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What are the best toys for active dogs and dogs that get bored.

Updated on April 13, 2015

Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy

This dental chew toy is a product of the United States! It could be used for a small or a even a larger dog-- you could get them flavored or flavorless. This is an obvious great way to keep your dog's teeth healthy and hopefully add years to life. Always remember that healthy teeth are the most important thing on a dog!

Just like with anything-- some dogs may not like it. No biggie you can always try something else or a different flavor.

Why are dog toys so important?

There is no doubt that you are going to need to get your dog some toys. The development of your dog especially at a young age is crucial and playing with toys is a great way to fight boredom and hopefully help negate bad behavior. When dogs get bored they can start getting destructive, especially if they don't have anything to play with. Most dogs are going to at least want something they can carry around and sometimes even let you throw it. My dogs in particular only use toys for fetching and playing tug of war. Others like my grandma's dog Rudy thinks all of the toys are his(watch the video below, he learns the names of toys and will grab them for me). My dogs don't really use the toys for anything other than fetch, minus the occasional chewing-- which is something that can be a problem. Chewing toys obviously ruins them and can get you back to the store very quickly. This is why it is important to get the right toys for your dog.

Getting toys not only benefits the dog but also can help keep your dog from causing problems.

Unsafe dog toys

If you have a Great Dane or other big dog getting a small toy can end up being a very bad choice-- yes dogs can choke. Obviously getting a Frisbee or big ball would be for a little dog would could also be dangerous for the little chap.

There are also plenty of things you should avoid getting your dog.

What your dog should avoid:

  • Rubber bands
  • String
  • Ribbons
  • Small articles of clothing
  • Dogs toys and kids toys should be separate
  • Stuffed animals that have the insides exposed
  • Some toys have parts that can be chewed off and ingested, take them off beforehand
  • Avoid anything that can break into pieces
  • Squeaker toys are okay, but some dogs can try to find the source and eat it, so avoid them if your dog is prone to this
  • Make sure your toys are safe for your kids as well-- many of the labels will mention if they are safe for children under 3

The Chuck It in action

What are the best toys to order?

Well there are plenty of great toys, but there are a couple of true favorites that every dog needs. For instance the Kong toy-- which was made from a hard rubber car part. The creator of the Kong found that the dog chewing the rubber was much better than the rocks that his dog was chewing.. Go figure. Check out the story of the Kong here.

The Kong more or less has a snowman figure and can be in your dog's toy staple for years, if not their lifetime. With that being said it is probably the most popular toy one can get for their dogs. order it or pick it up from almost any store that has dog toys. If you shop on Ebay you may be able to find it for cheaper than anywhere else. Also feel free to order off Amazon if you don't feel like going to the store. Just make sure to get the right size for your dog, they do come in all different sizes.

Here is a useful article on the Kong

The Chuck It is a must have for my dogs. There is no doubt that the Chuck It is my favorite toy because it is so convenient. There is nothing better than not having to touch a slobbery ball again and again! Not to mention you can throw the ball a ton further with little strain on your arm. I actually use my left hand and it has improve my left handed ability quite a bit all around. You can see my dog Brandy catching the ball. See will catch the ball as high as I can throw it with the Chucker. My dad didn't even put this ball high.

The chuck it is easily my favorite toy-- you can throw the ball much further AND best of all no slobber.

Kong Wobbler

The Kong wobbler is another great toy for your dog. This actually has a purpose which is to feed your dog. Rather than put it in a bowl the wobbler ensures that your dog does not eat too fast. his helps reduce the chance of vomiting and gives your dog something to do for a little while. Rather than the minute it takes your dog to eat their food they can spend much longer using this toy. It is also fun to see how smart your dog is and how quick they could figure out how to eat it all. This was a great review that I found and it shows you exactly how it works.


Standard toys every pooch has.

Rope toys are great for several reasons-- not only are they inexpensive and last a long time, they do help a little bit with your dogs teeth hygiene. Don't expect it to save your dog's teeth-- it is important to realize that you need to take care of your dogs teeth with bones and the occasional brushing of the teeth.

The ropes will usually have knots in them and you can get them shaped more like a bone (two knows on each end).

Tennis Balls are also another great toy for your dogs. There are some tougher ones that can last a little longer, but when they get chewed through you need to discard them. We also use those blue racquetballs-- they seem to work well. Also with them be sure to rid of them when they start to fall apart.

Frisbees are a nice choice for many dogs. However they do tend to break pretty easily, so it is actually better to invest in a more expensive one if you actually want to use it more than once. If you can train your dog to keep good care of them you can end up having them last for months.

Meet Rudy- he loves toys

Rudy is one of my favorite dogs that I have been lucky to meet. In the video below you can see me ask for several different toys. I had been playing with him prior to the video and asked for a lot of the other toys and didn't want to repeat any. He ends up forgetting some since my grandparents don't play with him like this as actively, but be sure that he knows the name of over 100 toys.. I have no doubt that he could remember way more.. He actually was a lot easier to play with in the years prior, his sister had just died so he was a little more depressed and harder to play with. He does have a new sister though, so hopefully I can get some more videos of him while he is still in his prime.

Rudy knows his toys! If you ever have any idea or want to see him open one of your own toys I'd love to video tape it. He is hilarious when you bring home groceries.. He always hopes for new toys and opens them like a present.

Kong Squeakair ball.

Very similar to tennis balls are these Kong balls. They are much tougher and withstand the test of time quite a bit longer than a regular tennis ball. They are destructible that is for sure, but some dogs may end up playing exceptionally well with them. I could see some dogs not tearing this apart but having the strength the take care of an average tennis ball.

It does squeak which can cause some dogs to think it is a chew toy.

My dogs on the other hand have ruined every single ball like this.. Like I said these are worth it because they do last longer.

Other tidbits:

Make sure to pair these up with the Chuck it since it is the same size as a tennis ball 2.5''.

Designed and tested in the US, made in China.

Kong - Marvin the Moose

This 8-9 inch moose is all of the craze on Amazon. It really fits well for certain dogs, especially ones like Rudy(video above) that don't really tear them apart-- at least not overnight. If my dogs(pictured above) got a hold of this I don't think it would last very long at all since they play so rough.

There are quite a few people that say that with a destructive dog that this toy has lasted months. So obviously this is completely dependent on your dog or dogs. My dogs would fight over it and tear it to shreds.

Tips and tricks on keeping your dog busy

Using the Kong toy you can put treats in the middle that will keep your dog busy for hours if not days. There are other toys like this that you can do this same method. Depending on how creative you get and how much your dog likes the treat in there you can really keep your dog busy and happy at the same time. If they like peanut butter you can try that, or mix peanut butter with something so that it sticks longer and better. Always make sure that you dog could have peanut butter before feeding them with it-- check your vet for more information.


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    • ActiveDogToys profile image

      ActiveDogToys 3 years ago

      Thanks for the article. We always love safe dog toys!

    • Bk42author profile image

      Brenda Thornlow 4 years ago from New York

      My pup loves those rope toys! I'll have to check out the Kong wobbler for him. Cute videos and pics! Voted useful!


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