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Best Dog Toys for 2014

Updated on September 21, 2014

The Newest and Best Dog Toys This Year

Each year, thousands of new dog toys come on the market but, really, only a select few are even worth talking about, let alone buying and playing with. For dog toys, the year 2014 has been great as far as new and exciting advancements, creativity and, of course, increased fun factor. So, sit back, relax and take a look at the best dog toys available in 2014.

Seamsters dog bone
Seamsters dog bone

Seamsters Bone with Rawhide Strips

A tough chew bone, weaved with rawhide and can be filled with treats = doggie heaven

Great dog toys are designed to please dogs, not their owners. The Seamsters Bone is a perfect example of a dog toy that was made with the goal of making dogs as happy as they can possibly be with a chew toy. How did they accomplish this? 1) The tough yet soft rubber bone makes not only for a nice chewing sensation but the shape allows for an easy grip on the chew toy. 2) The Seamsters dog bone comes apart in two pieces so that it can be filled with any of your dogs favorite treats, from kibble to peanut butter. It can also be frozen with broth inside for a cool summer time dog treat. 3) It includes thin rawhide strips that are woven through the bone to finalize the creation of one of the most irresistible dog chew toys ever made! C'mon, if you were a dog wouldn't you think this was the best dog toy ever made?

Dog Slow Food Bowl
Dog Slow Food Bowl

Buster DogMaze Food Bowl

Turns a Super-Fast Eater Into a Grazer!

So many dogs out there finish their meals in under a minute. The food barely makes that "ting" noise dropping into the bowl before it's gone. Unfortunately, that's not a good thing. When a dog wolfs down his food, he chews less and swallows a lot of air. The lesser of things that can happen is gas and burping. The worst is death by dog bloat. Not just an overly full belly, but the kind of dog bloat where the stomach twists and cuts off circulation to the stomach. Very serious and very scary. Fortunately the savior of dog speed eating has come in the form of the Buster Dog Maze! Not only does this dog bowl dramatically slow down the time it takes for a dog to eat, it's also fun and challenging for the dog. The Buster Dog Maze comes in one size and is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Truly a life-changing product for those frantic eaters.

Biscuit Basket
Biscuit Basket

Biscuit Basket

Hide a dog biscuit inside and let the fun begin!

Sure, you could just GIVE your dog a biscuit and then, 3 seconds later, that's over with and those big, brown, beggin' eyes are staring right back at you. So, why not make the fun and excitement of getting a treat last a while longer? That is exactly what the Biscuit Basket dog toy was designed to do. By putting a dog treat inside of its own biscuit jail, if you will, your dog has to think about how he's going to rescue that poor, innocent treat (and then gobble it up, of course). The most popular ways seem to be: crunching it up inside the Biscuit Basket and maneuvering the smaller pieces out through the holes, shaking the Biscuit Basket relentlessly until the dog treat drops out of one of the holes, or pulling at the treat inside and finding the right hole in the Biscuit Basket to pull it through. No matter how your dog goes about it, chances are he won't quit until that deliciously trapped treat is out of jail and in his tummy.

dog domino puzzle
dog domino puzzle

Nina Ottosson Dog Domino puzzle

A challenging dog game that allow dog's to use their thinking skills

Nina Ottosson is great about continually coming up with new and creative dog puzzles designed to engage a dog and keep them interested in the challenging task at hand. The way the Dog Domino puzzle works is that a dog must first slide the black discs (either by nose or paw) in order to uncover the hollow, treat-filled pegs and remove them in order to get the dog treats out. A challenging and fun addition to the 2014 dog toy lineup!

rip 'n tug dog toy
rip 'n tug dog toy

Rip 'N Tug

Rip-Apart Dog Toy is Satisfying Again and Again

The Rip 'N Tug dog toy has taken the dog toy market by storm this year! It is a godsend for dogs who like to kill and destroy every dog toy in front of them. The Rip N Tug is made of a tough material that is lined with Velcro and can be opened up so that treats can be put inside. So, the way the Rip 'N Tug works is that you just open up the sides, put in a dog treat, Velcro the sides back up, give it to your dog and watch as he "destroys" the toy by ripping apart the sides and then eating the treat. Then, put the Velcro sides together again and start all over! One of the best interactive dog toys of 2014 for sure!

squawkie talkie
squawkie talkie

Squawkie Talkies

The Most Annoying AND Most Fun (for dogs) Squeaky Toy EVER

The Squawkie Talkies were designed to fully amuse and entertain squeaky toy obsessed dogs. These fun squeaky toys squawk for a loud and full 10 seconds. This dog toy is a total dream come true for dogs that really enjoy squeaker toys. The Squawkie Talkies dog toys come as a chicken, flamingo or a pelican. Sure, it will drive humans crazy, but dogs will absolutely LOVE it! Plus, it makes a great gift for that person who bought your kid a trumpet for his birthday!

Busy Buddy Jack Dog Toy
Busy Buddy Jack Dog Toy

Busy Buddy Jack

The Ultimate, Ever-Satisfying Dog Chew Toy

The Busy Buddy Jack is one of the best chew toys ever invented because it satisfies every possible chew craving a dog could have. It is made both of hard nylon and soft, durable rubber and has tasty rawhide rings in between to keep dogs interested in the toy and chewing for extended periods of time. What sets the Jack dog toy apart from other dog treat toys is that the rawhide rings are strategically placed in such a way that a dog cannot gorge on the treats. They are meant to last a long while and keep the dog interested in chewing. The gnawhide rings come packaged with the Jack dog toy but are also sold separately.

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