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Best PFD for Greyhounds

Updated on November 8, 2014

Life Jackets are Essential for Water-Loving Greyhounds

My greyhounds love to play in water, but they sink like a rock when they try to swim. A lot of deep-chested athletic dog breeds are the same.

It's a matter of low body fat, and lots of bone and muscle. Some dogs are just not naturally built to float easily, and they're rather front-heavy, so they tend to tilt face-forward into the water. Yikes! That's just a tragedy waiting to happen.

A dog life jacket is an essential piece of safety gear if your hound hangs out poolside with you or spends summers at the lake.

Greyhound at the beach
Greyhound at the beach | Source

How to Choose the Best Life Jacket (PFD) for a Greyhound

In choosing a canine life jacket, there are a few key features I look for and can recommend. First up, I look for a wide belly band, rather than two separate straps, to better distribute the weight across the dog's ribcage in case a lift is required. I also look for a contoured cut that will let the fore legs move freely when swimming (the Ruffwear lifejacket scores exceptionally well on this point), and an adjustable chest band for a better all-round fit.

My Top Choice for Greyhound PFD

RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Reflective Life Jacket for Dogs, Red Currant (2016), Large
RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Reflective Life Jacket for Dogs, Red Currant (2016), Large
I like the Ruffwear float coat design by K9 fits the deep-chested slim build of a sighthound better than other PFDs I've found, and stays put as the dog moves around. Wide cut openings for the front legs really let the dog strike out through the water with his feet in the classic dog paddle swimming stroke, while the flotation material helps to keep his head up and upper body afloat, preventing panic in water too deep for wading.

Does your dog like to go swimming and boating?

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Greyhounds are notoriously hard to fit for clothing, and it's not different with swimming gear. Too often, a personal flotation device has some of the same challenges as getting a good coat or jacket.

A garment that is made for just any breed of dog, rather than designed for the deep-chested long and lean greyhound or other athletic breeds may be sized up to fit around the broad ribcage but will gap open at the slim waist, or it will bind up too tight in strange places, annoying the dog. (If your dog is a Great Dane, Boxer, Pitbull, American bulldog, Weimeraner, or a similar deep-chested breed, you probably know exactly what I mean.)

The most important consideration in choosing in a personal flotation device - for your dog just as for the rest of your family - is getting a good fit.

Bonus points for a sturdy handle on top, in case you need to give your dog a lift or make a rescue, and high visibility in the water. Ruffwear life jackets are not only made in bright colors but they also have bands of reflective tape on the back.

Have a look at the video, below, of a greyhound showing off her Ruffwear life jacket and you'll see why it's my top choice in water safety gear for hard-to-fit "athletic" dog breeds.

Water-Loving Greyhound shows off her Ruffwear Float Coat

Honorary Mention to Outward Hound for Extra Flotation Pad

While my first choice of DFD ("doggie flotation device") for a slim, deep-chested breed like a greyhound is the Ruffwear Float Coat, a very close second choice is the Outward Hound model.

In fact, for a dog with more of a straight figure, like my elderly Golden Retriever, who loved to swim but got tired very easily in her later years, I'd probably go with the Outward Hound design for the extra flotation pad under the chin to ease the strain of the old girl holding up her head out of the water. Because it is adjustable with those straps around it, this canine PFD works well for the sighthounds and other deep-chested dogs as well.

Outward Hound Dog Life Jackets - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Swimmer Dog Life Vests
Outward Hound Dog Life Jackets - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Swimmer Dog Life Vests
I've always had a good experience with the quality of Outward Hound products. Their take on the canine PFD tapers back nicely at the tail end and the straps are fully adjustable to help ensure a snug fit on a deep-chested, slim-waisted dog. The straps you see on top are two handles for lifting in an emergency, instead of the single handle on most dog PFDs. Whether you want one handle or two is a matter of personal preference.

Does your greyhound have a well-fitting life jacket to help him enjoy the beach or lake in safety?

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    • aliciadonley profile image


      6 years ago

      I would love to get my doggies a life jacket once we live closer to the water. My italian greyhound mix is so scared even though when he went in the water when he was little he could totally reach like 20 feet out. My mini Schnauzer loves the water but he's solid muscle and he hates getting his beard wet. I added the jacket to my wishlist for another day. :)

    • Coffee-Break profile image

      Dorian Bodnariuc 

      7 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

      I didn't know greyhounds weren't great at swimming. This is a great idea.

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 

      7 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Ruffwear life jackets for dogs is an excellent idea!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I grew up swimming like a fish. My dogs could swim like well...Dogs! they could out swim me for the most part. This would be great for my dog on a boat though I don't think I would use it in on or close to shore swimming. Good Lenslet I enjoyed it.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Love your greyhound photos!


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