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Best Cat Toy - Interactive Cat Dancer

Updated on July 2, 2017
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Cheryl loves cats. She got her first one when she was just two. Cats make life more purr-fect. She also likes gerbils.

The cat dancer toy is fun for interactive play.

The best thing about cat toys is playing with our cats. Both of them love the Cat Dancer, it's one of their favorite toys.

It's fun for our cats to chase the dangling fabric through the halls, it's fun to roll over on their back and wrestle with the wiggling colors.

One of our cats also likes to drag the Cat Dancer down the hall, and also up and down the stairs. She regularly takes the charmer toy for walks and meows loudly as she brings it to you. She's so cool.

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The Cat Dancer in action:

Our cat Sunny is enjoying playing with the Cat Dancer.
Our cat Sunny is enjoying playing with the Cat Dancer.

One of the things I like about the Cat Dancer, is that it is soft.

This Cat Dancer consists of a rod with a soft piece of fleece like fabric attached to it.

Another thing I like is that there aren't any little doo-dads to come off; there aren't any small parts for them to swallow. There are also no feathers or fur on it.

The piece of fabric, on ours, has stayed attached to the rod for two plus years so far. We did purchase replacement ones though, because we wanted ones with a dark rod, making it easier for the humans to see it when it's lying on the floor some place.

Overall, it's a fun interactive toy. and it is one I would recommend.

Watch the cat charmer by Cat Dancer in action.

Do cats need extra items on the end of the fabric for entertainment?

In my experience, the simple answer is no. Both of our cats have been quite entertained with the regular Cat Dancer without any added attachments.

Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy
Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy

It works both as an interactive toy between humans and cats, and sometimes on their own as well.

Our tortoise shell cat likes to drag it around. She takes it up and down the stairs too.

We actually have two cat dancers now, one for each hand, when playing with both cats at the same time.


What do others think of the Cat Dancer toy?

From a previous comment box, these are some of the replies that I have gotten:

"Our Kitten Robin The Barn Kitten much prefers interactive toys, he gets bored quickly when they are not, but enjoys trying to outwit us with toys such as this!" Stephen J. Parkin

"Mine have a couple of cat dancers I bought at the seaside. I have four Persians :)" Lisa


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