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Baby Animal Pictures

Updated on December 28, 2012

Baby Animals

Here you will find information about baby animals and pictures of them. Living in the woods, as I do, gives me a special appreciation for nature, animals, and especially baby animals. I love to see the little ones with their mamma.

This page includes pictures of baby foxes, baby bobcats, baby raccoons, baby giraffes, baby monkeys, baby hummingbirds, baby woodpeckers, baby owls, baby polar bears, and baby moose.

Photo © Erik Mandre |

Baby Foxes
Baby Foxes

Red Fox Babies

The female red fox gives birth to 4 to 10 babies (averaging about five) in late March or early April. At birth, the pups weigh about 3.5 ounces.

Their eyes open in about 10 days and they emerge from the den when they're about 5 weeks old. By the time they're eight weeks old, the pups have been weaned.

By September, the young males will have dispersed to find their own territories. Depending upon the availability of food on the home territory, the young females may either disperse a little later than the males, or stay on the territory for up to several years.

© NNE and its licensors

More Pictures of Red Fox Pups

Red Fox Pups - Pictures

Sweet photo of two red fox pups. A must see!

Pictures of Red Fox Pups

A nice collection of images of red fox pups.

Photos of Red Fox Pups

Two very nice pictures of baby red foxes.

Baby Raccoon
Baby Raccoon

Raccoon Babies

Baby raccoons are usually born in April or May in the northern areas and throughout the year in the southern U.S. The size of the litter is from three to seven babies, weighing about 2 to 2.5 ounces each.

Baby raccoons don't open their eyes until they are about three weeks old and they aren't able to stand on their own for 4 to 6 weeks.

In the northern U.S., the family usually stays together through the winter, with the young dispersing the following spring when the female has her next litter.

More Photos of Baby Raccoons

Baby Raccoon

Very cute picture of a baby raccoon.

Lost Baby Raccoon

This baby raccoon appears to be lost, according to the narrative. Check out the second photo down. Aww...

Baby Raccoons Eating Cherries

Photos of baby raccoons raiding cherry tree.

Raccoon brings young one down from tree

The video is a little shaky in places, but I found it very interesting to watch.

In the wild...

Have you ever seen a baby raccoon?

See results
Baby Bobcat
Baby Bobcat

Bobcat Babies

This is a photo of a cute baby bobcat coming out of a hollow log.

In spring or early summer, the female bobcat gives birth to 2 - 4 kits, although the litter can be as small as one or as large as six.

The young open their eyes when they're nine or ten days old. They'll nurse for about 2 months and be hunting on their own by the fall.

The kits stay with their mother for up to a year and then disperse before she has her next litter.

Mamma bobcat grooming her baby.

© NNE and its licensors

More Pictures of Baby Bobcats

Bobcat Kitten

Bobcat kitten in the wild - from National Geographic.

Baby Bobcats

Two young bobcats in a tree.

Bobcat Kitten on a Log

Baby bobcat exploring the world.

Female giraffe with baby
Female giraffe with baby

The Giraffe Family

A female giraffe doesn't generally breed before her fifth year. She carries her single baby for 15 months before giving birth while standing, with the young giraffe falling as much as six feet to the ground.

The newborn calf is about 6 feet tall and weighs 80-150 pounds. Within about 20 minutes of birth the young giraffe is able to stand up and it starts nursing within an hour.

A baby giraffe is weaned at 12-15 months of age and becomes fully independent approximately 3-4 months later.

Picture of Baby Giraffes

Baby Giraffes
Baby Giraffes

Photo used under Creative Commons from Digislides, on Flickr

More Photos of Baby Giraffes

Baby Giraffes

Shows photos of baby giraffes in the wild and provides information about giraffe reproduction.

Baby Giraffe Born At Cincinnati Zoo

Photos and video of a baby giraffe being born and right after birth.

40 Photos Of Baby Giraffes

Lots of photos of giraffe calves, some taken with their mothers. All are taken in a zoo setting.

Baby Monkey
Baby Monkey

Baby Monkeys

There are many different species of monkeys, from the Vervet Monkey to the Ginger Monkey.

The female of most monkey species have 1 or 2 babies per litter. Monkey infants are helpless at birth, so they often ride on their mother's back until they get older. The size and weight of the newborn and the time to maturity varies greatly between species.

Golden-headed Lion Tamarin Mother with her Baby

Golden-headed Lion Tamerin
Golden-headed Lion Tamerin

Photo used under Creative Commons from Tambakom, on Flickr

More Pictures of Baby Monkeys

Pictures of Baby Monkeys

Provides pictures of a baby Chacma Baboon with its mother and a baby Vervet Monkey with its mother. Also includes brief details about the behavior of the young of each species.

Mamma Monkey with Baby

Very nice photo of a female monkey with her baby.

Red-backed Squirrel Monkeys

This is an excellent photo of a red-backed squirrel monkey and its two young ones.

Hummingbird at Nest
Hummingbird at Nest

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Family

This is a photo of a female ruby-throated hummingbird at the nest. In case you wondered, it's the male of the species that has the red throat.

The nest of the ruby-throated hummingbird is about 1-1.75 inches in diameter. In the spring, the female lays 2 pea-sized eggs. After they hatch, she feeds the nestlings for about three weeks. Occasionally, she then starts a second brood.

More Pictures of Baby Hummingbirds

Hummingbird Nest - Mother, Eggs, Then Chicks

Shows photos of female hummingbird on nest, the eggs, and then the tiny babies as they hatch, grow, and leave the nest. Note: Click the "Next Page" link at bottom of each page to see the progression.

Pictures of Baby Hummingbirds and Mother

Sequence shows the female feeding the young ones and the process of their growth.

(Any species of hummingbird...)

Have you ever seen a baby hummingbird?

See results

The Pileated Woodpecker Family

The bird in the photo below is a pileated woodpecker at the nest with two hungry babies.

The pileated woodpecker excavates a new nest cavity each year - usually in a dead tree, but occasionally in a live tree.

The female pileated woodpecker lays 3-5 eggs which hatch in about 16 days. Both the male and female bird incubate the eggs.

The nestlings are fed by both parents and leave the nest at about 4 weeks of age. Amazingly, their first flight from the nest can be up to a hundred yards. The young birds remain with their parents for several months after fledging.

© NNE and its licensors

More Pictures of Baby Woodpeckers

Pileated Woodpeckers and Young Ones

Nice photos of pileated woodpeckers at the nesting hole with their babies.

Baby Pileated Woodpeckers

Photo of the young ones sticking their heads out of nesting hole.

Pileated Woodpecker Family

Very interesting series of photos of parents feeding young at the nest.

Great Horned Owl Chick
Great Horned Owl Chick

Great Horned Owl Babies

This fluffy baby is a Great Horned Owl chick.

Great Horned Owls often take over the abandoned nests of other birds. But they may also nest in tree cavities, old squirrel nests, cave entrances, or cliff ledges - depending upon the habitat.

The female usually lays 2-3 eggs which hatch in 26 to 35 days. Occasionally, there will be as many as 5 eggs. Both parents incubate the eggs and feed the young when they hatch.

The young owlets initially climb out onto a tree branch about 5 or 6 weeks after hatching. It takes another several weeks before they learn to fly.

Public domain photo by George Gentry/USFWS

More Pictures of Baby Owls

Pictures of Baby Owls from Webcam

Nice selection of photos of baby Barred Owls at different stages of growth.

Baby Screech Owl

Cute pictures and video of young screech owlet.

Baby Owl Photo Gallery

Large collection of photos of baby owls from The Owl Pages.

Baby Owl Pictures

Some very cute pictures of baby owls.

Polar Bear Cub
Polar Bear Cub

Baby Polar Bears

In the fall, the female polar bear digs a den in a deep snowdrift or, occasionally, in the frozen ground.

During the early winter, the female bears her young. The litter commonly consists of two cubs. The mother nurses her cubs until she and the young ones leave the den in March or April.

They remain near the den for a short period to allow the cubs to adjust to the colder temperatures. Then the family leaves the vicinity of the den and moves to an area where the female can hunt seals. The female continues to nurse the cubs until sometime between their first and second birthday.

Photographer: Mike Dunn, NC State Museum of Natural Sciences

Credit: NOAA Climate Program Office, NABOS 2006 Expedition.

More Pictures of Polar Bears & Cubs

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus)

Beautiful photo of mamma polar bear with her two very young cubs.

Polar Bear Mother With Cub

Very nice photo of female polar bear with one of her cubs.

Polar Bear and Cubs

Image of mother polar bear with her two cubs.

Public domain photo by NPS Staff

More Pictures of Female Moose & Young

Moose Cow with Young

Very cute photo of a young moose calf with its mother.

Moose Cow and Baby

Newborn baby moose with female.

Moose Cow and Calf

Young moose calf walking with its mother.

In the wild...

Have you ever seen a baby moose?

See results

More Baby Animal Pictures

Pictures of Baby Animals

Pictures of baby mammals, birds, and other creatures from Animal Planet.

Photos of Baby Animals from Around the World

Very nice selection of photos of baby animals from The Denver Post.

Baby Animal Pictures

Beautiful photos of baby animals, including the harp seal, elephant, lynx, black bear, bobcat, and polar bear.

Baby Animal Pictures

Cute pictures of baby animals from ABC News.

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Wild Baby Animals

DK Readers L1: Wild Baby Animals
DK Readers L1: Wild Baby Animals

Offers beautiful photos of wild baby animals with their mothers. Includes information about the animals' communication, diet, grooming, and more - in simple language. For children age 5 and up.


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Baby Animals (See More Readers, Level 1)

This book contains outstanding photos of baby animals, along with the name for each baby and some basic facts in simple language. For children in preschool through grade three. The author has written over 200 science books for children.


Photo Credits

Red Fox Pup (Intro): © Erik Mandre |

Red Fox Pups: © NNE and its licensors

Baby Foxes: © NNE and its licensors

Baby Raccoon: © NNE and its licensors

Baby Bobcat: © NNE and its licensors

Female Bobcat with Young: © NNE and its licensors

The Giraffe Family: © 3scape |

Baby Giraffes: Creative Commons photo from Digislides, on Flickr

Baby Monkey: © Graham Taylor |

Golden-headed Lion Tamarins: Creative Commons photo from Tambakom, on Flickr

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Family: © NNE and its licensors

Pileated Woodpecker at Nest Cavity: © NNE and its licensors

Baby Great Horned Owl: © Thomas Theodore |

Great Horned Owl and Young Chick: Public domain photo by George Gentry/USFWS

Polar Bear Cub: Creative Commons photo from beingmyself, on Flickr

Polar Bear Mother and Cub:

Photographer: Mike Dunn, NC State Museum of Natural Sciences

Credit :NOAA Climate Program Office, NABOS 2006 Expedition.

Cow Moose and Calf in Water: Public domain photo by NPS Staff

These photos are being used under a royalty free license or a Creative Commons license or are public domain photos (credited to the appropriate agency). The original copyright belongs to the photographers and/or agencies listed above.

Please share your thoughts on baby animals or this article.

Thanks for stopping by!

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      @anonymous: Thank you for your kind words. :) Yes, I have taken photos of some of the critters around here. The photo in the intro section of my Animal Quiz lens is one I took. And there are a couple of mine in the White-tailed deer lens I hope to publish soon.

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