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What You Need To Know About A Bird Bath Fountain-Why You Should Add One To Your Garden Bird Feeder Habitat

Updated on December 14, 2009

What You Need To Know About A Bird Bath Fountain

If you want to draw a greater variety of birds to your backyard, then setting up a bird bath fountain is a terrific way to do that. Your bird feeder will only appeal to the birds that like the food the feeder contains. By adding a bird bath fountain you might actually double the number of unique birds that will visit your yard.

All birds require water for nourishment and they also love to play in the water. A bird bath fountain will attract a variety of birds that do not visit your bird feeder. The bird bath fountain with the sound of moving water will attract birds from areas farther away than a regular bird bath. Another benefit of the running water of a bird bath fountain is that it deters the breeding of mosquitoes.

There are two ways to power your bird bath fountain: electric or solar power. A solar powered bird bath fountain doesn’t require any additional plumbing or electrical wiring and costs nothing to run. You do need to place the fountain in a clear and sunny area of your yard.

Abird bath fountain can be constructed of stone, cement, copper, concrete, mosaic tiles, plastic, glass, marble, resin, brass and other metals.

You can make a decorative statement with your bird bath fountain by choosing one with elaborate designs or figures. On the other hand, you can use more natural materials to blend into the background of your garden.

The water in the bird bath fountain should have a depth of 2-3 inches. Add small pebbles to the bottom to decrease the depth if you have a larger bowl. The rim should be easy for birds to grip so that it can act as a perch for the birds.

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Important Information About A Bird Bath Fountain

Bird Bath Fountain
Bird Bath Fountain

The pedestal fountain is the most popular choice of a bird bath fountain. It is the preferred bird bath because it can be placed anywhere around your yard. The deck mount bird bath fountain is the simplest to install. The disadvantage of the deck mount is that it provides easy access for other animals who may prey on the birds. An alternate bird bath is the hanging bird bath fountain which is hung from trees, awnings or overhangs. You may find that you are always filling it because birds swing it and the water swishes out. There is a tiered bird bath fountain. The waterfall style is one the birds seem to enjoy. It allows them to take a shower under the falling water. The choice is yours and whatever one works the best for you in your area. In the summer months you should hose out your bird bath fountain on a daily basis. In colder weather clean the bird bath fountain every few days or so. Don’t use water additives like glycerin or antifreeze, to try to keep the water from freezing, because it is poisonous to the birds. You can install a bird bath heater to take care of that problem.

Just sit back and watch the many birds that will stop at your bird bath fountain.. Enjoy your beautiful garden bird feeder habitat.

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