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Best Cat Tree

Updated on September 24, 2015

Our Mission

Welcome to Best Cat Tree! This page is a guide for cat owners who love their pets as much as we do and want to find that perfect place for your cat to dwell. Cat trees have come a long way in increasing your cats natural atmosphere. They are very important and can be the difference between your cat not feeling so much at home and making your cat feel like they are truly home.

As you may or may not know cats, like people, have different personalities. Some cats are what we call cave dwellers and like dark, low, confined spaces so they feel protected and comfortable. Other cats are tree dwellers and prefer a more open environment that is higher off the ground. You also have the cats that are bush dwellers that like low, but less confined spaces. There are many different cat personalities and no matter what type, we have what you are looking for right here to sooth your beloved cat.

The only way to find out what type of cat you own is to observe the places your cat is dwelling now. Is your cat dwelling in a confined space, low to the ground or are they climbing on top of everything and sleeping on top of the refrigerator? Or is your cat simply content being low to the ground unconfined. If any of these sound like your cat, don't worry you're in the right place. Here we have cat trees for all cats and their matching personalities.

Take a look around and most of all enjoy yourself. Our mission here at Best Cat Tree is to help you find what you are looking for and to make your cat feel right at home, without having to browse thousands of websites that don't truly understand the nature of your cat.

Cat Types and their preferences!

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Cat Type  
Cat Tree Features  
Tree Dwelling Cats
Height, Open Air, Climbing Areas
Towers, High Landings, Poles and Posts
Cave Dwelling Cat
Low, Dark, Confined Areas
One Opening Hideaways, Low Landings
Bush Dwelling Cats
Medium height, Semi-open air, Semi-Confined Area
Medium Towers with coverage, Multiple opening Hideaways, Medium Height Landings

Here is a great example of a Cat tree for the tree dwellers out there. This is the best cat tree for tree dwelling cats. ex. Tiers and Height.

Perfect for tree dwelling cats that will also save space!

Tree Dwelling cats.

Some cats by nature are tree dwelling cats. From big outdoor cats to house cats, they all go back to their nature with where they choose to rest and how. This is why, as pet owners, we need to choose carefully when buying a resting place for our cats. What is a Tree Dwelling cat you might ask? The answer, as obvious as it seems, is unknown to most cat owners.

The Tree Dweller is a cat that loves heights. This is the cat that will climb anything in your home and not only knock things off of it, but will then sleep there. For example a jungle cat will lay on tree branches with its limbs hanging off and go to sleep. These cats do this because they feel protected while up in a tree branch and are comfortable with the height, while most predators are not.

Here at Best Cat Tree we looked for the tree that would suit your cat type needs. Each tree here is specifically designed for your tree dweller. They have different heights to make your cat comfortable at their desired height. You will also find different types of landings on these cat trees. Some landings are just flat surfaces, while others will have lips for the cat to rest its head on or hang paws and legs over. Some will even come with boxes that will suit your cat's needs when they would like to lounge inside with some enclosure, protection, and comfort. These boxes may even be raised at different heights to make your cat feel at home at the height and surroundings it likes.

Also consider material when choosing a cat tree, so that not only is your cat comfortable with its surroundings, but also comfortable with what they are resting on. Take note of where your loved one chooses to rest before choosing a cat tree as they will tell you where and how they like to rest. This will make your decision much easier and allow you to let your cat know how much you know what they like.

The Bush Dweller!

Have you ever seen the discovery channel special where the wild cat is peering through the bush at its prey. This is the nature of the bush dweller. These type of cats like low spaces that have some protection and allow enough space to see, but not always be seen. They love the protection the ground offers as well as their surroundings.

You will often find bush dwellers under beds and in nooks and crannies around the house. The bush dweller may climb every once in a while, but when it comes down to it they will choose a low somewhat covered area. These cats will usually like flat surfaces and have an easy jump to the ground if not on the ground itself.

A lot of cat trees are made to include all features of an environment, like low to the ground dwellings with a few flat surfaces and towers, this way you can encompass all of the different habitats so your cat can choose for itself.

However do not forget, if you have noticed your cat is a bush dweller, make sure you choose the correct cat tree that has those low to the ground, flat, somewhat covered areas such as a box or nook. Your cat will feel forever at home with the correct cat tree.

Cave dweller 1 Story! Does not flip on your cat like softer cat caves!

2 Story Cave Dweller Condo!

Cave Dwellers

Cave dwellers is not a term typically used to describe cats, however here at Best Cat Tree we wanted to be sure we guide you on the best choice for your cat or cats. When it comes to cat's comfort we know best.

The cave dwellers are those cats that not only do not prefer heights but also do not like most open spaces. We all know that cat that no matter how cute it is, will not come out of where ever they have made their cave. Usually this is in the hardest place to reach and the worst place to enjoy your cats personality.

By making the cave dweller feel right at home with its own cave you will notice an increased personality change in your cat for the best. Not only do these cat caves make your cat more comfortable and decrease anxiety, they will allow you to enjoy your cat's company instead of seeking out that relationship with your cat. This will give your cat a place it knows is safe and will ultimately make your cat more comfortable and relaxed in it's own home.

This is the best cat tree for any cat type as it gives the tree dweller the height they need while also giving the bush and cave dweller that low hidden feeling

The every type cat.

We know not all cats can be defined. It's in a cats nature to want roam, explore, climb, and crawl anywhere they can. We have your cat covered in this department if your cat does not fit into any of the categories as it is every type of cat. The every type cat you will find roaming about in the dark corners of your home and lying in the light. You will also find them climbing as high as they can and lying on the floor in a low spot as well. Give them what they need.

These cat trees have all areas covered to best suit their type. The towers of these trees make the tree dweller in your cat feel right at home. While the caves also bring out the cave dweller in your cat. They also have flat, low, medium, and high places for every cats comfort zone. There is not a type of cat that we cannot find a fit for. Give your cat the comfort in your home you yourself would want to have.

This is the perfect every cat type dwelling.

An experience with cleaning.

We would also like to include some experience on cleaning your cat tree. When cats frequently use their resting place it will need to be cleaned. Excessive hair or even fibers of the carpeting that covers the tree may build up and begin to deter your cat from wanting to rest there. Also nail clippings and pieces will build up around the scratching posts.

The best way to clean this up is to use a standard vacuum cleaner with variable attachments. This is what has worked best for us and cleans the area well without damaging your cats favorite resting place. Sometimes the need will come to use another product to clean the area.

The best form of any type of mite or flea removal would be a powder versus a spray. We recommend this because, when using a spray, this can create a filmy feeling and smell to the area and your cat may not want to rest there anymore. Where with a powder you can vacuum it all away after it's job has been done so your cat's area is not affected.

Also sometimes the need will arise where you have to use a spray. Do not worry just be sure to remove all of the solution after cleaning and using a soap and water solution will be best in this scenario so it will not leave a smell or residue that your cat will not be comfortable with. Above all, enjoy your experience!

How well do you know your cat?

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Cats at heart!

Here at Best Cat Tree we aim to guide and inform you in your decision making when choosing the perfect home at home for your loved one. Not only do we take pride in the information we provide to help you build the relationship you have always wanted with your cat, we provide the products to support that relationship. We love these Cat Trees because not only do they offer the perfect place for your cat to feel like they belong but they offer additional comforts beyond just rest.

All of these dwellings come equipped with cat scratching posts and material so they can let out their true cat nature on the posts and not your furniture or carpeting. They also have built in toys so that your cat can rest and play in the same place. They give your cat the place it needs to exert that natural energy, take care of their needs, and allow them to rest in peace and relaxation.

Our Mission. (updated)

Here at Best Cat Tree it is our mission to serve you with the best information possible to allow you and your cats the most comfortable and enjoyable quality of life. We do this with the hope and experience that we have gained throughout our lives with our cats, that you will find this information useful and use it to better yours and your loved one's quality of life. We are always adding new hubs for your viewing and informational pleasure and will continue to do so. Please check the related pages below to see the latest and greatest hubs. Thank you for being a part of our experience! On a side note if any new information becomes available we will do our best to provide this to you as soon as possible. You can also join in by commenting on this page or reaching out to us directly!


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      Ricardo Johnson 

      5 years ago

      As an avid cat lover, I have to say that I really apprecaite this website and all of it's information. East siiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddeeeeeeeee!


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