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Can dogs see ghosts?

Updated on February 7, 2013

Dogs can see ghosts! Skeptics and non-believers will scoff at the idea that human’s best friends have the ability to see the unseen. Dog owners though that have been exposed to the quirky and odd behaviors of the pet would definitely support the idea. But can Fido really see ghosts? As very few people can attest that ghosts and other paranormal being exist, the truth to this theory will remain unverified. If only dogs can talk then the furry friend can give its own two-cent worth of ghost stories.

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The dog is seeing a ghost

A dog owner, even one that has not had dogs for years would instantly know if the dog is barking at meter readers, at postmen or at a car that drove by. The timbre of the bark would let the owner know if there is an intruder or if the dog is welcoming a friend. A dog that is fine one minute would suddenly freeze, stare at nothing, stiffen up and bark, whine or growl is believed to have seen something unnatural. A dog that is purported to see ghost would have a different kind of barking. The dog would be aggressive and would act as if protecting the master but at the same time, the dog would also cower. It would seem as if the dog wants to hide behind the master. Commonly, the ferocious barking would be interspersed with nervous whimpering. The standing hair on the dog’s neck shows aggression but the tail that is between the legs shows immense fright.

A scientific explanation

The faint footsteps, the fleeting shadows, the spooky sounds and the unexplainable visions…these are manifestations of ghosts, of paranormal something that go bump in the night and cause chills to run up the spine. Skeptics would say that a ghost is a trick of the eye. Ghosts are commonly seen through the peripheral vision. The theory that dogs can see ghost was explained as due to the dog’s ultra sensitive senses.

A dog’s sense of hearing

Dog’s hearing is four times more sensitive than what we humans have. Because of the 18 or more muscles, a dog’s ear can be similar to a satellite dish antenna that can be rotated, tilted, raised or lowered to receive sound waves much better. Dogs can hear distant sounds that would be impossible for humans to hear. Can the dogs barking be due to the rustling sounds made by nocturnal animals and not to the presence of unseen entities?

A dog’s eyesight

Dogs were once believed to see only black and white. Studies have proven that dogs cannot see the colors of the rainbow but our four legged friends can see colors. Moreover, dog’s eyes are constructed so to be able to see better in the dark. Excellent abilities to hear and to see allow humans to sleep soundly at night. As long as the dog is on duty no burglar can enter the house.


Even in these modern times, people are frequently exposed to unexplained eerie ghostly sightings. People always have a ghost story to tell. Paranormal investigators that have hunted ghosts attest to their existence. Apart from ghost detectors, ghost hunters have used dogs to reveal the existence of these unseen beings.


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