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Bailey The Rescue Miniature Schnauzer

Updated on November 10, 2014
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Bailey Schnauzer Was A Major Character!

Bailey was a beautiful all black Miniature Schnauzer who came into our rescue, Sheila's Schnauzies, back in the Winter of 2007 at age 6.

Although Bailey was elderly, he still enjoyed his romps outdoors and being loved and petted. He also enjoyed his special private feeding that he got once a day to ensure that he didn't lose weight, which he was prone to do.

Bailey's biggest adventure was when we lived on our farm in southeast Missouri. He had gotten out of our fenced yard one day. Talk about bad timing, we experienced a bizarre weather phenomenon that day called a Derecho, or inland hurricane. We were blasted with gale force winds, hail, and torrential rains. When the storm hit, I was trapped at the neighbor's farm asking if they had seen Bailey. Bailey, who is afraid of storms, must have freaked out and ran like the wind without thinking. He was missing for 11 agonizing days, during which we imagined the worst but hoped for the best. Finally on the 12th day he showed up at the front door starved, dehydrated, covered with over 100 ticks, and quite the assortment of burrs and tiny sticks. In short, he was a mess. That one time, Bailey stood patiently and allowed me to remove all the ticks and other offending objects and get him out of pain. The poor baby was quite relieved when it was over. The fact that he allowed this was quite amazing to me.

You see, Bailey's biggest problem, and the reason he could not ever be placed for adoption, was that he had some type of mental mis-wiring. When you'd go near him with any grooming implement, he would snap around and bite... hard. Same thing if you tried to physically move him from one place to another. But if you snapped on a leash, he would follow you cheerfully trotting anywhere! It was always obvious that he loved you, but he would put a hole in your hand faster than you could slap a tick. Grooming him required protective gear and sedation.

Bailey With His Side Hurting Him Video

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Bailey's Favorite Bed

Sweet Jojo Designs Cheetah Animal Print Full Length Double Zippered Body Pillow Cover
Sweet Jojo Designs Cheetah Animal Print Full Length Double Zippered Body Pillow Cover

These pillows are wonderful! You can see Bailey napping out on ours, in a slightly different print, in one of his photos below. Best of all the zip-off cover is washable!


Bailey's Favorite Thing

He loves to wrestle!! That means he wants me to "rough up" his beard and face and say "wanna wrestle!"

He also adores his Daddy and cries every time a family member leaves the house (not for long!)

Photos of Bailey - Edit this to add photos of your pet

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Read About The Miniature Schnauzer!

The Miniature Schnauzer (Terra-Nova)
The Miniature Schnauzer (Terra-Nova)

Learn lots of wonderful information about the Miniature Schnauzer in this book!


Please Bark & Sniff As You Pass By! - We love our Doggie friends!

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