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Buster Dog Maze

Updated on September 22, 2014

Drastically Slows Down a Dog's Eating Time

The Buster DogMaze is an ingenious new dog food bowl that allows for fast-eating dogs to have a healthier, slower meal. The Buster Dog Maze has gotten such positive reviews from dog owners that it's well on its way to solving the dilemma of how to handle dogs who wolf down their meal in less than ten seconds and end up with severe gas and bloating issues (amongst other more serious problems as well).

buster dog maze
buster dog maze

How Does the Buster DogMaze Work To Slow a Dog's Eating Time?

A dog's feeding time is significantly lengthened with this dog food bowl

The Buster Dog Maze bowl is made of food grade, hard-wearing plastic and has a swirling maze carved into the bowl. The dog owner puts the dog's regular amount of dog food (either wet or dry) in the maze crevices and, voila, that's all it takes to slow your dog's eating time from seconds to minutes. Dogs actually have to work to get their food, weaving their tongue in and out of all the grooves, trying to get every last bit. Not like a standard dog food bowl which is just theirs for the taking (or wolfing).

Buster Dog Maze Bowl
Buster Dog Maze Bowl

What Size Dog Is The Buster DogMaze Designed For?

The Buster DogMaze is a one size fits all dog bowl. Any size dog and any breed of dog can use the buster dog maze food bowl. Just put in the dog's usual amount of food and, for smaller dogs eating less food, just scatter the pieces throughout the maze.

dog bloat
dog bloat

What Can Happen if a Dog Eats a Meal Too Fast?

Food Bloat is the #2 Killer of Dogs, After Cancer

For dogs, eating food too fast can be harmful and even deadly. When dogs eat a meal too quickly, they chew less and are more prone to choke. In addition, a dog is also swallowing a lot of air, which can lead to burping or passing gas or, something more serious (even fatal) called food bloat. Most food bloat situations in dogs is just uncomfortable, but when it actually twists the stomach (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus) that is serious cause for concern. When that happens, blood circulation to the stomach is decreased or even cut off entirely. This condition is extremely serious and can lead to death or non-reversible stomach complications. If you notice that your dog's stomach is suddenly much fatter after a meal it's a must that the dog be seen by a veterinarian. Some other symptoms are enlarged belly, trying (unsuccessfully) to vomit, walking while hunched over, and pacing back and forth. At that point, the doctor can determine if the dog has Gastric Dilatation Volvulus and provide treatment options.

Dog Treat Dispensers That Slowly Distribute Dog Treats - Great For Dogs Who Gobble Up Treats!

These dog treat toys are perfect for keeping dogs entertained and getting them to play for longer periods of time, keeping that dreaded doggy boredom far, far away. These dog toys work by putting some small dog treats or kibble inside and then the dog must move, shake, roll or toss the dog toy in order to get the treats out. Highly entertaining for treat-motivated dogs.

  • Busy Buddy Twist and Treat - Unscrew the Twist 'N Treat and put in some kibble or dog treats. The dog toy has scent holes so that the dog knows there is something yummy inside. The way to get those tasty treats out is by rolling, shaking or moving the Twist and Treat around.
  • Kibble Nibble - Designed to be filled with the regular amount of a dog's food for a meal, the Kibble Nibble slows down a dog's feeding time by slowly and randomly distributing pieces of kibble. Great for those who leave their dog alone while they are at work.
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid - Fill the Dog Pyramid with small treats or kibble and a dog must be extra clever to get the treats out because the Dog Pyramid has a weighted base and pops up as soon as a dog lets go of it. (Kind of like those Weebles Wobbles but they don't fall down.
  • The Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom spins unpredictably and randomly dispenses treats to any dog willing to play with it. The Magic Mushroom dog toy is fun and a great way to keep a dog happy and entertained.

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