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Bird Keeping: What Birds Need

Updated on January 28, 2016

Bird Keeping Benefits

Bird keeping can be a very lucrative business if you first understand what their feeding needs are. These lovely animals do not consume a lot of food neither do they take a lot of water. On the other hand, when housed correctly, they are not likely to fall sick easily. Both domestic and wild birds have the ability to scavenge for food when left in the open. Once housed, you have to literally feed them with well balanced meals and right medication given.

5 basic bird Feeding needs

Bird keepers dread the dry or hot season; the hotter the weather the more bird are prone to bacteria because bird food get spoiled easily compared to cold weather making it a must to change their meal twice a day. Hot weather makes bacteria thrive more in the water bowl.These are some of the many challenges bedeviling the bird lovers.

You might be interested in bird keeping and am just going to give you 5 basic bird needs. Once you set your mind on it, you will realize that bird keeping is not expensive. Most bird watchers would like to have a variety of birds in their backyards for studying, photography or video purposes. If you are a bird lover or bird pet enthusiast and you have been wondering on where to start, here is what you need:-

How to get your birds feed.

Getting birds feed is very easy especially with the growing online usage by many shoppers. There are many websites that specialize with bird food and depending on the bird type, you will get a variety to choose from. Your local bird specialist also has various options to make sure you get the best for your birds

What do you like most about bird keeping?

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Bird feed or Bird food:

Bird feed is a very basic bird need and this is the only ingredient that will attract the bird to where you want to set up your bird keeping project. Once birds know where they can get food, they become scavengers and once in a while they become regular visitors. This way you monitor their feeding patterns, bird types as well as the type of bird food they love. Keeping wild birds happy requires appropriate seed mix which is nutritious.

Bird Feeding Table:

A good bird feeding table will attract birds to your garden. These are wooden structures used as bird landing, feeding and showering bases. Placed under a tree, a bird feeding table is more relaxing for the bird especially mid morning or mid afternoon when it is a bit warm.

Bird Feeders:

Bird feeders are also important in bird keeping especially for the nectar sucking birds as well as those who regularly quench their thirst. These can be placed in the feeding table or just next to it. The more you put the better to avoid bird fights over water.

Nesting Boxes:

With time, birds become accustomed to your environment and start making it their home and there are those who must make their nests and those who might require you to provide for them. Buying nesting boxing and placing them near the feeding tables will definitely attract birds known to love in rocks, buildings and cliffs.

Bird Care Hygiene:

The bird care and hygiene aspect as a bird keeper is very important; the brushes, food bins, food scoops and tubs must always be kept clean. Keeping dirty accessories can be dangerous to birds as they can easily spread diseases unlike the domesticated birds, these are wide and travel far and wide.


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