of slaughter, many had yet to eat their first solid meal or take their first swim, leaving them utterly defenseless against the "hunters".

I could understand if they were starving and needed meat, that they might kill some of the adult seals (in a humane manner of course), but the only reason to kill the babies is for their fur! People are so disgusted with this practice all over the world that even that is not a good economic reason to do this anymore. They seem to be doing it for the sheer brutality of it. I don't get it. Maybe before anyone is allowed to "club" a baby seal, one must be clubbed himself first, just so they know exactly how it feels!

In 2001, an independent veterinary panel studied the commercial seal hunt. They concluded that the seal hunt results in considerable and unacceptable suffering. They noted that in 42 percent of the seals examined there was not enough evidence of cranial injury to even guarantee unconsciousness at the time of skinning.

This is what we've thought all along. It's such a joke to say this is humane. Somebody please take the blinders off the government and people who support treating other creatures in this horrific manner!

Download the rest of "Fast Facts"

What do you think about the way they kill baby Seals? - Should they even be allowed to kill them at all?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Baby Seals are the cutest creatures. No, I don't think they should be killed the baby seals.

    • profile image

      mockingbird999 6 years ago

      Baby seals are just the cutest things ever.

    • DreamingBoomer profile image

      Karen Kay 6 years ago from Jackson, MS

      @Heather426: Thanks Heather... it really is a tough topic. So easy to turn a blind eye... just for the sheer brutality of it. Thanks for viewing anyway. You are a courageous person!

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 6 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      I don't wear fur so I won't contribute to the killing of any animals for fur. In Asia, they kill cats and dogs for fur( Pretty sure you already knew that) so no thanks! Cloth coats work just fine!I knew this page would make me sad. I so hate the hunters of the baby seals.