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Cat Food after Feline Megacolon

Updated on July 13, 2013

Cat food for cats after having megacolon surgery

This is Roman as a kitten. At the time of when this pic was taken he was very ill suffering from non stop illnesses of which we did not know what they were at the time.

I have always had cats growing up so when this little kitten was always ill, it was nothing i had ever experienced before.

I want to share what I have experienced as i was someone that had never been in this situation before.

On Valentine's day my husband surprised me with a British blue cross short hair kitten and it was love instantly.

Unfortunately a pattern of long term constipation and regular visits to the emergency vets for him to have enemas was not what my husband had planned for me when buying this cute kitten.

The kitten was bought from an independent unlicensed breeder. My husband had told me that he got the kitten from a woman who claimed to be a breeder and that the kittens were healthy. This was far from the truth.

We found out that and after countless visits and vet bills that the kitten (named Roman) was not going to get any better unless megacolon surgery was performed. This is where a large part of the damaged colon is removed and the rest of the colon is fused back together.

After stressful months and worrying, this was the only option for the little Roman.

The operation was a success and after 5 days we got our kitten back

The vet could not pin point why it happened and could not guarantee if it would happen again but recommended that he stayed away from dry food and also regular soft food from supermarkets.

Instead the vet recommended Royal Canin feline sensitivity control chicken and rice pouches OR James wellbeloved natural moist cat food adult

These are high in protein and very well hydrated cat foods which are great for cats that have had megacolon surgery.

little Roman is now huge noisy and healthy thanks to having this surgery and hopefully with the recommended cat foods he will live to an very old age healthy and happy .


Cat toys

Dinner time

Royal canin sensitivity pouches 48x 100g chicken




I recommend Royal canin sensitivity control chicken and rice pouches. I also recommend James Wellbeloved turkey flavor pouches.

Does anyone else know of any other foods for cats after megacolon surgery?

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