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Best Horse Names

Updated on April 19, 2010

Best Horse Names

A horse is a horse - of course (of course), but every noble steed deserves a special name to reflect it's personality and style. You probably also want a name for your horse that fits it's vocation, for example, a trail horse would likely demand a less elegant name than a dressage horse. Another interesting thing to consider about horse names is that if you if you have a show horse, you'll want a name for the show ring and a barn name, as well. Ideally, a good show name can lend itself to the barn name. Example, "Autumn Breeze" aka "breezy."

In my opinion, selecting a "great horse name" can be difficult, only because there are so many things to consider, such as breed, color, personality, show horse (discipline) etc. I cannot hope to select the best name for your horse - only you can make that decision. What I will do is present you with some good examples (in my opinion). I will also present some "lame -names," names which in my opinion detract from the horse's presentation.

Many people will already be stuck with a lame-name, courtesy of the breeder and if you're showing your horse in breed specific show or class - well God help you! This lens is geared towards those horse owners lucky enough to have a choice in the matter.

For lots of additional examples of good horse names, please check out the resources section of this lens. Best wishes on your horse name selection and have a good ride!

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Trotting Arabian Colt
Trotting Arabian Colt

Some Classical Horse Names

Horse Names of Champions

Here are a few good representative examples of championship and famous horse names from history.

Champion Race Horses

Affirmed - 1978 Triple Crown Winner

Alysheba - 1987 Kentucky Derby Winner

Bold Ruler - 1956 Preakness Winner, Sire of 11 champion horses including secretariat

Northern Dancer - Champion Canadian thoroughbred

Dan Patch - Champion standardbred pacer

Historically Famous Horse Names

Bucephalus - Alexander the Great's War horse

Babieca - El Cid's horse

Comanche - U.S. Cavalry horse, only survivor of Custer's Last Stand

Marengo - Napoleon's horse captured by the British at Waterloo

Black Jack - the last Quartermaster-issued U.S. Army horse, died February 6, 1976

Traveller - Robert E. Lee's horse

American Quarter Horse Foundation Sires

Steel Dust - foaled 1843

Shiloh - foaled 1844

Old Cold Deck - foaled 1862

Lock's Rondo - foaled 1880

Old Billy - foaled 1880

Peter McCue - foaled 1895

Show Horses: US Show Jumper Hall of Fame



Gem Twist



Show Horses From US Eventing Hall of Fame

The Grasshopper


Custom Made


Good Mixture

2009 US National Arabian Horse Show Championships

Kharmel - Breeding Mares

Dulcinea - Jr Breeding Mare

Dakharo - Sr Arabian Breeding Stallion

Relentlyss - Arabian Gelding in Hand

Mandalay Bay - Arabian Park Horse

Alero - Arabian Western

Does a Horse Deserve a Decent Name? - What do you think?

Horses come in all sizes and shapes and colors. Does a horse deserve a decent name?

Does a horse or pony with a bad name reflect more negatively on the animal or the owner

See results
Champion Stallion and Worlds Best Appaloosa Zip Me Impressive, Saddlebrook Appaloosas,
Champion Stallion and Worlds Best Appaloosa Zip Me Impressive, Saddlebrook Appaloosas,

Native American Horse Name Examples

The horse was an integral part of Native American culture

Many Native American tribes were legendary for their horsemanship skills and love of the horse. For some, skill with the horse was essential for hunting and survival on the Great Plains of North America. Native Americans needed intelligent, swift and athletic horses, capable of great endurance and bravery.

Some name suggestions:

Koda - Dakota Sioux - meaning, friend

Donoma - Omaha -meaning, sight of the sun

Kachina - Hopi - meaning, sacred dancer

Wakanda - Sioux - meaning, possesses magic power

Akecheta - Sioux - meaning, fighter

Matoskah - Sioux - meaning, white bear

Wahkan - Sioux - meaning, sacred

Helushka - Winnebago - fighter

Kangee - Sioux - meaning, raven

Paytah - Sioux - meaning, fire

Adsila - Cherokee - meaning, blossom.

Kiwidinok - Cheyenne - meaning, of the wind

Magaskawee - Sioux - meaning, graceful

Niabi - Osage - meaning, fawn

Photo of Sara Mittleider and El Primero at 2006 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event
Photo of Sara Mittleider and El Primero at 2006 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event

How to Choose a Horse Name

First of all, what's unique and special about your horse? Is it his or her color or color pattern, or the way he moves, or her personality around people or other horses? Every horse has something. The ugliest, homeliest horse I ever saw (looked like a cross between a mule and a warthog poor thing) had a great and really endearing name - Eeyore!

So, first brainstorm everything descriptive or characteristic about your horse. Think about your goals with this horse. Is it a recreational trail horse, a western pack horse or a showy dressage horse? Check out the names of other horses in the same discipline. What names do you like, what names do you hate - why? Write it all down.

If it's going to be a show horse, think about the horse's name read loudly and publicly over the PA system. Will the PA Announcer be able to pronounce the horses name correctly? In my experience, most horse show announcers seem challenged by anything more than one syllable - it must be all the pressure!

Take your time! Sleep on your selections and get feedback from friends and other horse owners you respect. Plan ahead to take one week or a certain specified amount of time and do not rush your decision.

When you're ready, take a deep breath and go for it.


palomino quarter horse
palomino quarter horse

My Wall of Lame Names

completely arbitrary

My Vote for Lame Names These names were selected from selected events and horse shows as examples. Perhaps you actually like some of these? Oh well, I think more thought could have been put into selecting a more fitting name for these guys.

1). "Legally Blonde" - I bet she's a palomino too!

2). "Glenormiston Clonmel" - Ok, an Irish Leprechaun...maybe?

3). "Horse of Course" - Horse for short?

4). "Skullbuster" - Great name for an event horse -ouch!

5. "HotroddersHunter" - vroommm vrooommmm

6. "Gotta-Getta-Gucci" - (yeah , maybe instead of a horse)

7. "You Go Girl" - ..............?

8. "Kiss This" - (no way)

9. "Up Up And Away" - In my beautiful balloon(?)

10). "Almost Famous" - almost

If you come across some good (lame) ones please post in the comments section and share. Sometimes they're a real hoot.

Welsh Mountain Ponies
Welsh Mountain Ponies

Some Discipline and Breed Name Examples

For the exotic horse

Some horses are destined for specific equestrian sports, or their breeding lends itself to a more ethnic or breed related name. I have provided some examples of this so that you are aware of how these factors may play a part in naming your horse. Of course the final decision is yours.

Irish Sport Horse Eventers and Jumpers

McKinlaigh - 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, Eventing US

Mr. Medicott - 2008 Olympic Team Goad, Eventing Germany

Irish Jester - 2008 Olympic Team Silver, Eventing New Zealand

Flexible - 2007 World Cup Final 2nd Place - Show Jumping US

Carling King - 2004 Olympics,Eq 4th - Show Jumping Ireland

Paso Finos

A Cappella's Carisma - registered stallion

Abolengo - registered stallion

Alma Latina - registered mare

Bandolera - registered mare

Marichal - registered gelding

Welsh Ponies

Glannant Keel - Welsh Pony Stallion, Section A, US

Clarwood Tickles - Section A 1st Place 2009 US Mare

Foxglen Borealis - Welsh Cob Stud UK

Abercippin Maisy - Welsh Cob Broodmare, UK

Ashmeadow Enchantress - Welsh Section C Broodmare. UK

2009 European Dressage Championships

Parzival - Gold Medal Grand Prix, Netherlands

Lancet - 8th place Great Britain

Cointreau -participant Austria

Prestige - participant Spain

Harmonia - participant Poland

Women's Professional Rodeo Assn 2009 Barrel Racing Horses

Dash Ta Fame

Boogers Cee Bar


Fame In A Tin Can

Stoli With A Twist

Running Ricochet Bar

Please feel free to add your favorite horse name here in Comments, or your least favorite horse name, as the case may be.

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    • GonnaFly profile image

      Jeanette 7 years ago from Australia

      An entertaining lens. I was a horse fanatic when I was young and had made my own list of horse names. I wonder where I put it....

    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 7 years ago from Iowa

      A nice list and would have been helpful when naming my horse. His registered name was tremondously boring and so had to work to come up wioth something as unique as he is. :)

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      StrongMay 5 years ago

      Where is Man o War? Seabiscut? Triple Crown winners? Olympic winners? Fiction horses?

      Great lens!

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      sheezie77 5 years ago

      Fantastic lens, nice job!

    • profile image

      racingdatabase 4 years ago

      This is an amazingly well-researched lens Greg - well done! It must have taken you ages to put it all together :-)

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Entertaining lens - enjoyed reading it while sipping on my second moe joe cup this morn.

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