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What are Siamese Cats?

Updated on July 16, 2017
Bridget F profile image

Bridget is a long-time cat owner, cat sitter, and cat lover with years of feline research and hands-on experience.

An adorable Chocolate Point Siamese Kitten
An adorable Chocolate Point Siamese Kitten | Source

Heat Activated Fur Colors!

Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds of domestic cat in the world, and there are many types of Siamese cats as well. There is some debate amongst breeders and cat-lovers regarding the types, but everyone agrees one the four main colors: Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Seal Point and Lilac Point (sometimes called "frost".) These "point colors" refer to the colors that the cat turns on its extremities. Siamese cats are known to have a genetic mutation in the albinism family, which causes their coloring to be activated by temperature! So, kittens are born white and are warm, and then they develop their color as they grow. The colors darken with age, as blood flow becomes more restricted. (This is a gradual process, and happens over a period of years, so they do not change colors every time their body temperatures change, though that would be amazing.)

Generally, Siamese cats with stripes, or other colored points (extremities) such as flame (red) point, caramel point, cream point, apricot point and cinnamon point are considered to be a hybrid type of Siamese cat and not purely Siamese.

Actual Colors
Blue Point
Slate gray markings on the nose and paw pads with a bluish-white body
Seal Point
Dark brown (like a seal!) on the paw pads and nose
Lilac Point
Very light brown or tan (sometimes almost pink) coloring on a very white body
Chocolate Point
Chocolate (light) brown markings on the paw pads and nose
A beautiful Blue Point Siamese
A beautiful Blue Point Siamese | Source

Sweet Talkers

The most well-known fact about Siamese cats is that they LOVE to "talk," or vocalize. Whether it's a meow, a moan, a yowl, or other vocal sound, you'll hear it all when you spend time with a Siamese and their sounds are distinct to their breed. Listen in the video below for an example!

Because these cats are very social, they can often be found communicating their needs and wants vocally to their humans, so if you're looking for a quiet cat, these guys (and girls) aren't for you. However, for the pet owner who wants a cat to "talk back" to them, they are the perfect felines and great company.

Sounds of a Siamese- Their Unique Sounds

The Dogs of the Cat World?

Many people say that Siamese cats are the closest you can get to a dog when it comes to a cat's behavior. They love to follow humans around, to meow and vocalize at us, they oftentimes want to sit on laps and are generally social overall. Siamese cats are also one of the most intelligent breeds and quickly learn tricks and to respond to certain noises or speech patterns from the humans in their lives. They love to play, love to be engaged in activities and games, and are very energetic. Who needs a dog when you can have a doglike cat!?

Lilac Point Siamese
Lilac Point Siamese | Source

Did you know?

Unlike most other cats, Siamese cats are most active during the day, rather than at night?

Siamese Behavior Problems

Siamese cats tend to be loving, outgoing and curious, but there are times when their typically positive characteristics lead to behaviors that are a problem for others.

For instance, Siamese cats require lots of attention, and will vocalize, follow the humans around and make it known when they are not getting enough. They may even begin to jump up onto tables or laptops to get our attention, or even more alarmingly they may resort to biting or swatting.

To prevent this, provide enriched environments with plenty of areas to climb, jump and play and always be sure to spend time each day playing with your cat (two to three times per day is best if possible.) These cats do well with big families who are busy and kids with lots of energy to keep them busy too!

NOTE: In order to keep your Siamese cat busy, you may consider bringing another kitten or cat into the home as a playmate. While this can be an excellent idea, it's important to fully consider whether your Siamese cat would truly do well with another cat around. Because Siamese cats can be dominant and require attention from their families, they are also quick to become jealous or possibly aggressive with another cat without a well-planned introduction. The best way to prevent this is to do a carefully planned introduction, slowly and carefully. It can be difficult to tell if cats are getting along and playing or actually fighting, so consult a vet for more information on how to do this. After some time, your cats will be able to enjoy each other's company and expend some of that energy together!

Like any cat, your Siamese will simply be looking for love, attention and playtime and most problem behaviors have to do with one of those needs being ignored (usually playtime since most of us have busy lives!) But also be sure to take the cat to the vet to rule out any medical conditions as well, especially if you notice a sudden change in behavior.

Stunning Seal Point Siamese
Stunning Seal Point Siamese | Source

There are so many fabulous things about Siamese Cats! If you choose to live with one of these beautiful creatures, you're in luck- literally: they love to love us, and according to ancient stories they are said to bring good luck to their owners!


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    • Mahrukh Khalid profile image

      Mahrukh Khalid 

      4 years ago

      Siamese were called the"Guardians of the Temples" in Egypt. The doglike statues standing in front of the temples are the statues of Siamese cats. They are quite territorial and sometimes may not accept another cat taking their place, siamese cats are good at being a watch dog in cat form of the house, they'll let you know when someone approaches your house.


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