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What Toys Are Good for Rabbits?

Updated on May 18, 2020
Priscilla Roza profile image

I love all pets but especially rabbits, so here's some awesome rabbit care that you might be interested in learning about!

All sorts of toys are good for rabbits!

I will be going over a ton of toys in this article! There are lots for your bunny to choose from and try out. All of these toys will be safe for your bunny and the best of the best the most fun of the fun. Let us get on to the toys! Remember bunnies are picky about their toys so some of these toys your bun might love, some of them not as much.

Baby toys for your bunny???

Baby toys are some of the best toys on the market, for most bunnies it provides hours of enjoyment and fun. Baby toys like stacking cups and baby keys are perfect for a bun to toss around instead of taking your own keys and cups. Make sure you do not buy soft plastic for your bun as it is not good for them. A harder plastic will be perfect for your rabbit.

Cat toys for your rabbit?

  1. A cat tunnel - cat tunnels make really awesome playtime toys. Bunnies love running through them and having a blast.
  2. Another cat toy is a cat scratcher, cat scratcher you know the cardboard ones have your bunny at cardboard. You can find them online and stores such as Ross.
  3. Some cat toys make pretty good bunny toys!

Here are some good interactive toys:

My first pick for interactive toys is a treat ball. It comes in the colors blue and yellow and can be found on amazon. You put your bunny's favorite treats into the ball and they have to figure out how to get it out. This is great for helping to stimulate your rabbit's brain.

My second pick is Living World teach and treat toy. This toy is really cool because you can pick how hard you want it to be for the rabbit to get the treat. It is basically a treat pad where the bunny will have to move knobs around to get to the treat. All in all, it is a great toy that will last for hours of fun more than once.

Treat ball toy :

Niteangel Treat Ball, Snack Ball for Small Animals (Small, Blue)
Niteangel Treat Ball, Snack Ball for Small Animals (Small, Blue)
This pretty cool treat ball comes in yellow and blue, here's the blue one.

This is the second toy here :

Living World Teach N Treat Toy
Living World Teach N Treat Toy
This is a pretty awesome toy but it might be a little tricky for some buns to figure out, but it also might be way to easy so there are different difficulty levels.

Which is your fav

Would you get the first toy (treat ball) or the second (treat pad)

See results

Cardboard as a great bunny toy?

Cardboard is the most affordable worldwide pretty much free thing on this list! I don't know any rabbits that don't like cardboard because they absolutely love to chew on it. You can even make a hidey house out of cardboard. The only thing is you must remove any tape (so that they don't ingest it) and try not to use cardboard with ink on it because that is also not very good for them to ingest.

Don't forget about DIY toys!

DIY toys are great, some bunnies love them even more than storebought toys for less than a fraction of the price. You can make DIY toys from cardboard, cardboard tubes, hay, treats, and more. This is a way for both you and your bunny to have fun and be creative!

I want a toy my rabbit can chew on!

Well, you can always look up or create a fun DIY toy that your rabbit can chew on or... you could use a toy called a grass mat. Bunnies love grass mats but they are usually torn to shreds in the first five minutes. You could also find some good rabbit approved sticks, because just like dogs some rabbits like a fine stick as well!

What is the overall best of the best toy?

The answer to that might be on this list or it might not. The truth is there is not one amazing magical toy that every single bunny likes, just like with children. Not ever child like the mini snow-white figurine. It all depends on the child, I mean bunny! What I recommend doing to find the best toys for your bunny is going to try them all out. The ones that they don't like as much can always be donated to bunnies in need at your local shelter. They like to play too! If your bunny ends up not liking any of the toys they might like an activity more such as clicker training. Keep in mind your bunny knows best not you, at least that's what they think!


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