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Best Fish Tank Aquariums for Home 2015

Updated on January 9, 2015

10 Good Office Aquariums and Beginner Fish Tanks for your Home

When I was a kid I used to love to come home from school every day and see the aquarium that my Mom had so thoughtfully setup. It was my favorite part of the day to see what had happened in our magical aquarium. Now that I'm a parent my kids do the same and it's a fight each day to see who can feed the fish.

That being said aquariums aren't for everyone and if you're a beginner, then getting a tank that's simple to setup and easy-to-use is a better way to start than going all in with a salt water setup. In this post I'll go over a few tanks that are perfect for those just starting out and a few for more advanced habitats.

Tetra Aquarium Kit
Tetra Aquarium Kit

Best Beginner and Kid Fish Tanks 2015

Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kit

This makes a great starter aquarium. There are two sizes of tank you can get in this design; 3 and 5 gallons. The tank is entirely transparent and the curved front gives you a very unique view.

It has a low voltage, energy efficient light that incorporates 16 white LED's that give very nice illumination to the aquarium itself as well as the fish.

It comes with a clear plastic cover to help with water evaporation. There are feeding holes and cut outs in the top for the light, filter and accessory cords. And the cover makes a nice safety feature for jumping fish. Set up is so simple, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful fish in just a few minutes.

There are step by step instructions that are included; you simply need to attach the mounting brackets to the back, add the light and plug it in, and you are ready to enjoy your tank. I personally think that the filter is one of the quietest you'll find even though it is a little bit over sized.

Petco Bookshelf Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Speaking of space, some people really do not have large enough living spaces to accommodate big fish tanks. But even if you are renting your Aunt Betty's basement, you can still enjoy have some aquatic friends to brighten your area. This bookshelf aquarium is great for small spaces; it works for any kind of shelf.


The design is slim and it features a hang on power filter with a quiet mechanism and chemical filtration. The hood is UL listed and it comes with a 15 watt fluorescent bulb instead of a cheap incandescent bulb. The plastic cover fits nicely and gives you easy feeding access. Some users have reported that the plastic is easily scratched. Buyers should also be aware that the filter hangs off the back of the tank and that adds another couple of inches of depth. So when measuring the space you'd like to put this tank, make sure to add a few more inches to accommodate this issue. This is not a top of the line tank but for the price, you get a decent little tank that will do the job for you and your fish.

Freshly Unique Aquariums for Your Home or Office

Midwest Tropical 675 Aquarium

This aquarium is a conversation starter for sure! It adds a very nice touch to any home or office and can add to the enjoyment of watching your water pets. This creative aquarium also doubles as a very functional as a coffee table--the elegance of an aquarium will be right at your feet. You can see into the aquarium from all sides with blue glowing gravel and soft lighting from the bottom of the tank. It is made with a very durable cell cast acrylic that is more clear and stronger than typical glass.


The top of the table measures 36 inches and the aquarium itself measures 24x24x16". It will hold up to 25 gallons of water. It comes with two stage submersible filters, four bags of blue glass gravel with the lighting incorporated, decorative plants, and an extension cord. It is very user friendly and comes with easy assembly instructions. Users have found this to be a great piece of furniture and it makes it easy to have a fish tank in small spaces like apartments. There have been a very few complaints of the light shorting out at times, but most users have had no issues with that.

Aquavista Wall Mounted Aquarium
Aquavista Wall Mounted Aquarium

Aquavista Wall Mounted Aquarium

Do you want a classy, sophisticated fish tank for your home or office? Look no further. As a wall mounted device, you need not worry about finding counter or floor space. This hangs on your wall like a framed photo and is so pleasing to watch that you will never regret your purchase. The manufacturer states that it only needs 15 minutes of maintenance per month. It comes with everything you need except the water and the fish. There is no assembly required; you just need to add water and fish and you are good to go!

This is a good tank for fresh water tropical fish and even salt water environments. The wet/dry filtration system comes preassembled; it includes a heater and air pump light using an LCD panel and keypad. It also comes with an interchangeable black frame; there are more designs that you can purchase separately. This tank holds 6.6 gallons of water and measure 26 x 26 x 4.3 inches with the frame. There have been some reports of the machinery getting noisy after the tank has been used for a while but most users have not found this to be a prevalent problem. You are also given a net, cleaner pad on a pole, white gravel and a mechanically manipulated mini grabber.

High-End Fish Tanks for Home or Office Use

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium
Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

What is more fun than a hotel for your pets? This stackable aquarium is made with a very modern design. You can buy more than one and set them side by side or stack them on top of each other; if you have several fish, this makes a nice space saving feature. The bowl is made with easy to clean glass and a removable ABS plastic façade with asymmetrical windows. The shell on the outside can be removed and painted if you choose. The tank measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 8" and weighs five pounds.

Some users are Beta fish advocates and recommend a bigger tank with a heater and filter as well. If you just want a simple, but nice looking, bowl for your easy to please Betas, then this will be a good choice for you. If you have your fish in a cold room, you will want a heater for your fish for sure. Some users have suggested putting an underwater light that will make the "condo" look really neat. One drawback from buyers has been the lack of a lid; some fish are jumpers and this can pose a safety risk for the little critters. But if you don't have jumpy fish, then this should work just fine.

What's Your Favorite Tank Setup?

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