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The Best Dog Leashes

Updated on August 30, 2017

The Best Dog Leashes

Find the best dog leash for your loyal companion. Walking your dog is a very enjoyable form of exercise and companionship. The best dog leash will be the right size and style for not only your dog, but your needs and way of walking your dog. Traffic leashes, retractable leashes, leather leashes, leashes with bling, bicycle leashes, training leashes, the list goes on. Choose the best leash for you and your dog..

Choosing the Best Leash for your Dog

Choosing the best leash for your dog is very important. There are several things to consider when choosing a leash:

Your dog's behavior If you have a well mannered dog, you will have a variety of leashes to choose from but a standard leash will work. If your dog is not well behaved you will need to consider slip collar leashes, short leashes or other corrective leashes such as Cesar Millan's illusion collar (listed below).

Your dog's size If you have a small dog you will only need a small lightweight leash. If you have a 140lb dog, you will need a leash with a strong hook, and a wide leash for comfort and control.

Your method of exercising your dog After considering your dog's behavior and size, then you will want to consider how you choose to exercise him. If a regular simple walk around the neighborhood is what you do, a simple 4 to 6 ft leash will do. If you walk through crowded areas you may want to consider a shorter traffic leash. Owners that prefer to ride their bicycles while exercising their dogs may want to consider bicycle leashes. If you are a jogger or have a stroller to push you might prefer a hands free leash.

Short Dog Leashes - Traffic Leashes

These short traffic leashes, as some people call them, are handy when you are walking your dog in crowds or other areas where it is best to keep them right next to you. Often with only about 1 or two feet in length, you can keep your dog close without having to hold excess leash in your hand.

Dean and Tyler La Main Short Handle Leash, Black 1-Foot by 3/4-Inch Width With Brown Handle And Solid Brass Snap Hook.
Dean and Tyler La Main Short Handle Leash, Black 1-Foot by 3/4-Inch Width With Brown Handle And Solid Brass Snap Hook.

Wide padded handles provide a comfortable grip, and a much better ability to control a big dog.


Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan - Training a dog on leash

Double Handle Dog Leash - 2 Loop Handles

When you need to be able to walk your dog both leisurely and in tight spaces or among crowds, these double handle dog leashes will be perfect. Two loops or handles, one about a foot long and the second about 6 feet long allow you the convince of two leashes in one.

Loops 2 Double Handle Nylon Leash, 1" x 6'
Loops 2 Double Handle Nylon Leash, 1" x 6'

This leash has high ratings from many large breed dog owners. Having the extra handle close to the head of the dog is invaluable when you need to have the dog close to you for good control.

Signature K9 Double Handle Braided Leather Leash, 4-Feet x 3/4-Inch, Burgundy
Signature K9 Double Handle Braided Leather Leash, 4-Feet x 3/4-Inch, Burgundy

Made from good quality leather, this double handle dog leash is popular if you prefer leather leashes. Some people prefer leather for an improved grip. Ages well.


Cesar Millan's Tips For Dog Walking

  1. Walk in front of your dog - remember you are the pack leader
  2. Use a short leash - you will have more control. The higher up on the neck the more control you will have.
  3. Allow enough time for a good walk - 30 minutes or more is a good place to start, depending on your dogs needs.
  4. Reward your dog during the walk - if your dog has been focused and under control allow them time to sniff and relieve themselves, but you decide when.
  5. Be the pack leader even after the walk - you enter the house first, make your dog sit and wait while you take your shoes off and put the leash away.
  6. Reward your dog after the walk - If you feed. Your dog after the walk, they are working for their food.

Cesar Millan's Illusion Collar - Train your dog to walk without pulling

Cesar Millan Medium Black Illusion Collar
Cesar Millan Medium Black Illusion Collar

The idea behind this special training collar is to get the leash in the proper position for most effective control and sensitivity. The upper part of a dog's neck is more sensitive than its lower neck, and will therefore a dog will respond better to a leash higher up on the neck. This collar holds the leash at the top of the neck for that purpose. If you notice at dog shows, the trainers always have the dog in a slip leash, held right under the crease of their neck.

However, read the instructions before use, as the Illusion Collar is not to be used with all dogs: small dogs, dogs with long thin necks, or dogs with flat faces (and breathing problems) should not use this collar. Check with your vet before use.


Multi-Dog Leashes

Whether you own multiple dogs or you are a dog walker these leashes should help make walking more than one dog easier and tangle free.

YUP! Double Dog Leash - Two Dog Leash Med-Large, black
YUP! Double Dog Leash - Two Dog Leash Med-Large, black

This is a good solution for two dogs, even if they have a height difference. The leash is adjustable so you can adjust it for the different sizes. Not suitable for small dogs under 20 pounds, as the mechanisms will be a bit heavy for them.


Dog Doorway Manners

Train your dog to sit and wait at doors. Always allow yourself to go through the doorway first, then give your dog the ok to walk through. Not only will this help instill you as the leader of the pack, but it also helps to stop the dog from barreling through the door while you or a child is walking through, and possibly sending the human off balance. It also might help deter your dog from bolting out the door anytime he sees an open door.

Hands Free Dog Leashes

Great leash for a well trained dog when you need your hands free for running, or pushing a stroller or anything else, these belt/waist style leashes will give you more freedom. As always, safety first: consider the size of your dog and the person walking the dog, as well as obedience level before hooking up to this leash. Never hook a child up to a belt leash.

Dog Walking Debate

How does your pooch walk with you?

Bicycle Leashes

Bicycle Leashes
Bicycle Leashes

Bicycle Dog Leashes

These dog leashes will help get your dog jogging or running while you ride your bicycle. The kits will help to keep your dog safely away from the wheels and spokes. Of course, make sure that you know your dogs endurance level and respect that before heading out for a long ride. Also consider your dog's size and how easily they get distracted before heading out. A large dog that sets off to chase a squirrel could throw off your balance or knock you off your bike, so take those things into consideration before heading out. A vet recently told my friend not to ride their bike with their labrador retriever, because they are not meant for long distance endurance, but will always try to please you, so you may not know when they are tired.

Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit
Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit

Sturdy design. Allows the dog to run on either side of you or behind. As with any bike mount dog leash, don't use with an easily distracted dog, or a large powerful dog if you can't trust him to be obedient. Safety first.


Preparing for a walk

When it is time to go for a walk, call your dog to you. As the leader you want your dog to come to you, do not chase your dog around the house to get him on the leash. Call him to you, have him sit, then attach the leash. Remember to let yourself out the door first. Happy walking!

Loose Leash Walking - With Victoria Stillwell

Be Careful With Retractable Leashes

Be safe with those long retractable leashes. We knew a cyclist that crashed when his bicycle tangled in a leash when a person was walking on one sidewalk while their dog was on an extended leash on the other side of the road!! The cyclist couldn't see the leash and he crashed, cracking his helmet breaking his shoulder bone and several ribs. It took him over a year to recover. Be a responsible dog owner/walker!

Retractable Dog Leashes - Let your dog walk on an extended leash

If you are headed out for a walk at a park, in the woods or anywhere else where you want to give your dog a nice long leash and a chance to really run and sniff, get them a retractable, or extendable leash. Look for easy to use buttons to lock the leash at a certain length and one to unlock it. Be sure to keep your dog and others safe by keeping your dog under control and on a shorter leash when near other people. Make sure that your extendable leash is the correct weight. A large, heavy dog can easy break the mechanism meant for a small dog if they take off or pull hard on the leash.

Flexi Classic 3 Retractable Tape Leash, Large, 110lbs, Black 16ft.
Flexi Classic 3 Retractable Tape Leash, Large, 110lbs, Black 16ft.

We have had the Flexi retractable tape leash for over a year and a half and it is excellent! We have a 78 lb Weimaraner who loves to run around, sniff, go back and forth and it never gets twisted, or jammed. There are two easy to use buttons to stop or lock the tape. The handle is comfortable and not too heavy. We went through 3 or more retractable leashes in a matter of a few months before investing in this great one. The hook that attaches to the collar is on a swivel to help limit the twisting, and the tape has never jammed or twisted on us.


Stopping at the curb

It is a good idea to train your dog to "stop" on the sidewalk (and sit) before crossing the street. Not only will it train your dog not to walk into the street, but if by chance your dog gets away from you (on leash or bolting out the front door), you might be able to yell the "stop" command to him from a distance if he tries to cross a road. My dog has become quite accustomed to this, and sometimes I allow him to almost walk out on the road, but then give a strong "stop" command and he usually stops right in his tracks. When it is safe, I give him the "ok" command to proceed.

Born To Run

Born To Run
Born To Run

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