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Best Boredom-Busting Dog Toys

Updated on September 22, 2014

Yes, they do exist, dog toys that keep your dog entertained for longer periods of time

Every dog owner has heard (and no doubt seen in action) the oh-so-dreaded doggie boredom. Not only do bored dogs look dog-gone sad and pathetic, many of them decide to turn their boredom in a "hmm, what can I destroy around here" mission. And nothing in your home is safe. Curtains, shoes, chair legs, stuffed couch cushions. Yep, they're all fair game if an overly-bored dog is on mission of destruction.

But....don't fret. There are lots of interactive dog toys that were made just for this purpose - to keep dogs from being bored. Honestly, dog toys like these are your only option beside putting your dog in a crate or behind a gate all day if you work outside the home.

Twist 'N Treat - A Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy With Adjustable Difficulty Levels

the Twist 'N Treat is one of the most popular boredom-busting dog toys because it rewards your dog with tasty treats for playing with it! A big bonus is that you can adjust how frequently the treats come out / how easy it is for the treats to come out by making the opening smaller or larger. (This is easily done by twisting the dog toy open.)

Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid - This Fun Dog Toy Wobbles But It Won't Stay Down!

dog pyramid
dog pyramid

The Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid is a lot more exciting than the simple dog toy it looks like! As far as treat dispensing dog toys go, this one is definitely at the top of the "keeps your dog engaged" list. It's easy to fill with tiny dog treats or kibble - you just unscrew the top. Then, your dog will try every trick he can think of to get the Dog Pyramid to dole out treats. But, alas, it's not that easy Fido. Remember those "Weebles wobble but they won't fall down" toys back in the day? Well, the Nina Ottosson Pyramid works the same way: as hard as your dog tries to hold the dog toy down, it just naturally pops back up. So, it makes the game a bit tricky, but for most treat-loving dogs: if there's treats inside, giving up is not an option!

Tug-A-Jug - Tug it, Pull it, Shake it, Roll it - Dogs Will Try Anything To Get Those Yummy Treats Out!

The Tug A Jug dog treat toy has been around for a while and has proved to be very popular with dog owners. Dogs seem to enjoy that they can swing the treat-filled Jug around by the rope as well as rolling, moving and shaking it too. What makes this interactive dog toy even more interesting is that dogs can see, hear and smell all those delicious dog treats inside. What kind of dog could so easily walk away from that?

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Bristle Bone - A Variety of Chewing Sensations Plus Tasty Rawhide Keeps Dogs Chewing

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone is quite possibly the best dog bone ever made. First off, It's a tough chew toy because it's made with durable nylon. But wait, there's more: Rubber nubs and nylon bristles make for interesting chewing sensation when your dog chews. And there are 2 rawhide rings in the center of the bone that keeps dogs chewing, but the rawhide rings are strategically placed so that it's impossible to gorge on treats. Now, if that wasn't enough reason why the Bristle Bone is the best bone ever well, then, consider this: it's also a dental bone that will keep your dog's teeth and gums nice and clean.

Linkables - Make It 1 Piece or 3 Pieces or 10 Pieces Long ... All I Know Is, It's Never-ending Fun For a Dog

Linkables is a line of fun treat-dispensing dog toys that can be made more challenging by adding more pieces together. Small dog treats or kibble works perfectly and gives dog just the right incentive to keep shaking, moving and turning the Linkables over in order to get those dog treats to come out!

Busy Buddy Jack

Jack chew toy
Jack chew toy

This exciting dog chew toy offers a variety of chewing sensations: a hard nylon center, soft rubber nubs (that also serve to clean and massage your dog's gums and teeth) and tasty rawhide rings to make the Busy Buddy Jack chew toy even more enticing! The rawhide rings are placed in such a way so that your dog cannot just gobble them up in one go - they get a taste here and a taste there - making it impossible to gorge on treats! The rawhide rings for the Jack are replaceable, so this is one durable chew toy that will last a long time!

What Did We Miss? - What's Your Dog's Favorite Boredom-Busting Dog Toy?

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      I would like to see a review of the PhysiPet.

      for those with high energy dogs, or owners with smaller living spaces, seem to like what this product accomplishes for them!