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Best Dog Gifts For Dogs and Dog Owners

Updated on September 25, 2014

Best Dog Gifts For Dogs and Their Owners

Besides the usual squeaky toy this and tennis ball that, there are plenty of unique and interesting gifts out there that any dog or dog owner would welcome. The trick for getting the perfect dog gift is to think creatively and think FUN! Most dog owners are used to those run-of-the-mill dog toys that you see at the big pet stores, so if you're trying to wow someone with a dog-related gift, think outside the dog toy box! These dog gifts are both creative and totally useful!

Make Homemade Dog Treats!

dog bone cookie sheet
dog bone cookie sheet

This flexible silicone dog treat pan is the perfect gift for any Martha Stewart wannabe. Included with the product are a variety of recipes for all-natural dog treats to keep Fido plenty happy for years to come! If you thought making homemade dog bones was to difficult or too time's time to rethink because making healthy treats is as simple as mixing a few ingredients, pouring them in the treat pan bones and baking. The pan makes a great gift, but so does giving out homemade dog treats wrapped up in a pretty ribbon - talk about a wow factor!

Pup Casso Painting Kit for Dogs

doggy gift
doggy gift

Pup-Casso is about one of the most unique dog gifts one could possibly find. It's a painting kit where dogs actually create a real painting on a canvas using their paws. The sure-to-be masterpiece can then be hung and framed within the family estate. I think bragging rights are in order when the family dog begins painting his or her own works of art. Just sayin'.

Ugg Boots for Dogs? How Very Hollywood.

dog ugg boots
dog ugg boots

There is absolutely no good reason why dogs can't get in on the latest in footwear fashion right alongside us humans. So, with that sort of thinking it only seems natural that dogs would be prancing around town in their very own set of Ugg boots (called Pugz), on their way to Starbucks for some sparking water of course. Ah yes, to be a dog...

Test a Dog's DNA and Find Out Exactly What Breeds Make Him Up

dog test kit
dog test kit

Yes it's true, the future is now. No more wondering and guessing or listening to some random stranger in the park ramble on about how your dog has the nose of a pointer but the temperament of a beagle or maybe it was the other way around. No more! With the Dog Breed ID Kit anyone can know what breeds their mixed breed dog is - and all it takes is a simple cheek swap from a dog. What a perfect gift for any owner of a mixed breed dog!

The Best Dog Facebook Page EVER! Dog this and dog that to keep your days bright and your abs tight from laughing so hard...

Anti-Stress Dog Pillow

dog anxiety pillow
dog anxiety pillow

Know of a dog who's afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, being left alone or even the often-feared shadow? A thoughtful gift for any skittery pooch is the Tee Bone Anti-Anxiety Dog Pillow. The concept is quite simple; the dog's owner inserts a pre-worn t-shirt into the Tee Bone and the pillow releases the comforting scent as the dog cuddles up to the Tee Bone pillow. The Tee Bone Anti Stress Pillow offers comfort and security to a dog who is feeling anxious, thereby relieving the dog's stress. If you are looking for browning points with an anxious dog's owner, this is the thoughtful dog gift to get.

Made in the U.S.A. Dog Toys That Are Unique, Fun and Durable

These dog toys are all American made with the utmost in quality, safety and toughness standards. With extra stitching, non-toxic materials and rugged designs, these USA dog toys are a good, safe bet when thinking about buying Fido some new dog toys.

  • West Paw Twiz - This is one of those "all in one" dog toys - dogs can chew it, fetch it or even tug it. Plus, the hole in the bottom can be filled with dog treats for the ultimate in enticement.
  • Kong Wubba - It would be pretty hard for a dog to resist this colorful, flappy, squeaky dog toy flying through the air. As far as fetch toys go, the Kong Wubba is at the top of the list!
  • Super King Tug - Made of high-quality and super-tough fleece, the Super King Tug is fun, floppy and downright fantastic. You can have the ultimate tug-o-war match with your dog or let him battle it out with another worthy doggie opponent.
  • Atomic Treat Ball - Dogs instinctively like to forage for food and the Atomic Treat Ball provides a realistic foraging experience by randomly releasing food or treats as a dog plays with it.
  • K9 Flyer - This dog frisbee is both rugged and bendable, specifically designed to be gentle and safe on a dog's gums and teeth. The K9 Flyer is puncture and tear resistant to keep up with even the most aggressive of frisbee players!

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