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Cat Towers and Cat Trees

Updated on December 6, 2013

Cat Tower or Cat Tree - Fun Furniture for Your Cat!

A cat tower is a super fun piece of cat furniture that provides hours of fun, exercise, and rest for the feline member of you family. A cat tower, also called a cat tree gives an indoor cat his own space and the ability to scratch and climb much like he'd get to if he were outdoors. Cat towers very in designs. Some have ramps, others offer platforms for your kitty to jump between. The sizes, shapes, and colors of cat trees available to pet owners is endless. Here you'll find a selection of my favorite cat towers and cat trees.

Image credit: Three kitty cats enjoying their cat tree by jon_a_ross on Flickr.

Cat Tree and Cat Tower Photos - Home pictures of cats enjoying their cat towers and trees.

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Cat Tower or Cat Tree with Hammock - Fun cat furniture for your indoor cat.

I love this particular cat tower because it has a neat hammock on the lower level. What cat wouldn't love a hammock to lounge in? This cat tower also has a cat condo for your kitty to hide in, multiple platforms, and a sleeping tube that provides a birds eye view of the room.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6202, Beige
Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6202, Beige

This cat tree gets a customer rating of 4.5 stars! Click to see customer photos.


Large Cat Tower for Multiple Cat Homes - Best cat tree for multiple cats.

This cat tower has multiple platforms, cat condos, scratching posts, dangling toys, and ramps, which makes it the perfect cat tree house for multiple cat homes. What I like most about this cat tower are the ramps. It looks like so much fun, plus the ramps are great for older or overweight cats.

Cat Tree, Beige
Cat Tree, Beige

The Armarket Cat Tree is an ideal choice for pet owners who don’t want to swap a handy end table for a traditional cat tree. Your pet will have a terrific time climbing, exploring, exercising, scratching, or just kicking back and relaxing on one of the levels or inside the privacy cube. The attractive beige-colored faux fur covering looks great in any room.


Cat Tower for the Active Cat - Cat tree with multiple levels.

This cat tower is great for cats who are super active and love to play. It has a cat condo, sleeping tube, lounging half tube, multiple levels, and plenty of scratching posts.

Tall Cat Tower - Tall cat tree perfect for active climbers.

If your kitty love to climb and stay in high places, then this is the best cat tower for him. With multiple levels that let him jump higher with each leap, he'll never be bored.

Molly and Friends "Pinnacle" Extra-Large Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal, Beige
Molly and Friends "Pinnacle" Extra-Large Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal, Beige

This is the best cat furniture. Large beds and rest areas allow big kitties (or multiple ones) to lounge, stretch, and play! Our All Natural Thick Sisal Rope is just what your kitty wants to dig his claws into. Our premium handmade high quality cat furniture is made from scratch right here in the U.S.A. and requires no assembly - we do all the solid building for you. Because this furniture is handmade and not "modular", you'll get the sturdiest upright post that can be climbed up, scratched at, slept in, and peered out from.


Super Fun Cat Tower - Fun cat tree for single or multiple cat homes.

This fun and funky animal print cat tower is great. It has a cat condo, multiple levels, and a sleeping tube.

Kitty Mansions Mini Amazon Cat Tree, Blue
Kitty Mansions Mini Amazon Cat Tree, Blue

Kitty Mansions Jungle Gym Cat Tree has five different levels and a hammock for your cat to enjoy a lazy day on. It also features a barrel under the top platform and a master bedroom on another level. Scratching posts located throughout the Jungle Gym to keep your cat's nails manicured.


Small Cat Tower - Small cat tree house, great for tight budgets.

If you have a tight budget or only one cat, then this cat tower is perfect for you. It has one cat condo, multiple platforms, scratching posts, and a sleeping tube. It's everything your cat needs in one pint size unit.

Small Cat Tower - Small cat tree for smaller homes.

This small unit is great for single cat homes that are short on space. Your cat will like that he has to jump up to get inside the cat condo portion of this unit.

Small and Affordable Cat Tower - Small cat tree house for tight budgets.

This small cat tree house is great for tight budgets and small spaces.

Cozy Cat Tower - Cat tree with lots of places to relax.

This cat tower is super neat. It has two beds on pedestals so your kitty can nap up high. It also has a cat condo and a hammock style sleeping space.

Majestic Pet Products 76 inch Beige Casita Cat Furniture Condo House Scratcher Multi Level Pet Activity Tree
Majestic Pet Products 76 inch Beige Casita Cat Furniture Condo House Scratcher Multi Level Pet Activity Tree

Give your cat a wonderful environment for playtime or naptime, anytime! The amazing Casita Bungalow Cat Tree is durably constructed with Sisal Rope wrapped posts that will withstand the toughest claws. Covered in either an elegant honey-colored Faux Fur or a delightfully white Faux Sheepskin, the Tree looks great and is cozy for cats! This beautiful residence features many levels and heights, a spacious main residence, plenty of feline fun and surprises! They'll enjoy the multiple perches high above to relax for a mid-afternoon siesta, or just chill out to see what's going on with the family. Brand New in box! Assembles in minutes with simple step by step instructions and tools provided. Cleans easily with a vacuum and damp cloth. Available in multiple heights and designs, ranging from 48" to 80"!


Amazing Cat Tower - Cheap cat tree house

I saved the best for last. This amazing cat tower is less than $70, but has all of the levels, condos, and more that the units over $100 have! This cat tree is really neat and gets great customer ratings.

Best Choice Products New "The Tabby" Cat Nap Cat Tree Condo Pet Furniture Scratching Post Premium Quality Pet House, 80"
Best Choice Products New "The Tabby" Cat Nap Cat Tree Condo Pet Furniture Scratching Post Premium Quality Pet House, 80"

You are viewing a Brand New 80" Cat Condo Tree Scratching Post. We can assure you that these are the highest quality cat tree houses on the market. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund no questions asked. We purchase all of our products directly from the manufacture, providing the best prices. Buy from us and save big!!


  • Cat towers provide indoor cats with exercise.
  • Cat towers provide hours of playtime to entertain your kitty.
  • Cat towers give your cat the opportunity to climb, jump, and play like he would in real trees if he were outside, fulfilling his natural instincts.
  • Giving your cat his own furniture gives him something he can scratch his claws on without damaging your human furniture.
  • Cats are private creatures. Cat towers and cat trees give your kitty a personal space for him to hang out in when he wants to get away from the people.

Do You Have a Cat Tower or Cat Tree House? - Thank you for visiting.

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    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 4 years ago

      These look so cool! I have a cheap plastic one that I bought but would love to get a real one someday soon.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Ohhhh! I love the cat tower...I have one but it looks a bit old and will purchase one in the near future...

    • Scribble1 LM profile image

      Scribble1 LM 5 years ago

      I have a small (2-level) cat condo and my cats love it. I wish I had enough space for one of these nice big trees.

    • VladimirCat profile image

      Vladimir 5 years ago from Australia

      I have a cat tree and I now have steps to get up onto my cat tree. Even senior cats can enjoy a tree

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 5 years ago

      Our cats loved to climb and investigate throughout the house ... I'd find Boots way up on top of the cabinets in the kitchen ... the ex decorated with fish and I think Boots wanted to catch them. Thank goodness for cat towers to capture their interest.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 6 years ago from Canada

      I love this cat tower lens. It is so nice to see happy cats busy playing in their tree house. I love it. Thank you for the pleasurable morning amusement.

    • Jen Maskill profile image

      Jen Maskill 6 years ago

      We have a cat treehouse for our 3 cats. Sometimes it goes un-visited for weeks lol. Cats are funny things aren't they.

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Cute cat towers.

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 7 years ago

      Great gifts for cats. Don't they all just love to climb and hide all over the place?