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How to Take Care of the Young Rooster Bangkok

Updated on April 10, 2016

How to Take Care of the Young Rooster Bangkok


How to Take Care of the Young Rooster Bangkok >>> Assalam mualaikum ,,? Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, may we continue healthy healthy pobud amen. For us / friends who have a young bangkok chicken, a lot of processes that should be done to shape our young bangkok chicken into chicken bangkok reliable course. How to care for a young chicken bangkok aged 7 to 9 months can we play (tarungkan).

Bangkok chicken young usually there that do not have good mental and there is a mentally nice, chickens are not mentally have to of victory feather feathers so (fully grown) while chicken bangkok bermetal this big usually feather feathers do not grow perfectly (depending on his master la) , because at the age of cock feathers bangkok still have a young (bamboo shoots), so make a great chicken mentality, which is often in the hands of his master itching tarungkan, young fur will be broken and can not be grown.

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How to Take Care of the Young Rooster Bangkok


How to care for young bangkok enough chicken with light exercise, exercise should be gradual, exercises that we give must be balanced with the feed of healthy protein and carbohydrates as well. Below is how to train young bangkok chicken as follows;

1. Train breathing. >>> For practicing breathing chickens, we can hang the chicken, nice chicken hanging from 9 to 11 (see weather), before the drying should be chicken bathed first, after 2 hours of chickens in basking in the morning sun, chicken bangkok will feel thirsty, who looks younger bangkok chicken pant ngosan,

Stop and then drying the cooled chicken, chicken pant ngosan not directly given to drink, because it can lead to snoring bangkok chicken, chicken seems already breathing new stable be in love drinking. Drying in the sun in the morning, sunshine issuing vitamin D, good for the health of humans, animals and Tumbi tembuhan, which can be absorbed accused. In animals (chickens) sunlight can burn fat, which makes chicken accused be solid and tight.

2. The exercise play rolling. >>> Rolling exercises play chicken bangkok including light exercise, exercise can train a chicken rolling rotate horse strong legs and koko, indirectly also able to train the breath (breath control). The trick membukuk position our bodies, our hands to stem Lehar, then rotate the chicken, to prefix turn the chicken berlahan right to reply to the left of 15x and 15x, too. Bangkok chicken were first trained like this,

At the moment in the play chicken must fall fall, it denotes horse leg not strong, exercises like this we can do 2x a day morning and evening, do this exercise every day, a chicken that has been often we practice like this, add the playlist to 20 or 25 swivel to the left and to the right, see the condition of the chicken well as during practice that chicken looks sedah ​​already cepek or pant ngosan, do not stop exercising in force, exercises at stake can damage bangkok chicken itself.

How to Take Care of the Young Rooster Bangkok


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Horse cock already strong and koko, appears at practice the play chicken does not fall fell again, this exercise in addition to train horses strong horse and chicken koko can also make us to be nimble or agile at the time of the fight. The exercise is also useful also when to fight, when to fight and met an opponent who has the technique of fighting rolls (techniques play contorting opponent), when fighting cock bangkok us in rolls opponent, chicken we did not panic because the chicken bangkok we have become accustomed in rolls

3. landing exercises. >>> To make the horse was very good apart from the exercise play rolling, we also can practice landing, this exercise aims at when the cock fight did attack and landed a chicken bangkok we tidah fall have a balance, because at the time of the attack and when to land , chicken who does not have a strong horse and did not have a good balance, at the time of landing the chickens will fall, and when the chicken that fell opponent quickly fired back our chickens.

Exercise landed we could do in a way, put our bodies bent while overlooking the chickens (each facing front), use one hand to hold the chicken breast and swing your arms from the ground up so that (in the lift), so that the chickens will be lifted up, do things like this up to 20x.

How to Take Care of the Young Rooster Bangkok


Tips On How To Take Care Of Young True Bangkok Chicken Boto

Lots how to care for chickens bangkok young or how to train a chicken bangkok young, to train hard blow we can train chickens by way merenang chicken, pool exercises including strenuous exercise, by placing or soaking the chicken in the pool while we catch hold of its tail, chicken will be trying not tenggelan manner ngibas mengngibas sayamnya and mengngayun ngayunkan legs, pool exercises sufficiently trained one month, we can also train the chicken with mengngayun way or manner in Abar (fighting friendship).

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Sekiyan first experience or knowledge about how to care for young bangkok chicken that I can share all the friends of my friends out there, hopefully this article can increase knowledge and useful.

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