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Feline acne

Updated on May 27, 2009
feline acne
feline acne


Feline acne is a dermatological pathology,it affects both male and female at any age and can be ciclycal or permanent during the cats life.

Stress, FILV or FELV, insuficcient grooming, over-active oil glands, changes in hair follicles, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, demodécica mange, dermatofitiases, contact dermatitis and allergic diseases.

The hair follicles begin to be distended with keratin and lipid content. If these follicles rupture and its contents were spread by the dermis, there is an inflammatory reaction. A secondary bacterial infection of the follicles that leads to folliculitis may also evolve to Furunculosis.

Feline acne is a pretty easy resolution health condition and you will be able to solve it at home when diagnosing correctly the problem. It affects mostly the cats chin and most of the times owners bring they're cats to the veterinarian saying they're cat have a dirty chin.

Feline acne is caused by over-active oil glands, and takes the form of pimples, a black crusty substance or a small lump that looks like dirt.

This skin disorder can occur in any age but is more frequent after one year of age since is not often seen in baby kittens..

It usually has mild symptoms but in severe cases, inflammation and irritation of the skin can appear, as well as swelling of the chin , the upper lip, lymph nodes of the head and neck. In chronic cases, hair loss and loss of skin pigmentation may also develop, but only in severe cases when the problem is disregarded. It is more visible in dark hair cats.

What can be the causes of feline acne?

1º poor hygiene habits of the cat

2º overactive oil glands

3º buildup of dirt and oil leads to clogged pores

4º Keratin production may be insufficient

Hormonal issues haven't been yet proved to be related to feline acne.

keep the affected area clean, and several topical treatments can help remove the accumulated waste material from the skin.

Use some cotton in a ball shape soaked in peroxide or vinegar is often suggested for cleaning the chin area, but vinegar should be used with extreme careful because it could be irritating to the cats skin.

Benzoyl peroxide shampoo used twice a week can also keep the acne under control, and is one of the most recommended treatments by veterinarians.

Washing the chin daily with an antibiotic soap can clear the skin of built-up oil and dirt, and using an antibiotic or anti-fungal topical ointment can prevent the pores from becoming clogged.

Daily cleaning your cat’s chin with warm salt water can also help reduce the risk of infection.

The use of vitamin A is not proved to be efficient yet by cientists.

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    • profile image

      Evette 6 years ago

      Hey there, surely if the jaw was fractured, we would notice that they werent eating for a couple of days!!! I am quite sure that all of us cat lovers, who are "cruel" enough to look the problem up on the internet, would surely have noticed such an extreme injury, which would surely have disrupted regular eating habbits!

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Wow, totally off base there Someone who (thinks he) knows. I have four cats -- one male aged six, female aged six, and two female kittens from the same litter aged 9 months -- who are all 100% indoor cats so definitely no fractures due to jumping from roof to roof or wall to wall... yet two suffer with feline acne, my six year old male has suffered with very mild every now and then for years and also one of the female kittens has just now started getting moderate acne on her chin and along her jaw line.

      You individual situation doesn't mean that you are qualified to diagnose or discount valid medical conditions in animals,

    • profile image

      La personelle 6 years ago

      You are wayy out there, Mr. 'who knows'. One thing doesnt rule out the other. Having an infection from a fracture, doesnt mean acne doesn't excist just aswell.

      For starters, my cat is an inside cat and im fulltime at home, he is just 1 yr old and I can say with certainty he doesn't have any fracture..... But he does have acne.

      That you have been misdiagnosed doesnt give you the right to give people incorrect health information.

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago


      Jumps and fractures? Drinking much? Buy a medicine book and check if it is real or not before accusing people of cruelty!!!

    • profile image

      Stephanie 7 years ago

      Halo has a herbal healing salve and a herbal shampoo you could try. Not too sure how serious your cats issue is but Halo is really natural... not sure if its considered "organic".

    • profile image

      Lisa G 8 years ago

      My cat more then likely has feline acne and I am wondering if there is a way I can treat it organically? I am not interested in stuffing my cat full of medication, do you have any good suggestions?