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Breeding Guppies

Updated on April 11, 2012

Guppies are the most popular fish on the planet and it's not that hard to see why to be honest, they are easy to keep, look great and very easy to breed...overall the perfect tropical freshwater fish.

These beautiful looking fish are perfect for the fish keeping beginners as they are really quite hardy and can survive in a variety of water conditions.

Below you will find loads of hints and tips on how to keep and breed healthy guppies.

Where do guppies come from?

Guppies were originally found in North and Central America long before they ended up in every part of the planet, they was found in very still/slow-moving brackish waters that were not to far from the coast line.

Nowadays I don't think there is a place on earth that guppies don't live in either wild or in an aquarium. They really live up to their nickname - "The Million Fish"


Difference between males & females?

This is the biggest question new guppy fish keepers ask when they start looking at owning their own fish..."How do you tell the difference?"

To be totally honest with you it's EASY, really it there are two ways to tell the difference between the them, the first its the coloring...I'm not being sexist but the males are 10x more colorful. The second way to tell the difference is if you look close enough you will notice a "extra" body part the female doesn't have called a gonopodium that will be close to his underbelly until he decides to mate.

Guppy Lifespan?

So how long can guppies live for is dependent on a few things such as the water condition in the fish tank and the type of food they are feed. These two things do make a big difference but that main factor out of them all is the water's temperature, the warmer the water the faster your guppies will grow and quicker they will die...put bluntly. It's vice-versa if the water temperature is cooler, guppies grow slower which extends their life.

On average the life span of guppies is between two to six years depending on the conditions discussed above.

Are you planning on keeping your fish tank that long...the life span of your fish needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about getting a fish tank.

Great looking guppy fish tank

Guppy Ratio

Guppies are very peaceful fish that get on with almost all fish and are very rarely aggressive.

That being said the amount of male to female guppies does need to be taken into consideration, too many males and not enough females will result in them being harassed almost to the point that they stop eating and become very stressed out.

The prefect male/female guppy ratio is three females to one male, this will keep them all calm and happy. It is slightly unfortunate that this has to be as the males are a lot more colorful than the females.

There is one other way to overcome this lack of color, you could have a tank full of males and this would be fine, if you decided to do this make sure there are NO females at all otherwise she will be chased non-stop.


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