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Cat Tree - Where to Find Cat Trees, Cat Condos, Cat Houses and Scratching Posts

Updated on September 20, 2011

Cat Tree Options, Cat Houses and Cat Condos

There is probably no better way to keep your cat (or cats) happy and entertained than by supplying them with a cat tree to play on.

Cat trees are not only entertaining, but also keep cats active by providing great exercise and also gives them great places to hide and sleep.

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes to fit just about any sized room.

You can opt for a basic tree that usually features at least one scratching pole, one covered area for cat to hide or sleep and one platform for them to sit and "observe".

A medium sized tree works well if you have more than one cat or a particularly enthusiastic or energetic cat. These usually offer two or three of the options mentioned above and quite often come covered in faux fur or faux fleece as opposed to carpet.

Then of coarse there is the larger full sized multi-layered cat tree, house or condo that includes items like ramps, ropes, toys, multi covered boxes, multi tiers and so much more.

Keep reading to discover all of cat tree options available so you can find the perfect fit for you and your cat.

Cat Trees - Smaller and Less Expensive Cat Trees and Cat Condos

Here are a couple of smaller versions of cat trees.

These are perfect for apartments or smaller rooms and less expensive than the larger versions.

Most of these cat trees are covered in carpet which doubles as the perfect scratching post for cats and helps keep them from destroying your furniture.

There are even a few that can be attached to a wall or the back of a door if space is an issue.

Many of these cat towers also come with attached toys for extra fun!

Cat Trees - Medium and Slightly More Elaborate Cat Trees and Cat Houses

The following is a selection of some medium sized cat trees, cat houses, and what are known as cat condos.

These medium sized trees offer faux fur, and faux fleece as their coverings, making cats even more comfortable. Many of them also have ramps for older cats or for cats who are just waking up and might not yet have the desire to jump.

These cat trees also afford more boxes and hiding places for cats to play and sleep.

These are great units for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising and come in various neutral colors so you are sure to find one that not only satisfies your cat but matches your decor as well.

Cat Trees - Large Cat Trees and Cat Condos

When does a cat house become a cat mansion? When you purchase one of these babies.

These cat trees are fairly elaborate and have everything your cats could possibly need for hours of play and comfort.

They would probably require a larger room due to their size, but if you've got the space you can pretty much ensure where your cat will be hanging out all day long.

These houses pretty much include everything from soup to nuts. Most of them are covered in faux fur for cats extra comfort and also include things like hanging rope and toys. wood posts covered in Natural Sisal Rope to be used as scratching posts, baskets, cradles, ladders, and ramps.

These great cat houses are perfect if you are the owner of at least two or even quite a few cats because there is room for them all.

Click on blue link next to each item for larger pictures and more detailed descriptions of each item.


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    • profile image

      Cat Trees That Look Like Trees 

      8 years ago

      The PetClub one looks awesome. It would be so decorative in my house and I bet my cats would enjoy it too!

    • thehands profile image

      Jorge Vamos 

      8 years ago

      Whenever I see those, I just wish they were human-sized so I could use them.

    • CASE1WORKER profile image


      8 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      they look fun especially if you have an "indoor cat"


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