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Benefits From the COW

Updated on January 28, 2012
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Sacred cow

Indians worship cow as holy mother. Indian cow is respected as the embodiment of all divine forces. Gifting a cow is considered to be greatest of all charities. During the performance of yagnas and yagas, cow and cow products are very essential. Indian culture has placed cow in the sacred position of "kamadhenu" (the fulfilling holy deity). vedas ,puranas and ithihasas, all adore the sanctity and utility of cow in many ways .Holy cow and life have a sacred bondage. Rigveda says that killing a cow is the greatest of all crimes.


In Mahabharata (Indian holy book), Anushanaparva , Bhisma reveals about the greatness of gowmati yaga and holy cows importance. He further says , if anyone studies (any kind of subject)by staying near a cow, one grasps the essence of that study in no time, as cow emits positive vibrations which keep the mind in a composed state . Indian castes like Brahmanas, kshatriyas, Vaisyas and sudras all worship and benefit from the cow in many ways.

Patent on cow's:

On June 2003 American patent office had given patent to "Go-Muthram"(cow urine) as an antibiotic in curing diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. This product had been patented by Nagpur NGO"Go-vignana Ansundhana kendram"

This is a sensational news among the medical community worldwide and debate , discussion and research was initiated in many world universities throughout the world. Today a new science called cowpathy is evolving.

Ancient Indians had depth knowledge of " panchagavya chikitsa " including the cow urine therapy. But for centuries modern medicine had considered cow urine therapy as a primitive practice of blind beliefs. Medicinal fraternity had woken up recently to reality and started recognizing the potential therapeutic values of cow products.

From giving milk to , ploughing fields, performing yagnas and up to curing many diseases cow valued.

Panchagavya chikitsa:

In preparation of Ayurveda medicines , the Pancha gavyas( 5 cow products)are used they are 1.cow milk 2.curd 3.ghee 4.Urine 5. Cow dung.

In the famous Ayurvedic texts Charaka,Sushruta and Vagbatta samhitas , Panch gavyas are used to cure skin diseases, urinary problems, kneejoint pains and ulcers.

cow dung is a natural manure,being used by Indians since ancient times. Cow urine and Neem leaves are mixed together and used as a pesticide. Many NGOs are working in furtherance of research in this regard.

Treatment with panch Gavyas had obtained prominence and importance after WHO started recognizing the traditional health remedies worldwide. In America and Africa , Panch gavya is being used and tested for curingAIDS and clinical results are even proving to be Valuable.

Modern medicine is accepting these cow products as antibiotics and bio-enhancers.

Normally environmentalists raise their voice about adverse green effects and pollution of burning firewood. Interestingly the fire obtained by burning cow dung cakes had cleaned the atmosphere instead of polluting it. The holy process of Agnihotra is becoming popular throughout the world or its miraculous cleaning effects.

when Bhopal Gas tragedy in India occurred with release of methane gas it caused death of many people and deformities in many and disabilities. But a tragedy struck here a house hold where cow-dung cakes are burnt was safe and the neighbour household people were dead this is evident that It even cleans the atmosphere.

So protect the holy sacred cow.


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    • profile image

      sanooj 5 years ago

      I got an association, please let me know that you support it. Cow has to be worshiped as god.

    • profile image

      vaibhav agarwal 5 years ago

      the main thing is that it should be an indian cow not the breeded one.

      Breeded cow's milk causes cancer.....

    • profile image

      raju 5 years ago

      Its nothing from cow panchas like liquid gold for humans

    • profile image

      PROF Z S RANA 6 years ago

      Very good attempt .Much more can be added on the benefits of cow products

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 7 years ago from India

      Thanq madam For being my first follower .....

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

      Hi, this is really interesting, and you got yourself your first follower! Nell