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Brook Trout

Updated on October 30, 2014

Brook Trout Information

This page has information on brook trout, a species of freshwater fish.

Brook trout are typically smaller than other trout. On average, brook trout reach sizes of 7-12 inches, but trophy fish can reach 18 inches or more.

Brook trout belong to the char family, which includes lake trout, bull trout, blue-backed trout, Dolly Varden and arctic char. These beautifully colored fish require stream temperatures that do not exceed 70 degrees F.

The species is the only stream-dwelling trout native to the Great Lakes region. The world-record brook trout was caught in 1915. The a 14.5-pound 34.5-inch behemoth was a migratory lake-dwelling form of brook trout called a "coaster". Coasters were once common In Lake Superior and its and tributaries.

The brook trout is the official state fish of West Virginia, Virginia (freshwater) Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont (coldwater).

In North America, brook trout are known by a variety of common names including: brook charr, speckled trout, coaster, brookie, square-tail, mud trout, sea trout, slob trout, native trout, Eastern brook trout, mountain trout, breac, omble de fontaine, truite, truite de mer, and truite mouchetee.

fly tying
fly tying

Top Flies for Catching Brook Trout

Anglers use a wide variety of flies for catching brook trout. Patterns for catching trout are usually ones that mimic what the trout are feeding on at the time of day you are fishing. These are some of the all time favorite patterns:

Ginger & Gold

Black & Peacock


Cats Whiskers



Hares Ear

Montana Nymph

Yellow Dancer


Clan Chief

Diawl Bach

Pheasant Tail nymphs

Terrestrials Ant's



Black Gnat's

Black Foam Beetles

Shipmans Buzzer

brook trout photo
brook trout photo

Brook Trout Identification

Brook trout are mostly gray marked with red, yellow and orange, topped off with cream spots and white tipped fins.

What Do Brook Trout Eat?

According to The One Volume Nature Encyclopedia, published in 1927, the natural diet of brook trout includes "worms, small minnows, grasshoppers, crickets, bugs and insects of all sorts, toads and frogs, crawfish, lizards, and insect larvae".

Hybrid Brook Trout

Brook trout occasionally hybridize with other species. The tiger trout is a hybrid between brook trout and brown trout (genus Salmo). Another unusual trout is the splake, a hybrid between brook trout and lake trout.


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