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Basenji Puppies

Updated on February 13, 2013


Basenji puppies are one of the most sought after dog breed for adoption. You will often hear people describe Basenji puppies with the most popular characteristic of Basenji dog breed. Before you think about buying Basenji puppies or adopting one here are some interesting facts about Basenji dog breed.

History of Basenji Dog Breed

Basenji dog breed is one of the dog breeds that have a long history of being bred as hunting dogs. Basenji was a dog breed that originated from Africa and more specifically central Africa. Basenji is one of the popular hound dogs that are known for their sight and exemplary hunting instincts.

Basenji the Barkless Dog

When you search for non barking dogs online; the first option that comes is Basenji. This is the most popular characteristics about basenji puppies and those selling them will use this hype to market them. In actual sense Basenji produces as sound that is described as ‘barroo’. You can read about this sound on Wikipedia.

Characteristics of Basenji Dog Breed

When you are adopting a dog; it is important you know some of the characteristics of this dog for you to assess whether this dog is ideal for your lifestyle. You can only make a good choice when selecting a dog for adoption if you have previous experience with the breed or you have enough information about the dog breed. Basenji is a dog breed that share close similarity with the Pariah dogs and have a unique characteristic of having estrus once a year while other dog breeds may have estrus twice a year.

The following are the breed characteristics observed in pure basenji dog breed;

  • · The breed has a short hair coat that is easy to groom with little effort
  • · The tail of Basenji is usually curly
  • · Basenji has erect ears that can be associated with alertness as the original breeding of Basenji was for hunting.
  • · Basenji weighs about 20-24 pounds and stand 15-16 inches in height
  • · The color of this breed that is recognized by majority of the kennel clubs round the world is red, black and some mixture of red black and tan colors.

Temperament of Basenji

Basenji will be a dog breed that is affectionate and does not play with stranger and is neither aggressive towards, strangers. The breed shows energy and curiosity as some of the most noticeable characteristics associated with the temperament of this breed.

Basenji can also be described a one the playful dog breeds that bonds with the owner without being protective. This dog is a amazing in forming a bond to one person and becoming very obedient to the owner. With a perfect owner Basenji get the best companionship as well as the owner.

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Basenjis Health

Basenji dog breed do don’t have commonly reported hereditary disease that are prevalent in this dog breed. In fact this hunting dog is a tough breed when it comes to disease. Other than senility associated disorders like progressive retinal atrophy, Basenji are always in perfect health that match their great temperament.


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    • vibesites profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      I'm curious about the Basenji... it's amazing that these dogs don't bark, they just yelp and I just wonder why -- is it in their brain or inside their throats? And they seemed mild-mannered. They're so unique. The puppies are cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      5 years ago

      What gorgeous animals, omg - i want one..or

      sadly, i can only rescue animals - i could not purchase from a breeder or pet store - and still sleep nights..

    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      I have always loved dogs an and as a young girl poured over dog books so I grew up knowing quite a lot on them. However I have to admit that I did not know an awful lot about the Basenji so this one was a treat. I vote up,across and share. Enjoy your day.


    • tsadjatko profile image

      5 years ago from now on

      I had this breed, had a litter too. - also called the laughing dog. They can be very head strong. Did you know there was a movie in the 50's featuring a Basenji, "Good-bye, My Lady"? An old man (Walter Brennan) and a young boy who live in the Georgia swamps are brought together by the love of a dog. It was an entertaining movie made very interesting by the Basenji.

      Nice hub to introduce the breed.

    • Nettlemere profile image


      5 years ago from Burnley, Lancashire, UK

      I've always quite fancied a basenji but never come across one in rescue, so never ended up with one so far. Very cute videos of the basenji puppies.


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