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Thinking About Competition Sports for Your Dog and You

Updated on January 10, 2010
canine agility training
canine agility training

 Are you interested in taking part in a competitive sport that involves your canine companion and you?  Are you looking for a way to get you and your dog into an activity that will build a bond between the two of you and help give some exercise for your four-legged friend?
Do you want to raise the bar on your canine's level of obedience and training?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then have you given any thought to an agility sport?

A variety of options are available in sports for owners and their dogs.  You can go from disc dog, to lure coursing, to dock jumping.  Arguably, one of the most preferred options is agility training.  That is the sport where you get to direct “Buddy”, or whatever your best friend’s name might be, through a route containing various obstacles such as tunnels, ramps, weave poles, and more via orders given either verbally or with hand signals. The object being to have your dog complete the course as fast and as penalty free as possible. 

It's a challenging sport to train for but the rewards are like none you can imagine.  Because that’s when your dog and you form a connection that is more meaningful than practically any you can be a part of with anyone.  Plus, his obedience and training eclipses that of the vast majority of dogs you know out of the dog sports field, not to mention he is healthy, fit, and very happy.  

If agility training is the route you would like to take, dog agility training equipment will help you in the learning process.  But with a variety of equipment choices, it’s hard to know what equipment will best suite your needs.  It is recommended to get the advice of a trainer and specialist in dog agility training equipment and sports gear.  They will lead you to the training equipment you require to help you and your dog to be the best. 

You could also speak with other dog sport competitors to know what they have gleaned from their experience and incorporate that information into your personal lesson books to help you.  Once you've gotten to together the equipment and knowledge then you are on your way to the most amazing time for you and your canine companion.

If you’re starting in sport training for your pet or even if you’ve been training your four-legged friends for years, there is only one place in the southwest that can provide for all of your dog agility training equipment needs. 

For help from an honest expert who specializes in this field, go to  She cares about what’s best for your canine


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