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Kennel your Pet or Find a Personal Pet Sitter Which is Best?

Updated on March 20, 2013

Travel Time is Here. What do you do with your Pets at this time?

Traveling of any sort is very hard to accomplish when you have adorable

pets. Sometimes they can go along with us, but at times they just can

not. Especially in the hot months if they have to stay in the car. It

is always a challenge finding a trustworthy Pet Sitter or a place to

board your pet/pets. It is even harder to feel comfortable in the hands

that you leave them in. Many pet parents "Kennel" their pets. Some pet parents take their pets to a "Pet Resort" and some pet parents find a professional "Pet Sitter". Now, which of these options is the best for the pet and which is the most Economical? As

a Pet Owner you should explore each option, know how to look and find

the right Pet Sitter for you and your pet, and most important, chose

the option that you feel is the best for You and Your Pet.

Photo: Scruffy and Prince. Two Sweet babies that we pet sit for.


When Kennels are mentioned that is usually what it means, "Being Kenneled". Pets are provided a cage that is equipped for their size. If the pet owner has more then one pet, then an appropriate size should be available for them to be kenneled together.

Some dogs and other types of pets do not mind being kenneled if they were raised being kenneled. But those that have not ever been raised in a kennel or ever used to going in one hate being kenneled.

There is not much room in these fenced kennels. Kennels have either concrete bottoms or caged bottoms. Pets will usually have scheduled outside restroom and walk trips through out the day. Some Kennels might have a daily Play Time for animals to mingle and play. That can sometimes be included in the cost of boarding or it might cost extra. At Kennels all medication that needs to be given to your pet will usually cost about $2.00 each time. The

cost of a Kennel will usually cost in the range of $12.00-$25.00 per

day per dog (depending on the size of Kennel and the Kennel facility


There are so many Pet Lovers, Pet Parents, and Pet Organizations that just do not like Kennels for their pets. They do not like to put pets in that situation on a day to day basis or while the pet owners are traveling.

When a pet is boarding in a Kennel there are just certain things that the pet will go through. The pet is usually not happy at all. It is known, reported, and proven that while pets stay in a Kennel they suffer from the following ailments:

They seem to be Nervous all of the time during their stay.

They suffer from Anxiety and Depression.

Some pets will not eat.

Some pets seem to suffer from Diarrhea.

These pets are never excited to return for another visit. The pet is just Not Happy. If you care for the well being and feelings of your pet, You should not put your pet in this situation at all. The only exception for a pet being Kenneled is for Doctors visits.

Reports and Experience show that keeping your

precious pets in a home environment, family environment, or in their

own home makes a Traumatic difference on the pets Happiness, Health,

and Emotional Well-Being.

Some Pet Parents are really pleased with their Kenneling Facility? - Have you Ever Kenneled Your Pet?

If you have Kenneled pet, tell about the experience. Good or Bad.

Have you ever Kenneled your pet? What Was Your Experience? Good? Bad?

Some Pets are Kennel Trained. - It is Wise to leave certain pets in kennels on a daily basis.

When I speak of a daily basis I mean at your own homes. Some pets need to be kenneled in their own kennel for security or protection while the pet parents are at work. Many pets feel comfortable in their kennels while they are left alone for long periods of time at home. Some pets even enjoy sleeping in their kennels at night.

Kennel training is great for your pets. Especially if you have a pet that suffers from "Separation Anxiety" when the owner is away.

If your have a kennel for your pet that you and your pet just loves, Show it to us.

Pet Resorts

Pet resorts are much different then kennels. It is really like a spa and the pet gets a vacation at the same time that the parent gets a vacation. Pet resorts are like fancy hotels. Some are quite expensive though.

Pet resorts are equipped with grooming services and dog training. Pet resorts usually have a real Pet Spa which includes grooming, skin treatment, bows or bandanas , aroma pet safe bath products, nail clipping, dental check ups, ear cleanings, and more. Some of the pet baths are much like a whirl pool that provides a message.

The kennels at resorts are call "Suites" or "Lodges". Suites/lodges will come in different sizes for your choosing. Each size has a different price. Some of the suites/lodges are fenced but have lots of open space for viewing. Some of the suites/lodges are even themed and have great vacation views. Some Resort suites/ lodges have beautifully hand-painted lodge themed dog hotel rooms that are spacious enough to accommodate even the biggest of breeds and also multiple-pet families. When choosing your Pet Resort, you might want to make absolutely sure that the suites/lodges feature 24-hour supervision and housekeeping service to keep each suite sparkling clean. Pet Parents are able to take your dog's/pet's favorite blanket or toy to include in their cozy lodge. Many of the suites come with special beds for the type and size of pet. Most have suites/lodges have climate control, TV, and radios.

Many resorts even groom cats.

Pet Resorts almost always have a Doggie Day Care/Day Camp for your dog/pet to enjoy during their stay. This service can be provided while you leave your pet at this type of resort during your vacation. This service is not just for vacation time. Doggie Day Care/Day Camp goes on all of the time. This service is also provided every day of the week while you are at work so that your pet does not have to stay home alone. Doggie Daycare /Day Camp is great for working parents, Short trips, Home improvement projects that your pet might interfere with. It is perfect for most dogs that need exercise. Pet resorts usually assign your pet to supervised Play Groups of 10-14 dogs of similar size and temperament. Professional Day Camp Counselors never leave Play Groups unattended. Happy Campers enjoy romping and playing with their canine buddies all afternoon. Doggie Camp includes dog play time with dog games and activities. There should be different day camp areas for dogs, cats, birds and exotics.

Play time includes supervised indoor play in a climate controlled environment, with toys, outdoor walks and nap times.

There are extras at these resorts that usually cost extra as well. These extras include:

Personalized play time, special snacks, special pet safe ice cream treats, catnip tea time, special training sessions.

So, what are the prices of Pet Resorts?

This is just for the boarding, suits or lodges.

Dogs range from $21.00-$100.00 per dog. It does go down for each additional pet. This price depends on the size and type of suite or lodge that you choose.

Cats range from $14.00-$20.00 a day.

This is the prices for extras being included:

Day Camp: $18.00-$21.00

Grooming and Spa: $10.00-$20,00 Depending on Service

Pet Ice Cream and Extra Snacks are usually $2.00- $4.00 extra. Sometimes the boarding might include one of these treats per day.

Personalized Playtime usually will cost $5.00-$10.00 each session.

Special Training Sessions will usually cost $10.00-$15.00 per session.

Medications and Special Feedings will cost $1.00-$5.00 per day or per meal.

So at Pet Resorts, everything costs. If you can afford this and you can find a great resort, this is a really nice treat for your pet while you are on vacation. This gives your pet a vacation too.

Has Anyone boarded their pet or pets at a Pet Resort - How did you like it?

What was the experience for the Pet Resort.

If you have never boarded a pet at a Pet Resort, Would You?

Personal Pet Sitters

There are two types of Personal Pet Sitters. They are Traveling Pet Sitters and In Home Pet Sitters. Some Personal Pet Sitters offer Both types of services. Most

of the same rules, contracts, disclosures, inspections, references, interviewing, credentials, required information, and expectations apply to Both types of Personal Pet Sitters. All of which will be discussed.

Traveling Pet Sitters

Traveling pet sitters offer services out side of their home. They will travel to the pet owner's home to care for the pets in their own environment. Traveling pet sitters will usually offer 1 or More visits per day to the pets home. There is usually a visiting schedule made and discussed among the pet owner and the pet sitter. They offer services such as: feeding and caring for any type of pet in the home, play time with the pet, dog walking, cleaning and scooping litter boxes, etc. Many traveling pet sitters will also perform certain duties requested by the owner such as: mail and newspaper retrieval, watering of plants or yard, taking the trash

to the curb on a certain day, bringing the dumpster back from the curb, turning on and turning off lights, TV, or radios at a certain time, and other duties as well. There should be contracts read and signed. Certain rules should also apply. All traveling pet sitters charge different. The price mainly depends on the traveling distance of the pet sitter and the job expectations required by the owner. In other words, Prices go Up with more gas mileage and Prices also go Up with more intense duties. Prices should range $15.00-$25.00 a day.

This is a great type of pet service to rely on. Your pet will not be under the stress of being Kenneled. Your pet/pets will feel much more comfortable in their own environment. You will have much happier pet. The one pit fall of this type of pet service is that your pet/pets will not have the constant attention and will be left alone some of the time

during your vacation. But, a great advantage of this type of pet service is that some traveling pet sitters will Stay Over Night at your home. That means 24/7 folks!

In Home Pet Sitters

In home pet sitters provide services in their own home.

Most in home pet sitters will give your pet constant attention, playtime, meals required, special meal requests, cuddling, affection, special sleeping arrangements, and medication. All of this should be done by the pet sitter with not extra charge. Although some in home pet sitters do charge for extras. In home pet sitters should also have nice back yards for the pet to play in. Most of the time, the whole family will get involved with the back yard play time. The pet is always able to go in and out as they please. Especially if a dog door is at the Pet Sitters home. A lot of in home Pet Sitters as well as the Traveling Pet Sitters offer walks for dogs.

There should be certain rules that the pet sitter requires:

All pets must get along well with other pets.

All pets must get along with children.

All pets must be up-to-date on their shots.

It is a great idea to take familiar items for your pet to feel comfortable with. These items could include: Special Food Bowl, Special Toys, Special Bed, Special Blanket, Special Chew Items, and Special Snacks. You should always provide your pets food. It is also great for your pet to have a visit before their stay at the pet sitter's home. This will give your pet and the sitter a little time to get to know each other, meet the family, smell the surroundings, mark the surroundings, and make sure that the pet will get along well with other pets and family members. When the pet goes back home after the first visit, that usually helps your pet to feel comfortable upon their next arrival. They also realize that you will be back for them.

During the first visit you should also take advantage of Inspecting Your Pet Sitter. Before this visit prepare a list of questions to be asked and be prepared to ask them. This inspection should include: Asking Questions, Noticing how other pets look and act, notice fences and walls to see it there is an escape area, Interview the Pet Sitter, Ask for References, and anything else that comes to mind. A good Pet Sitter should not mind this at all. If they do, then you might want to think twice before leaving your pet with that sitter.

A question that comes up often among Pet Sitters and Pet Owners is if the Pet Sitter is Insured and Bonded. Some great advice for the pet owners: Most of the time that answer will be NO. Don't be discouraged by that answer. Really and truly a pet sitter does not need those Extra Expenses unless they have employees working for them. Most Personal Pet Sitters do not have any employees.

Also, as much as a Pet Sitter would love to be a member of the Pet Sitting Organizations and Associations, many are not. For a Pet Sitter to become a member with Pet Organizations/Associations is a great expense. It is very hard for some very reliable and trustworthy pet sitters to afford those benefits.

When you are inspecting your Pet Sitter, look at their credentials, ask for and call references, and ask for and sign any contracts or disclosures.

There are several Pet Sitting Directories or Business Directories that a good Pet Sitter can be signed up with. These directories require the Pet Sitter to be Verified, Provide Credentials, and Provide References. The pet sitter or business owner will be required to have an active profile. Many of these directories are strict with these policies.

Here are a few of these directories to look at while you do your Pet Sitter Search.

For Google: Put search words in for address or business requesting. Ie. (pet sitters in Tulsa, OK or (pet boarding+Albuquerque,NM)

A few in my Home Town; Rio Rancho, NM

Here is a list of some of the Wonderful Organizations/Associations that some of the Great Pet Sitters want to be a part of but, are unable to afford for a time. These listings are also a directory.

Kassi and Kole
Kassi and Kole

Important Information Required

Make sure it is always updated

There is some Important Information that you should always provide your Pet Sitter (all types of pet sitters) with before you leave your pet.

Contact Information:

How and where can they reach you when you are away?

Emergency Contact Information:

If you are unavailable at the time the sitter will need to reach someone else.

Veterinarian Information:

Give the phone number of your pet's vet, name of the vet, and address of the vet. It is also a great idea to call your Vet's office and let them know that someone will be in charge of your pet while you are away. Give the vet's office the name of the sitter. Leave a credit card number with your vet, incase any service is needed for your pet while you are away. Make sure that the Vet's office stores this information in your pets file.

List any medications or natural nutrition that your pet is taking.

Be sure to state and list times, how often, and how much.

List any Special Feeding Instructions and Times

List and state times, how often, and quantity.

List any ailment that your pet has been diagnosed with.

List any concerns that you may have regarding your pet.

I.e. Rashes, appetite, allergies, runny eyes, eating habits, biting, jumping, occasional vomiting, play habits, sleep needs or habits, and etc.

List and state any special requests.

I.e. Walks, certain sleeping patterns, eating patterns, a certain play pattern, appointments that the pet needs to be taken to, and etc.

Professional pet sitting allows owners to confidently leave their pets home, or in another friendly loving home, knowing that their pet/pets will receive the love and care they so rightly deserve.

What is most important about Personal Pet Sitting is that Pet Owners do not have to go through the ordeal of transporting unhappy pets to a destination that your pet Does Not Want to Go. Animals get to stay in their familiar environment, maintain their diet, exercise routine, and are attended to by caring professionals.

The price of an In Home Pet Sitter should range $10.00-$15.00 per day. Prices depend on how many pets and should go down with more then one. Prices also depend on the pet sitter themselves. Pet Sitters do set their own prices. This quote could be to low.

Photo: My son and Kassi Kaylor

Have you ever used a Personal Pet Sitter - Have you used In Home or Traveling Pet Sitters.

Was your experience good or bad?

Would you consider using a Personal Pet Sitter.

What to look for in your Pet Sitter or Boarding Facility

Choose your Pet Sitter/Pet boarding facility wisely. Get to know them well. Learn them and Study them. This is where the “Vive” needs to kick in (Good or Bad). Watch and pay attention to how they react with your pet and other pets around them. Call their referrals and see what others have say about them. Make certain that they know and will follow your expectations.

Hiring a pet sitter is a serious process. Make sure the person you choose is trained and has great experience. He/she will not only be responsible for your pet, but this person might also will have regular access to your home if they are a Traveling Pet Sitter. You need to feel comfortable with this sitter. You need to have trust.

You will feel happy, pleased, and secure while you are away by just knowing that your precious pet will receive the love and care they so rightly deserve.

After reading the Pet Boarding Options, which type of boarding would you choose.

Which type of boarding do you use?

Don't forget to support a Reliable Animal Organization of Your Choice.

ASPCA Does So Much for the Animals

ASPCA is a Leader in the Fight Against Animal Cruelty and for the Rights of Animals. They have animal officers that work daily to inspect the well being of the animals of all kinds.

They have a Veterinary Hospital that provides health, rehabilitation, and recovery time for all types of animals.

They find Adoptable parents for the pets that they rescue.

Donate to an Organization that Supports All Types of Animals.......All Around the USA.

To Make a Donation to ASPCA visit their site:

Thank you for reading my article. I love hearing opinions.

Kami Snoeberger

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      Sharon Berry 

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      Thanks for giving people another option besides kenneling.

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      @takkhisa: Thank you for your comment and your Like. Kennels can be quite handy when necessary.

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      That's great idea for those who has dog. We must need kennels for our dog :)

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