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The New bioDOGradable Waste Bags

Updated on July 23, 2016

The Review!

This is a fantastic poop bag. It holds up to 4lbs of waste without breaking! And quite honestly if you have 4lbs of waste, you probably have another problem to worry about and a very large dog. There is no odor to the bad and it folds nicely.

The packaging is simple, comes in a large roll easy to tear off the bags you need for your walk without having to take the whole roll. On top of being durable and strong, this poop bag isn't horrible for the environment! This allows us as pet owners to be even more responsible by picking up after our dogs and not contributing to the ever growing plastic problem.

Fight against pollution one poop bag at a time!

The average American throws away approximately 185 lbs of plastic per year. In the Los Angeles area alone, 10 metric tons of plastic fragments are carried into the Pacific Ocean every day. One person can make a HUGE difference in our battle against pollution. And if every dog owner started using an alternative to the normal waste bags, the impact would be huge! The guys at BioDOGradable Bags have come up with the solution.

And personally I am glad that I can be a more responsible pet owner with these bags. This is a great company, with an admirable mission for the future. Its amazing that i can use something that works just as well as plastic, but its made from corn.

Traditional plastic bags are an environmentally-destructive, outdated method of waste disposal, and bagging technology in general. At bioDOGradable™ their goal is to provide you with an ecologically-efficient alternative pet waste disposal method.

A traditional plastic bag is derived from oil or natural gas, i.e. through the use of a non-renewable resource. They take centuries to degrade, filling up landfill space, and do not support the cycling of resources. Additionally, most plastic bags contain color additives and chemicals that further pollute the environment.

bioDOGradable bags are made from biobased materials, meaning that the ingredients that go into making the bags are naturally sourced, and can be produced again and again (through crop growing) without harming the environment.

Additionally, biobased materials will break down and return to nature, sustaining the renewable material life cycle, rather than polluting the environment with plastic byproducts.


They put in the work!

BioDOGradable waste bags put in the work, they went out and got the certifications needed to show us that their bag is the best bag for our enviornment.

First and foremost, the bags do not retain any of the harmful, unsustainable properties of traditional plastics. Our bioDOGradable™ bags are made from biobased renewable resources that are grown, rather than processed.

The base ingredient of the bags is maize, which is a non-GMO cereal flour that, during its life cycle, consumes harmful CO2 while producing oxygen for the environment. In contrast, the polyethylene that goes into traditional plastic bags is manufactured, producing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Additionally, the bags are thoroughly compostable. The bioDOGradable product can break down into organically viable compounds within a time period equal to the duration that an organic compound (such as food waste) would take to break down in the same environment. Composting reduces the amount of waste that gets directed to landfills. Through composting, the organic matter is transformed into a useful fertilizer, thus returning nutrients to the nutrient cycle.As a result, fewer raw materials are added to the production/nutrient cycle cutting down the energy consumption that is associated with current climate change.

Where to get it!

You may purchase directly from their website, Amazon, Pet Club Online or many other retailers. If you are a retailer and wish to start carrying the BioDOGradable products you would need to contact them directly. (800) 983-7221

The important thing is that you try it out and see that they can work for you. But why stop there, we need to change how we handle our plastics, ask your HOA's to change over and start helping with our plastic problems.

We can follow bioDOGradable Bag's lead and start making a change now.

bioDOGradable Waste Bags


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