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bd and india murgi

Updated on May 9, 2016

Murgi palan in bangladesh india


Murgi palan become very popular in Bangladesh and India .Day by day its becomes very popular .Many People Choose this for better income.

Murgi info

There are many kinds chickens are raising in both country . Like

Deshi Murgi




Deshi Murgi raising in our backyard . it Raising for fill up our protein nutrition and essential things.

Broiler mainly raising for commercial benefits.There are many broiler farms in Bangladesh and India.

turkey mainly raising for from hobby.young generation raising this for their hobby.

Layer hen is very important for eggs . its gives us eggs. it fills our protein.

Chicken Raising in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh many family raising chicken for their profits.

Chicken raising in India

Raising chicken is very popular in India .


So we can say that its will be very helpful for us.


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