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Cartoon Sheep

Updated on August 31, 2017

The Adventures of Cecil the Sheep & His Friends.

A gallery of original, offbeat, surreal sheep (and other) cartoons. Great entertainment for the whole family (except the kids).

Cecil the Sheep has been with me for over 20 years. In that time, he and partner Celia have had many exciting experiences.

There are dozens of Cecil the Sheep drawings in this collection. Explore this space and enjoy the fun!

Cecil the Cupid Sheep gets it right ... - ... eventually.

Cecil the Sheep cartoon
Cecil the Sheep cartoon

One of Santa's helpers flushes out an imposter. - When elves attack...

Sheep impersonates Santa
Sheep impersonates Santa

Cecil the Santa Sheep miscalculates his entry. - HO! HO! OH! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Santa sheep Christmas cartoon
Santa sheep Christmas cartoon

The Nativity Incident

Cat attacks nativity set
Cat attacks nativity set

Cecil the Sheep drives his car... - It's an original 1967 Volkswagen Beetle. He loves it!

Sheep drives Volkswagen Beetle
Sheep drives Volkswagen Beetle

Celia the Sheep hits pay dirt! - I made this birthday card for my mother.

Sheep plays poker machine
Sheep plays poker machine

She passed away five years ago. I was going through her papers and realised that she'd kept this. It made me happy and sad at the same time.

Cecil the Sheep goads his timid crew...

I love the way Squidoo lets you showcase your art.

Cecil the Sheep ends another distasteful evening as a chauffeur.

As an accountant... - Cecil the Sheep eyes a piece of new technology with scepticism.

And yes, I have spelt 'scepticism' correctly!

One of Cecil's friends is Fluffy, the Farting, Biting Cat. - In this vignette, we see Fluffy discover the Christmas lights.

Cecil the Sheep beats the Americans back to the moon... - And the Indians. And the Chinese. And Richard Branson!

And the Russians.

Cecil the Sheep is unconscious of his mortality. - I don't mean to get heavy here, but Cecil has forced me to consider some of LIFE's BIG QUESTIONS.

Is it better or worse to know that one is destined to die?

Celia the Sheep opens a cutting-edge boutique... - Not for the faint hearted!

Developing Cecil the Sheep - a friend's challenge... - One of my best mates commissioned me to draw a cartoon entitled 'Cecil the Sheep guffaws over his bumper

I never imagined one simple face could feature so many permutations.

And the result... - Here's how the guffaw cartoon turned out.

It's quite rough, since at that time I was doing sketches for the purpose of manually reproducing them onto T-shirts (which today are keenly sought by collectors).

Celia the Ballerina Sheep

Cecil and Celia the Sheep get married... - And celebrate their honeymoon in style!

Another of Cecil's friends is Michael the Rat. - Here he is, having a drink after a difficult day.

I feel like this quite often. Do you?

Your view is sought on an issue gripping the globe!

Who is the best Looney Tunes character?

See results

Cecil the Sheep cranks up his guitar... - It's a very rare and expensive Rickenbacker!

Cecil the Sheep has an accident... - I hope this is covered under his income protection insurance.

Cecil the Sheep visits the fish and chips shop... - And has a little joke with the proprietor.

Cecil introduced himself when I was doing my HR degree... - I was taking notes when this image manifested at the bottom of my page!

He's been with me ever since.

Cecil the Sheep has tried many occupations... - Fortunately, this was just a Halloween costume.

Actually, that's not strictly true...

As a podiatrist... - Cecil the Sheep once tackled a particularly tricky biomedical assessment.

As a carpenter... - Cecil was known to give work experience kids a bit more experience than they bargained for!

One of LIFE's big questions.

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck: Why?

Celia the Sheep knocks out a few sausage rolls.

And now, a sneak peek at my mate's newest creation! - This is the world's first glimpse of an unpublished cartoon.

It will later appear at which is already well worth a visit.

Christmas can be a stressful time... - Here we see Cecil the Santa Sheep suffering a psychotic episode.

Hands up if you've ever felt this way at Christmas!

Cecil & Celia the Sheep flunk ballet school... - So you think you can dance... dance... dance!

Where's Kat Deely when you need her?!


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