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The Best Zebra Gifts

Updated on December 28, 2016

The Fascinating Zebra

I think zebras are one of the most interesting animals in Africa. They seem so much like a horse, and yet are so different. With their white and black stripes, their colouring is simple and yet fascinating. Every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes, just like humans all have unique fingerprints. That means you can actually identify a zebra by it's stripes, if you know who you're looking for.

Zebra patterns have become very popular with decorating and zebras themselves are so cute, it's easy to find household items in their image that are irresistible. From furniture to household items to pillows, there's tons of variety of zebra gifts to suit any taste. One of the best things about them is that you can get anything in either the classic black and white stripes, or you can spice it up and find multicolored accessories. They're incredibly versatile which can make your shopping even more fun. Whether you're looking for yourself or someone else, I'm sure you'll find a unique zebra gift that you'll love.

Image by Pro2 used under Creative Commons Licence

Zebras Around the Home

Zebra items make a great accent around the house. Whether its in the kitchen or somewhere else, zebra stripes can add some fun and flavor to the room. Plus, if you can find something practical, it's so much easier to justify treating yourself to something fun! Here are just a few of the cute and unique zebra gifts available for your home.

Supreme Housewares Whistling Tea Kettle, Zebra
Supreme Housewares Whistling Tea Kettle, Zebra

What could be better than a zebra tea kettle? This cute guy is great to have around the kitchen and will make your tea time more whimsical.

Cute Zebra Hand Painted Wine Bottle Holder-Wild Wine
Cute Zebra Hand Painted Wine Bottle Holder-Wild Wine

While we certainly don't want to give a real zebra wine, this cute guy would be happy to hold your wine bottle till you're ready to use it.


Zebra Pillows

Everyone needs some extra pillows around the house. It's scientifically proven that pillows can help support your back or neck, therefore helping your overall health. And who says you need to get a pillow that's simply practical? Why not invest in your health (and comfort) with a funky and unique zebra pillow? You can add a distinct flair to your home with a pillow that is as unique as your personlity.

Zebra Pillows

Brentwood Animal Fur Bedrest, Zebra
Brentwood Animal Fur Bedrest, Zebra

These pillows are great for sitting in bed and reading (or watching TV). They provide good support while still being comfortable.

Phantoscope Premier Print Colorful Zebra Linen Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 18 "X18 " -- New!!
Phantoscope Premier Print Colorful Zebra Linen Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 18 "X18 " -- New!!

This zebra throw pillow case is simply gorgeous. It's colorful without going overboard, which makes it the perfect accent to your room while still remained tasteful. It's great for youth or adults who just want to add a bit of color. It's also easily washable, so you don't have to worry if you have kids or pets.


Cute Zebras!

There's nothing cuter than a baby animal and a zebra is no exception. They're similar to horses, but even if you've seen baby horses, you can never get enough of something so adorable. This little baby zebra is learning how to run and play. He wants to explore, but makes sure to stay close to his mother, too. Get your daily dose of cuteness right here!

Sock It To Me Zebra Women's Knee High Socks,size 5-10
Sock It To Me Zebra Women's Knee High Socks,size 5-10

These adorable knee high zebra socks make a fantastic fashion statement. They're stylish and will go with just about any outfit. They're also great for wearing around the house to keep warm.


The Zebra's Stripes

People usually think zebras have white bodies that are covered in black stripes. This is actually false. Really, zebras have black bodies with white stripes and bellies.

The stripes help to camouflage the zebra. When animals are far away, the stripes merge together to make them appear grey, which helps them to blend into the background. Additionally, their outline is blurred when they hide in the bushes, making it more difficult for predators to find them. Furthermore, if a large group of zebras are close together, their stripes make them look like one big mass and can confuse predators.

A zebra’s stripes can also protect them from flies. Flies are attracted to various forms of light. The patterning on a zebra is not appealing to most species of flies, so the zebra is in less danger of being attacked by these pests.

Image by John Storr and is public domain.


Every zebra's stripes are as unique as human fingerprints. No two zebras have the same pattern of stripes.

Zebra Corner Wall Shelf
Zebra Corner Wall Shelf

Corners are such difficult places to put to good use. This zebra corner wall shelf is perfect to display some cute nick knacks and add a little bit of extra shelf room. Plus, it will liven up any room and make the space your own.


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Species of Zebra

There are three current species of zebras and while they are similar in appearance, they each have distinct characteristics and do not interbreed. The most common species is the plains zebra.

The mountain zebra, which is considered to be vulnerable, usually has narrower stripes and lives in southwest Africa. Living in the grasslands is Grevy’s zebra, which is endangered. Its head is longer and narrower, so it has a closer resemblance to a mule than its cousins do.

Image by Lunkwill and is Public Domain

Big Joe Roma Chair, Zebra
Big Joe Roma Chair, Zebra

This comfy zebra chair is perfect for any age. It's great for studying or just for curling up with a good book.



There are lots of predators in Africa, so zebras have had to adapt in order to survive. They can canter and gallop just like a horse, and while their speed isn’t quite as high, they have great stamina and can often outlast the animal trying to catch them.

Their eyesight is excellent and because their eyes are on the sides of their head rather than the front, they have a much wider range of vision than we do. They also have wonderful senses of hearing, taste, and smell.

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I dig the zebra lamps!

    • Stephanie36 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      @tonyaalves3: lol, glad to hear that! Thanks for visiting. :)

    • tonyaalves3 profile image


      5 years ago

      My daughter said you are her new best friend. My daughters room is decorated in all types of zebra print.


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