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Best Outdoor Dog Toys For Dogs Alone Outside

Updated on April 15, 2015

How to Steer Outdoor and Alone Dogs Away From Destroying Things

Most dogs spend a good amount of their time outside: sniffing bushes, chasing after tennis balls, going for a walk or just basking in the sun. Some dogs spend most or all of their time outside because they are outside dogs or their owners think they will be happier outside while they are at work. Keeping outside dogs out of trouble (digging holes in the ground, relentlessly scratching at the door, eating flowers, barking non stop, etc) while outside has been a bit of a problem for some dog owners. The main reason why dogs get involved in these troublesome activities is because of boredom. An easy way to get rid of doggy boredom is to have the right toys available to keep dogs engaged and entertained. Following is a list of outdoor dog toys that dog a great job of keeping outdoor dogs occupied by creating interactive play. Engagers such as treats, lights, sounds and noises and motion are rewards these dog toys give to dogs who play with them.

Tether Tug Dog Toy
Tether Tug Dog Toy
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball

Tether Tug

Inground Tugging Toy That Keeps Dogs Occupied and Entertained!

The Tether Tug is one of the newest outdoor dog toys and it's already getting a ton of positive buzz! You put one end of the Tether Tug in the ground and then your dog can tug, pull or shake the attached rope or fleece as much and as long as he/she wants! The Tether Tug spins in every direction and gives your dog total control with how to play with it! Dogs absolutely love the Tether Tug dog toy!

The Indestructible Boomer Ball

The Only Non-Destroyable Dog Toy

Dogs can try and try, but they simply won't be able to destroy the Boomer Ball. It's made of solid, ultra-strong plastic and comes in two colors (red or blue) and four sizes (4", 6", 8" and 10"). While some dogs will have plenty of fun chasing after or simply carrying the Boomer Ball around, the real fun happens when a dog pushes the Boomer Ball around with his nose. Dogs known for herding (such as Australian shepherds) are perfect candidates for this fun and entertaining solo activity.

See The Boomer Ball Dog Toy In Action!

Dog Bubble Machine
Dog Bubble Machine

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine

Blows millions of colorful, bacon-scented bubbles

This Dog Bubble Machine is a great dog toy if your dog is outside and you only plan on being away for a short time. Just fill up the bubble machine with bacon bubbles (it includes an 8 ounce bottle), turn it on and let the fun begin. These floating bacon bubbles are awfully fun to pop and chase after. Perfect for keeping an outside dog entertained for a short while.

See the Dog Bubble Machine in Action!

Genuine Dog Gear Super King Tug
Genuine Dog Gear Super King Tug

Super King Tug

Tough Tug Toy For Dual or Solo Tugging Matches

Dogs owners love the Super King Tug for several reasons: It's a made in the USA dog toy, It's made of soft, yet durable fleece and dogs can tug with their owners or by themselves (just tie the Super King Tug toy to a pole, tree, fence, etc.) The Super King Tug dog toy can even be played with by two dogs at the same time! Dogs who love to tug, will really enjoy a tug of war match with their best buddy. However, for dogs alone in the backyard, just tie one end of the Super King Tug to a pole (or something similar) and your dog will have access to a fun tugging match whenever he wants.

animal dog ball
animal dog ball

Animal X-Tire Ball

Your Dog Won't Be Alone With These Animal Sounds Around

The Animal X-Tire Ball makes for a great companion to any outside dog. Whenever a dog moves the Animal X-Tire Ball, it makes one of twenty different (and realistic) animal sounds. What dog could be lonely with a zooful of animals right there in the yard with her? The Animal X-Tire Ball is not recommended outside on rainy days or when the ground is wet.

Tug a Jug Dog Toy
Tug a Jug Dog Toy

Tug A Jug Treat Dispenser

The Longer a Dog Plays, The More Treats He "Earns"

It's easy to see why the Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug dog toy is so popular: As a dog plays with it and moves it around, small dog treats or pieces of kibble randomly come out. A great idea to have outside with your dog if your dog is treat motivated (which most dogs are). To avoid over eating, just put some dry dog food pieces inside. It will be enough of an incentive to keep your dog playing with the toy until all the dog treat pieces are gone. One of the best boredom-busting dog toys out there!

Tough Chew Toy
Tough Chew Toy

Nobbly Nubbly

Hard Nylon, Soft Rubber and Tasty Rawhide - All in One Chew Toy!

As far as chew toys go, the Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly is tops. It can satisfy most any dog's type of chewing craving: hard, soft or delicious. Plus, the rawhide pieces (included) can also be purchases separately - so the Nobbly Nubbly chew toy will surely last for a long time. The rawhide treat pieces are positioned in such a way so that a dog cannot just wolf them down in a few minutes. Nope, it will take lots of playing and chewing time to full eat the treat pieces - ensuring that a treat-motivated dog will be occupied for a good long while. And, the bonus is that the rubber nubs act as a dental bone - cleaning your dog's teeth as he happily chews and chews on the Nobbly Nubbly dog toy.

Kibble Nibble
Kibble Nibble

Kibble Nibble

Dispenses a Meal Slowly as Dogs Play With It

This is an ingenious dog toy that many dog owners swear by and use each and every morning as they leave their dog alone as they go off to work. Why? Because with the Kibble Nibble dog toy they know that their dog will be occupied for a good part of the morning, working for their breakfast. The way the Kibble Nibble works is that you open it up and fill it with a dog's regular amount of dry dog food. So, instead of putting the dog's food into a bowl, it goes inside of the Kibble Nibble. Then, dogs will roll, shake and toss the Kibble Nibble around in order to get it to drop out the pieces of Kibble. This is an ideal dog bowl for dogs who eat too fast. (Eating too fast has been known to cause problems in dogs such as bloating, gas, vomiting and other digestive problems.)

Another Outdoor Dog ToysFrom Amazon

Know of Any More GREAT Outside Dog Toys! - Let Us Know So We Can Add Them to the List!

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