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Bella -- She's A Beautiful Cat

Updated on October 10, 2014

Journal of a Feral Cat

About three months ago, a small calico feral cat adopted me! I didn't want a cat, in fact even though I love cats I am allergic to them, so cannot have one in this house. But the small, skinny and obviously very hungry cat who approached me one day on my morning walk, didn't know or care about this.

This is Bella's story, a journal of how she adopted me and what is going on in her life.

A Book on Taking Care of Stray Cats

There is so much to learn - first about touching a wild cat, then about discovering whether it has had the necessary injections, been spayed and how to care for him/her. Here is a great book which gives you all the information you need to help the cat.

Very hungry
Very hungry

It's Now Or Never

Bella Finds Some Food

Someone is taking an early morning walk. I know it's now or never. Meow. She's turning. I cry again, more desperately - meooow. Hey wait, she's stopping and she's looking right at me. Hmm, should I approach? But yes, she looks kind and friendly.

"Oh my, look at that skinny little cat", she's saying to her friend.


"Oh she sounds so hungry."

Yes, I mew, Yes I am very hungry.

"I wonder if she's a stray. She seems really nervous."

Well, yes, I am nervous, but I'm also starving. Please give me some food.

"I'm going to go home and get her some of that leftover chicken we had for dinner last night."

Wow, finally I can stop chasing gecko's and birds and eat some cooked food. Yes, yes, even though I'm terrified of humans, I really need a decent meal. Oh here she comes, walking up the road with a plastic dish. Thank God, this is soooo good. It's a good thing I was able to overcome my fear and ask for help.

I feel better now. I wonder if I can find her again tomorrow?

Pictures of Bella - Not Too Scared to Ask For Help

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Still Hungry

I was awake all night. There were so many strange noises and other animals roaming around. I'm looking for the angel who fed me yesterday. Believe me, it's no fun not having a home and never knowing when you are going to get some food. My coat is rough and I am really underweight for my age. I really thought I wouldn't last the week, as I just couldn't catch enough to eat. I am waiting here beside the road where I saw the angel yesterday. OMG here she comes!

Meow, Meoow. Hey it's me and I've been looking for you. I can hear you talking to your friend...

"Oh my, it's that little cat again. She is so sweet. I think she might develop into a calico, although she is mainly white with very few markings. She certainly devoured that chicken I gave her yesterday."

Yes, I want to be sweet, and I am really hungry again too. I am very scared because you are so big...But I can sense your kind and strong energy.

"I think I'll have to find something else for her to eat, and put down some fresh water for her too." I can't bear to hear her crying like that and she is so thin."

Yes, pleease, find me something else to eat.

"C'mon kitty, follow me and I'll give you some food."

Oh dear, I'm too scared to follow you, but perhaps you could bring it here to me under this bush where you fed me yesterday? I'll stay close by tomorrow too, because I just heard you saying to your friend,

"You know I'll probably have to go to the supermarket and buy her some cat food, because everything living thing deserves some help."

Oh my that would be just wonderful. I am so glad I trusted my instinct and believed someone would help me.

You're my guardian angel - I wonder if you know that?

Getting Braver

Wow, this dried cat food is pretty good. I am so happy I found you. This water tastes pretty good too, better than that stuff I've been drinking by the drain.

"Oh, look at that, you seem more relaxed now and I do believe you're filling out a bit too."

Purr, purr. Yes, I've put on a little weight and my fur is not so rough. It's amazing what a few weeks of regular meals can do.

"I think I can hear you purring. You're weaving round my legs now. I wonder if that means your happy?

Yes, yes, I'm happy but I am still very afraid of all the loud mowers and vehicles going up and down this street. I think I'd better run and hide!

Feeling Good but Sad

"Well you are certainly a calico. I can't believe how much your coat has changed - you had so little color and now you've got ginger, brown and black markings down your back and on your legs. You are really so cute."

Yes, I am a calico and I'm glad I ignored how different we are and approached you. I like you more and more every day because you have been talking to me and feeding me regularly. I feel so much stronger too.

"C'mon kitty, I think I'm going to call you Bella because you've become such a beautiful little cat. Follow me, and we'll move your feeding area down to my house, since another other cat seems to be stealing your food.

Okay, I'll follow you. I trust you now. I'm even going to let you stroke me sometimes, since you have only been kind and caring to me so far.

"You know I'll have to ask David to feed you while I'm away. I can't leave you to fend for yourself now that you've got used to being fed. I'll have to get you a bed too, so that you will be warm at night."

Meow. A bed - how wonderful - a lovely soft bed. Oh dear I'm going to miss you, but I am very happy someone else is going to feed me. Perhaps I'll even like this other person too.

Staying Warm on Cold Nights

I so missed you when you were away but David was very nice. He fed me before he went to work and right after he came back. He brushed and petted me too. But I was sad, not knowing if you were ever coming back.

Then suddenly you were here one afternoon. You put down my food and some fresh water.

"Oh Bella you put on so much weight!" you said.

"My you're a little fatty now... I'll have to ask David if he was giving you too much food...It's going to be very cold tonight, little one, so here's one of my cashmere sweaters to keep you warm. In you go and I'll cover you up so you won't get too cold."

Mmm, I'm so toasty warm snuggled up in my bed and wrapped in your sweater. I'm going to stay here and not move all night.

I slept so well last night and now I can hear you talking to another neighbor. Oh dear, she's telling you they were feeding me breakfast in the mornings as they thought David was only giving me dinner at night...

"Oh now I understand what happened, Bella, you were getting two breakfasts every day. No wonder you got so big around the middle!"

Unwelcome Visitor

I love being petted. It feels so good. But why are you examining the back of my neck?

Oh dear Bella, what do we have here? I can feel something right there. Let me take a closer look. Oh my, what is that? Let me get my glasses and come back and see what that is. You stay right here little one.

I don't really like having my fur pulled like that, but yes, I can feel something there and it doesn't feel good. I am trying to be good and sit still while you are peering at whatever it is, but it actually hurts!

Alright Bella, I can see what it is, it's a large tick embedded in your skin. I am going to have to go and get my tweezers and take that right out. Please be a good cat and wait for me to come back with them.

I wish you would hurry up and get rid of it. Oh what was that? I felt something being pulled out and it pinched a bit.

There, the tick is out Bella. My that is a big one. Now I need to get some antiseptic...Oh okay Bella, you've had enough of the tick removal process for now. I will put the neosporin on it a little later.

Thanks for Visiting Bella's Page - Have You Helped a Stray Cat?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Marilyn, thanks for sharing this story and photo's of Bella. She is so sweet. I am passing along to my friends who love animals. Jocelyn

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      4 years ago from Central Florida

      Ah, Bella is looking so much better now with the regular food. Too bad about your allergies preventing having an inside cat, but at least she has a place to sleep and regular food.


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