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Budgie cage requirements - make your birds feel comfortable

Updated on October 12, 2014

How To Set Up Your Budgie Cage

Budgies are lively and playful birds. In wildlife they live in a flock, so they need company to be happy. Therefore you should choose a large cage and keep minimum one couple.

Moreover, it is important to set up the cage appropriate to the species. Budgies need change and toys. They must also be able to move freely in the cage to make small maneuvers.

photo: Jens Bredehorn /

The right size of the parakeet cage

The ideal size for a budgie cage should be large enough! Two birds should definitely have space to fly a bit, preferably more. For this purpose I can only say: the bigger the better! The bars are transverse, the parakeets should be able to make climbing exercises. The bottom is cleaned at least once a week, it is covered with bird sand. This allows the animals to scratch.

Inside the cage you should provide wooden perches. Additionally, you can replace some of the perches by branches you have collected in the forest. Birds can nibble at such branches. Make sure, however, that despite the birds perches there is enough space in the cage for flying.

photo: gerina19 /

Simplicity of cleaning

You have narrowed the choice down to a small number of budgie cages that are useful and safe? Now it is time to reflect about yourself!

  • You will be cleaning your bird´s cage out frequently and expectantly for a lot of years. So how simple is it to take away the base and replace any inside layer?
  • How uncomplicated is it to remove the perches for a sporadic cleanse or disinfect?
  • These are important questions as if it is tricky to clean you can end up doing it less than you actually should, so check if the cage suits you too!

Toys in the cage

Of course your budgie needs several toys in its cage. The birds are extremely playful and need constant employment. In Pet Stores you find many toys for parakeets like little bells, mirrors and plastic birds. But not all products are recommended! The plastic bird for example is not recommended, it can irritate the animal, because it considers him a fellow. If the same species is not responding, this can lead to behavior problems. So That is why you should not buy a plastic bird for the budgie cage! A mirror is not recommended either, for a similar reason. The animal does not recognize itself in the mirror.

  • Bells and a hemp rope on the other hand are good toys for budgies.
  • Also highly recommended is a small bath, which can be externally clamped to the cage door. A bath is great fun for the birds and helps them to keep their feathers clean.
  • To nibble and beak care buy a cuttlebone.
  • Last but not least, you should allow the budgies to fly in your room as often as possible, at least minimum once a day.

photo: Wilhelmine Wulff /

Look here: How You could set up your budgie cage!

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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 3 years ago from Ireland

      Nice hub. :) Makes you realise that just like any other type of pet, there are things you need to be aware of that are not suitable for their environment.