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Care for Kittens

Updated on January 2, 2015

Breeding the Best Pets

Animal breeders are as many and varied as the different types of animals in any one species. From cats, dogs, birds, fish and so on the number of variations among them are enormous, Every year, it seems, new breeds, new variations and new requirements are available One thing, however, stands out about anyone who does it. The respect they have for the animals and the type of care given

Most breeders only see money and what they do to alter an animals genetic make-up in order to produce the types of variations they achieve speak for themselves. From the mills and farms that turn animals out in the hundreds per season to the genetic manipulations surrounding 'odd' looks, strange characteristics and so on, to the almost crippling changes they accomplish on bodies not designed to be so tampered with the sight of some of these animals brings me to tears.

That's why my animals are cross bred. That means they have genetic strength and bodies that suit their lives. They are not under stress and duress due to hip displacement, heart murmurs, sinus and bronchitis, legs that don't work properly or other genetic diseases that can lead to enormous pain and suffering. Animals with these problems can log up large vet bills as they grow and age. My animals are reared in a clean and loving home environment. They are not genetically manipulated and as you can see from their pictures are as cute and cuddly as any you would buy elsewhere for a much heftier price tag.

They are a part of the family from the minute they arrive that means they easily fit into another home without undergoing stress or the need for much adjustment. They will never bring me wealth but they do bring joy and pleasure, especially when they are accepted into another loving and great home environment.

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3 litters together
3 litters together

The Best Pets

Few owners would argue that the best pets are those that are strong, healthy and able to enjoy a good quality of life. Disease of any kind can put them into stress and the pain they suffer we cannot feel and they cannot tell us.

You know how an animal feels, however, when it runs around in a happy state, is very playful, full of love and has the security of a good home and attentive family. Now you are talking about my kittens. The mother cats are all of those things and they have so much affection for me that sometimes it is almost too much to bear, Especially when three of them want my lap to sleep on or my bed when I am in it. That's when it's a case of 'move over mum' as they monopolise my hot water bottle in the wintertime or spread themselves out along my torso in the summer.

But that's how loving an animal brings the owner into a great relationship with a companion that will be more loyal to you than any human, that will not care how you look but will be very concerned when you are not well. Believe me they know too when the chips are down. They will set their clocks to your routine and when you move they move. Don't expect to ignore their presence as that can't happen and they quickly learn when the treats will be delivered.

With my cats when the micro wave is going at certain times they know that their chicken pieces are defrosting and as soon as it stops they are meowing their heads off until they get them. The micro wave may be used a hundred times a day but it is only on that one occasion that they are ready for their treat.

What Is Your Preference?

Do you prefer a so-call pure bred or a cross bred kitten

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Cruelty in Animal Breeding Mills

Would you like to think that your next pet was from one of these farms? You might like to rescue the aninals but they already have psychological and health problems and a long way to go before they can be house broken.

The two mums and kittens
The two mums and kittens

New Litters Have Arrived

The animals in my care have a suitable environment in which to develop. The best food is given to the mothers year round and the kittens are weaned onto it. They are also toilet trained from the time they begin to take solid food. These little ones, as young as they are, have never messed or weed on the floor.

Kittens that are left to toilet train in different circumstances may never get it right. In my experience once a kitten pees or poops on the floor then he/she will continue to do so no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Some indoor breeders put newspaper down to collect the waste. That is only encouraging the animals to be dirty in a home. If kittens are reared outside they may never be able to cope with an indoor toilet. Any corner or hidden out of the way place may become their regular spot. Once the urine penetrates into carpet, furnishings or other it is very hard to remove. The smell will hang there encouraging the kitten to return to the same spot. Other cats may also use that place if they are in or around the home.

In this picture the two mums, Star and Qik, share the nursery bed and nurse each others kittens. This is a sign of peace, health, security and good management. The kittens are not traumatized in any way and the mums are free to come and go throughout the house. They continue to get cuddles and support from me while the babies are in their care. That means that both they and the kittens are relaxed and happy.

What kittens receive by way of food in the early days of their life will affect their health for the rest of it. Many feed pet mince, tinned food or other nasties in the belief they are good for them. That is not the case. Pet mince from butchers, supermarkets and other places is simply rubbishy offcuts, such as fat, gristle and often bones ground up so you cannot tell what is in it. Fat fed to young animals can greatly affect the liver and set them up for obesity. Tinned pet food is often made from dead animals that may have died of disease, poisoning or something else. The food from this source is rarely nutritious and often sets up problems for later in life, such as diabetes, thyroid or other conditions such as early death.

This litter of animals have been named Christmas Pixies because they look like little elves. Their ears are very special and some are white or gold tinged with black around the edge. Others, like the little black female, just want to be kissed and cuddled.

Pucker Up Please: This kitten has the cheek to expect a kiss by the look of her expression. She is a wonderful female and her coat is soft as silk. She will make an exquisite companion pet for anyone who enjoys being loved and cuddled by such a friend. None of the kittens scratch and are trained from the outset to use scratching poles and cat tree. This ensures they are less likely to scratch furniture or other things they are not used to,

Here are 2 kittens on their tree. It is a great place to get them to pose for some interesting snaps. These two tortoise shells are exceptional colors and have already made two families extremely happy.

Cross Breeding for White Tigers

This is an example of what inbredding does to all animals, not just tigers. Don't buy animals that are not cross bred if you want to protect yourself from the problems they may face in your care. You don't want your children or grandchildre to see this,

Dogs Suffer from InBreeding

We can't feel their pain but the problems of their genetic disease is evident when this vet displays the brain. So why has this dog lost its ability to fell and move its limbs properly, Would you like this in an animal that you own?

Genetic Health

A short explanation of why recessive genes can cause major problems.

Vet with one of my kittens
Vet with one of my kittens

Buy Your Animals From Responsible Breeders

Being a responsible breeder means you care about your animal's long term future, You also care about the conditions under which it will live out its life, That means NOT giving kittens away to start with. You don't know what that little animal can be put through when it is given for free. You have no control over who takes it. One man told me he needed a kitten to train his grey hounds. If he can get them for nothing than he has an abundant source of animals to use in this way. A lady once told me she wanted one to replace the kitten she had recently lost when it was killed by her dogs. These people do not get any of my kittens,

There are a lot of reasons to pay for a kitten. Firstly it costs a lot of money to rear one properly and a breeder must recoup that expenditure plus make something for the effort. Top food brands are the most expensive. That is to say nothing of the hours of work put into keeping their environment clean, nursing them through the first hours of life so nothing happens to them (a time of no sleep or little of it), the constant washing, supervising and so on. Then the vet treatments they will require, often soon after birth, should there be a problem. The mothers must also be properly cared for throughout non breeding cycles. Mine frequently attend the vet for check ups and occasionally if there is a problem.

Aside from all of that there is ongoing expenses for kitty litter, new equipment, bedding, carry cages, blankets and so on. During winter litters require a heated room and in summer may also need air conditioning. None of that is cheap, There are also things like floor coverings that need constant replacing and other things, too many to mention. Running around for the kittens also requires time and petrol and all my kittens can be sent home with a baby blanket to keep the continuity of the house with their new environment.

The adage is "You get what you pay for." If the kitten is free then chances are it has not had a cent spent on it, Many will give kittens away that are barely old enough to leave their mothers. That means they are not weaned and will suffer extreme stress when removed from them. Such kittens will be highly strung and may never adjust to your home situation. These are the animals that are most likely to flee and be run over or become feral.

This is one of my kittens and, as you can see, he has charm, personality and a whopping big ego. He is posing on his cat tree prior to going to his new home,

A responsible breeder has a follow up program and will usually pass on instructions for the ongoing care of the animal. He or she will ask for a report in a week or so and will be available for any questions, problem solving or other things after you take the kitten home. That breeder will also hand you the name and address of the vet that checked out the health of the baby and who did the micro chipping, The vet in the picture is one I use and he has given permission to post his picture of when he was attending to this kitten.

All of my kittens are as beautiful as the most outrageously expensive cats on the market but they are a lot better than most. Their health is guaranteed, they are short to medium hair so as to avoid allergy problems and they will give you years of loving pleasure and fun, They make great pets for the kids and you will have little to nothing to spend on them by way of vet bills except for spaying, if and when.

If you are considering a kitten, or perhaps a mate for an existing cat, or if you know someone else considering one then please consider me as the best source to acquire it. You can be assured that every word written her is accurate and I will not let you down. You can also contact me at any time for advice or to help solve a problem.

UPDATE: All these kittens are now in new homes with love and care being provided.

Pixie and Skittles
Pixie and Skittles

Kittens Find Good Homes

Here is an update on some kittens in their new homes. Some go to environments with children, some of whom are very young and their gentle nature ensures a good relationship. These kittens do not scratch and are not inclined to ever be savage. They do not hunt and when cared for correctly have no need to be outside. They do, of course, have indoor toys and trees to climb and scratching poles for their claws and good exercise.

The cat in this photo was sold some 18 months or so ago and has now had a kitten before being spayed. I was thrilled to receive this during the first week of January, 2013, and is a testimony of the love and care people continue to give to the animals. She is called Pixie and her kitten skittles and it obvious that the family intend to keep the kitten as well. Now that is one gorgeous pic. The owners were informed that it would be put on the website.

Highly Recommended

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige
Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

Trees come in all shapes and sizes but the best ones are those with a cave or cabin attached, this one has two, that the kitten(s) can hide inside and feel secure. As it takes the place of a tree make sure it is of reasonable height so that jumping around and climbing gives them enough exercise, The platforms are places they love as well. One of my queens, Star, has a great love of sleeping on the upper deck of their cat tree, The dangling things, imitation mice, don't last long as kittens quickly work out how to get rid of them.


They are usually different colors, depending on the parents, but they are always very striking and of the same characteristics as mentioned above.

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NEVER Give Kittens Away

You have no control over who takes them and some kittens suffer terrible deaths at the hands of ruthless people. One man told me he uses free kittens to train his greyhounds. Then there is this concerning the release of a cat killer who is about to leave jail.


Even though he was just sentenced in January, under Kentucky law, he is already eligible for parole because of the jail time he served before sentencing.Phelps is the Bullitt County man who tortured to death at least eight cats by duct-taping their feet together and cutting them open. He obtained the cats from "free to good home" ads. During the sentencing hearing in Bullitt Circuit Court, Phelps testified that he had obtained at least two dozen cats, and "released them into the wild." It is unclear what Phelps meant by his statement. When first interviewed by police, Phelps stated that cats had certain magical powers. We do not know whether Phelps turned the other cats loose or "released them" by killing them. He also told police he was conducting "medical experiments."

The Bullitt Circuit Court accepted a plea agreement, and sentenced Phelps to five years in prison. The sentencing order makes clear that the court had grave concerns about Phelps. The order finds that there is a "substantial risk the Defendant would commit another crime during any period of parole or conditional discharge," "the Defendant is in the need of correctional treatment that may be provided most effectively by the Defendant's commitment to a correctional institute", and parole or conditional release "would unduly depreciate the seriousness of the Defendant's crime", due to its "deliberate nature."

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Welcome back! We had a wild party while you were gone. I don't remember much, but I am told that I barefd all over your blogroll. I'm really sorry about that.

    • CoolFool83 profile image


      5 years ago

      I adore animals of all kind, and your lense shed some light for all of us.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      All of our kitties came to us by hook or by crook, usually after being given up by other Homo Saps. It does get interesting at times, since kitties from these situations do tend to have more health issues, shorter lives, and difficulties adjusting. They're sweeties once they believe they are home.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I could never be a breeder. It would be so hard to know who to allow to have a kitten and who to say no to. Not only would I miss the kittens I would be worrying about their wellbeing.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: I am glad you are not one of my kittens because you are one of the kitty angels in Squidoo that I talk about in another lens. Hugs

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I sure feel the love here and am so impressed with your heart for caring for these little ones, I would love to be one of your cats raised in this nourishing and protecting environment that prepares them for happy and healthy lives in every way. Those that are wondering only need to watch one of those videos to see the damage done. I've also FB liked this excellence!

    • LiliLove profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens, I have learned something new today. I have two cats and they bring a lot of joy in my life. Thanks for sharing!

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 

      5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      I am not much of a cat person, but I do see how irresponsible are some pet owners. I mostly see dogs because cats are not as much out of the apartments and it always makes me sad to see special breed with heavy breath and all sorts of health problems. Well, I guess the owners should be really proud of that...

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 

      5 years ago from United States

      Wishing you a year of many new blessings starting with this one! Happy New Year!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have a friend who breeds cats and she is a very responsible breeder. However, the angst she goes through when deciding who to allow to have her kittens is not something I would want to go through.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It's hard to read about bad breeding methods but something everyone should know about. Beautiful kitten photos and great tips for having healthy, happy kittens.

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image


      5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Thanks so much for featuring my coffee mugs and magnets for pet lovers on this very informative page. Much appreciated.


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