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Best Named Dogs

Updated on March 10, 2011

Best Named Dogs Showcase

Welcome to the "Best Named Dogs" Showcase. This is a collection of award winning dog names, based on several key components, such as the "fit" of the dog's name to the dog's character and how it matches with the family's lifestyle.

Award winning dogs will be highlighted, along with their pictures and a brief story about how they got their name.

Reader feedback, comments and participation are always appreciated and will enhance the fun.

Of course these awards and opinions are mine and are highly subjective. On the other hand, I think most would agree these are all very solid names and great examples of the best in dog naming!

Pictured, is "Diesel" the first winner of the Dog Name Contest which was run in February 2011.

diesel dog
diesel dog

A Dog Named Diesel

First Dog Name Contest Winner

Diesel is a proud and beloved member of the Day family. Whether at the beach, in the backyard or snuggling, he is at home and at his best as a family dog. Being a pit bull, Diesel represents a much maligned and often abused breed. In fact, pit bulls are great family dogs and pets. It is people that make the difference with pit bulls. Their inner nature is strong, but loving, as you can see with Diesel.

The name "Diesel" is a great choice for a variety of reasons. It was selected because of the dog's handsome physical appearance and quiet strength resembling that of actor Vin Diesel. Yes Diesel is a true "hunk," but in a quiet, powerful kind of way. This dog characterizes strength and kindness. Just look at his smile!

In addition, there is a family connection, Mr. Day, it turns out , is also employed as a diesel mechanic. Diesel engines are well known for their power, reliability and longevity.

The name "Diesel" originally comes from Rudolph Diesel, the German engineer, who designed and invented the diesel engine in 1892. Today, it is also the brand name for a fashion line of men's and women's clothing.

Bottom line, "Diesel" is a very meaningful name that embodies strength, style and physical good looks and I think it works very well as a name for this handsome and lovable dog. A great example of good dog naming for sure!

doogie dog
doogie dog

Introducing "Doogie"

Finalist in the 1st Ever Dog Naming Contest

"Doogie" is a finalist in the Dog Naming Contest and a very worthy competitor. Pictured getting ready for a bit of kayaking, "Doogie" aka "Doogie Bowser, MD (my dog)" is an active sporting dog and truly a "man for all seasons." How cute is this? He captured the hearts of his owners following the tragic loss of their prior beloved dog "Max," also a very cute name.

"Doogie" is an Australian shepherd, who loves to be part of his family and take part in all it's activities. He is described as a blue merle, with one blue eye and the other copper and blue colored. He is lively and smart as a whip and like his namesake, wise beyond his years.

"Doogie" is another great name in my opinion, because it adds to this dog's already lively and intelligent character, not to mention the ever important cuteness factor. Yes this is an extra cute name for an awesome little dog with a huge personality.

lotus dog
lotus dog

Introducing "Lotus"

Contest Finalist

"Lotus" is every bit as beautiful and vivacious as she looks, according to her owner. A 4 year old Shih Tzu, "Lotus" pedigreed name was "Lotus Peaceful." This was seen as pre-ordained by the Chen family since they run a floral shop, and are Buddhists. However, Lotus it turns out, is anything but peaceful, except when sound asleep!

This sweet and lively little dog accompanies her owner to work at the flower shop everyday and hangs out amongst all the beautiful flowers and plants, adding a bit of herself to the surrounding beauty and tranquility. While at the shop, "Lotus" spends her days picking up loose flower stems and hiding her treats behind flower pots (just in case there is ever a treat shortage).

This is another small dog with a huge personality. Just look at her big smile and those deep, dark eyes. Her name certainly reflects her character, origin and family activity and "fits like a glove," even if it was pre-ordained. Some things, including names are "just meant to be."

Introducing "Snoop"

Contest Finalist

Snoop the dog is a real party animal. Sociable and outgoing he is always in demand and "in the know.

"Snoop" started out life as "Oscar" a personable but badly neglected puppy, who was unloved and uncared for by previous owners. Fortunately, he had befriended the neighboring Klaric family, who often fed him, when he showed up at their door hungry. His life and name changed dramatically one day when the Klaric's found him wandering in a local grocery store parking lot during a rainstorm. He was hungry and wet and looked like a drown rat..

The Klaric's took over responsibility for him and promptly changed his name to "Snoop Doggie Dogg." He was named "Snoop" because as a puppy, his nose was constantly on the ground searching for food. He also shared a certain charisma with a rising Rap Star, "Snoop Dogg." "Thus a wet and hungry little puppy named "Oscar, became a star named "Snoop."

"Snoop" is a senior citizen now, but is always ready to share in his family's fun and festivities. A terrier, basset hound cross, he is outgoing and nosy, a true friend and buddy. Not only is "Snoop" a star, but he has his very own lenses and you can find out more about him by visiting Dogs Do The Darndest Things and My Crazy Dog


Choose Your Winning Name

Picking a dog name can be a difficult job.

I chose "Diesel" as my overall name winner, who would you chose?

See results

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    • profile image


      8 years ago


      All of the dogs are precious. Your discriptions of each of them are written very well. It is as if you have met the dogs personally. Great job on the contest and a great site.

    • LissaKlar LM profile image

      LissaKlar LM 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for showcasing Snoop! We really love him. My husband and I really enjoyed reading this here and thanks for including our links. The other dogs on here are cute as well, you did a great job.


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