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Best Grain Free Dog Treats

Updated on September 24, 2012

Best Grain Free Dog Treats:

Are you a Dog lover/owner and only want to feed your precious Canine the best Food and Treats possible? Well, then this lens is the right one for you to check out because I have gathered my Top 5 picks for the best Grain Free Dog treats on the market today. While Dogs are considered to be Omnivores, they do tend to have an overwhelmingly high Carnivorous bias when it comes to food. They also have a harder time digesting Grains such as corn. When choosing a treat that will both tempt your dogs taste buds while providing them with valuable nutrition, opting for a Grain free dog treat is one of the best decisions you can make for your dog. So check out my Top 5 pick and choose which treat is right for both you and your dog.

Researching the Best Sellers:

How I Prepared My List

When searching for the best Grain Free Dog Treats, I decided prior that I would keep several key factors in mind during my research. These factors included:

1. Affordability

2. Quality of Ingredients

3. Types of Meat within treats

4. Dog Reviews/likability

5. Owner Reviews -positive and negative

6. Packaging

7. Size

8. Size of dog that treat was best for

Since I would only want to give my own dogs the best product available, I felt that i could be a good judge of quality when it came to picking treats. The ones that made my Top 5 were the best of best. They contained large quantities of good quality meats like chicken, turkey and beef and even some that contained high quality fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots and apples. And all of the treats ranged in size, price and packaging to give you the buyer a vast variety to choose from.


Natural Balance

















What Makes Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison Dog Treats So Special:

Grain free - No corn, soy or wheat.

Food Allergies - These treats were designed for dogs with specialized allergies.

Easily digestible and good for all dog breeds - Perfect for all breeds, sizes and ages.

Nutrient dense - Helps maintain good quality health, skin and coat.

High quality ingredients - Protein packed and digestible veggies like sweet potatoes.

Dogs love taste and smell -

Small enough to be placed in toys - These treats are ideal for Kong toys.

Ideal for training rewards

The Not so Good Parts of Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison Dog Treats:

Not good for bigger dogs? - larger dogs may or may not like these smaller treats.

What Makes EVO Wild Cravings Turkey & Chicken Formula Dog Treats So Special:

Grain free - Made with high quality proteins like chicken, turkey, fish and beef.

Comes in several delicious flavors - Comes in chicken, red meats and fish varieties for your dog's preference.

Nutrient dense - These treats are packed with proteins and veggies for optima health.

perfect companion to Evo Dog Food

The Not so Good Parts of EVO Wild Cravings Turkey & Chicken Formula Dog Treats:

Shipping problems - Bottom of bag was crumbly for some customers.

What Makes Instinct Grain-Free Duck Meal, Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Treats So Special:

Grain free AND Gluten Free - Better nutrition and cuts down on allergies.

Delicious taste and smell

Made from all natural ingredients - No added salt or sugar.

Made in the USA

High quality meats - Turkey, duck and lamb.

Multiple flavor combinations

Treats are rotatable - Switch flavors without fear of digestive upset in your dog.

Reliable company - Company cares about providing Holistic nutrition to both dogs and cats.

The Not so Good Parts of Instinct Grain-Free Duck Meal, Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Treats:

Kinda pricey - These treats can cost on the higher side.


What Makes Wellness Grain-Free Treats for Dogs, Pure Rewards Beef Treats So Special:

Grain free - Made from 90 percent meat and is also wheat free.

No artificial ingredients - No soy, wheat, corn, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Multiple flavor combination options

Jerky Style - Encourages positive chewing for all dogs.

Packaging keeps them moist and delicious

Can be easily broken in half -Perfect for dogs with weight issues.

Treats or rewards - Good for treating and training.

These delicious and nutritious little nuggets are jam packed with high quality protein that is great for your dog. Made from 100 percent USDA inspected Chicken breasts, these treats are perfect for training dogs or just for when you want to give them an extra special treat in between meals.

What Makes PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treats So Special:

Made with only 1 ingredient-Chicken - Made out of 100 percent USDA inspected high quality chicken.

Grain Free and Low in Calories - Only 9 calories per portion.

Dogs love the taste and smell!

Made in the USA

Freeze Dried - Locks in moisture and freshness.

Brand comes in other flavors - Chicken, beef and cheddar.

Small in size - Perfect for dog training.

Cats love them too! - Cats love chicken so these treats can be fed to them as well.

Homemade Grain Free Dog Food Recipe:

Questions or Comments? Leave them here..... - And thanks for stopping by!

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