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Betta Breeding - Breed And Sell Betta Fish For Profit

Updated on July 2, 2009

Betta Breeding Can Be A Profitable Business

It is very true that Betta breeding can make you a lot of money but the breeding part can be difficult since the Betta fish are usually aggressive towards other Betta fish. You want to make sure that you set up the perfect breeding tank for your Betta's

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Selecting The Perfect Stock For Betta Breeding

Being selective gives you better results and more profit

If you want to have success with you Betta Breeding then you have to select the stock carefully. Otherwise no one will want to buy your fish. Here are some simple rules to follow.

Don't buy your Bettas at a pet store

There are numerous reasons for not doing so. First of all the Pet store Bettas are usually not healthy enough and might even carry diseases. They are also to old because the regular shopper wants bigger fish and they are the old ones. Pet stores usually only have vail tale Bettas and those you don't want. Good breeders have moved on to things like double tails, crown tails, delta tails and halfmoon tales, and you should be looking for those.

- Buy the breeding stock in pairs from your breeder

- Don´t use large or flashy Bettas

- Make sure the female is tha same size or little bit smaller than the male. NEVER larger

- Always buy at least two pairs of each strain

- ONLY buy from a breeder with good reputation!

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Answers To All Your Questions

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The Setup You Need For Beta Breeding

Having the proper setup will save you money and time in the long run

If you are serious about Betta Breeding then you will want the best setup for maximum results! Here is what you need.

- 5 or 10 gallon spawning tank

- Mini penplax corner filter

- Small airpump to run the aboce filter

- Tubing and valve for above

- Submersible heater, 25-50w (no more if you don't want to cook you fish)

- One stirofoam cup

- One piece of scotch tape

- One chimney glass

- One or two very thick bushy plastic plants

- a pack of small plant weights

- a mini tank cleaner (vacum)

- One microwirm cutlure (purchased 3 weeks before sparning)

- Brine shrimp eggs, extra valve and T connector to send some air to the brine shrimp's hatchery

- 1/2 gallon jar with lid to hatch the shrimp in

- 50 to 100 jars for the males to be jarred when they grow and start fighting

- Another large tank (40gal) to move them to when they grow. with cover, light, filter, plants and heater (not absolutely neccesary).

- One breeding pair of young Bettas from a good breeder. Since this is your first time pick a strain that is easy and not to expensive ($20-$30+shipping). Make sure you don't use prioritary mail as it can go in the unpressurized part of the plane which will result in your Bettas Exploding!

- 2x One gallon glass jars to house each of your Bettas

- Water conditioner and additives as follow: Amquel, Novaqua, Aquarisol, PH down, Aquarium salt

- First aid medications: Maroxy, Methylene Blue, Tetraculine and some antibiotics

- Two fish nets

The total cost can be close to $400 :) But don't forget that this is your initial set cost and you will be selling Bettas in no time!

You should also get the Betta Fish Secrets book, it will help you with the setup and make sure you succeed in your endevour.

Betta Breeding Secrets

Betta Breeding At Home - The Basics

First you have to make that your Betta fishes are at least 5 months old and that they are fully acclimated to their tanks. Remember that proper Betta fish care can safe you a lot of trouble. You have to put the male in one tank and female in another very close to so that they can get used to one another before your bring them together to mate. You male Betta fish will tell you when he is ready mate as he will make a bubble nest at the top of his tank where he will eventually place the eggs. The female can also give signs by developing colorful stripes.

After you have put them together the female will release her eggs, she can release hundreds of eggs and some have even been know to release close to a thousand. When she is done she will hide and the male will take over and take care of the young. At this time it is best to take the female out of thank as the male might fight her.

Be sure to pay close attention to the tank and as soon as the fish have hatched and are swimming you have to take the male out of the tank since he might start eating the young. You will not be changing the water in this tank twice a week as usual but instead you will give the young fish about two weeks before you change. Due to this you have to be careful not to overfeed the the fish as the tank might then become cloudy.

After those first two weeks as you begin to change the water you should also start separating the young Betta fish into other tanks and decide if you want to sell them, give them or keep them.

Good Video On Betta breeding

This is a very good video on how to breed your Betta fish without causing any harm.

Videos Of Beautiful Betta Fish + Tips

Betta Fish Supplies On Amazon

Few Good Sites With Betta Breeding Information

If you want to do some Betta Breeding then I suggest you read well on the subject to prevent any accidental killings or diseases.


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