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Natural Cures for Cats With Allergies

Updated on February 13, 2013

Cats Can Have Allergies Too - How to Help Cats With Allergies

Does your cat have allergies? How about itchy skin, watering eyes, hair loss, etc? Here you'll find information on natural remedies for cat allergies, how to help a cat with allergies, holistic treatments for cat allergies, and even answers to the question does my cat have allergies?

If you've been giving your cat human allergy medicine to help with allergies, please read through these natural and healthy options to help your cat. There are safe, inexpensive methods to treat cat allergies. Read on for more information!

Athena the Kitty
Athena the Kitty

My Cat With Allergies

My cat has allergies -- her story

Several years ago, my brother called me unexpectedly one day saying that his wife had found a stray cat out in a field near where she worked and asked whether I would be interested in possibly adopting her. At the time, I had not even been considering getting a pet. He brought the cat (who I later named Athena due to her regal nature) to my place a few days later so I could meet her. My brother walked inside my apartment, set Athena down on the floor and she immediately walked over and climbed in my lap. I fell in love with her instantly and today now have 5 pets total (3 cats and 2 dogs).

As time passed, I noticed Athena's eyes began watering regularly. She would develop black crusty yucky stuff in the corners of her eyes. At first I didn't think it was anything to be overly concerned about but things seemed to progressively become worse. One of her ears was constantly becoming clogged with the same yucky black stuff. She would slant her ear down and scratch at it all throughout the day.

We took her to the veterinarian's office and after some expensive testing learned that Athena was allergic to dust mites, mold and some types of airborne pollens. The doctor said that he had never seen such a severe allergy to dust mites and even called the other vets at the practice to come take a look at her results.

The vet prescribed a couple of different medications that seemed to help a little. But only a little. Plus it bothered me that 1) we were only treating the symptoms, not the cause and 2) staying on pills long term is very damaging to our systems. There's more money to be made by the medical establishment treating diseases than there is curing them.

So on that note, I began researching natural treatments or remedies for cats (and dogs) with allergies. And eventually I found one that worked. :) (Details below.)

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Mom and baby kitten
Mom and baby kitten
Pet Health OPC
Pet Health OPC

How We Helped My Cat With Allergies

Natural treatments for cats allergies

When we started Athena on Pet Health OPC, she was feeling really rough. Weight loss, hair loss, the severe allergies--she was really struggling and I was very concerend.

After about a week of being on Pet Health OPC, I noticed a tremendous difference in Athena's health. The yucky crusties around her eyes were disappearing. He coat began filling back out and slowly her weigh returned to normal.

Today she has been on Pet Health OPC for almost 2 years and at over 10 years old, she runs, plays and acts just like a kitten.

As a pet parent, it makes me feel absolutely amazing that I was able to find a natural, healthy product to boost her immune system, lengthen her lifespan and increase her quality of life. :)

To purchase Pet Health OPC for your cat or dog or to learn more about the product, click the link below:

Buy Pet Health OPC

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Cats and dogs can get along!
Cats and dogs can get along!
Puppy sleeping
Puppy sleeping

Pet Supplement for allergies, arthritis, hair loss, difficulty with stairs, etc.

Help with cats allergies, how to help cats with allergies

One more quick story before I wrap--a friend of mine named Angie has a dog that has dragged it's back legs since birth. She spent over $4,000 with several veterinarians and no one was able to offer any answers.

Here is a brief video of her dog before trying Pet OPC: Before Pet OPC

Pet OPC works for a number of health challenges for both cats and dogs. I told her about what Athena went through and what my experience was with Pet Health OPC. She had tried everything and nothing worked, so she honestly wasn't very optimistic.

After 4 days of Angie's dog being on Pet OPC, here is the difference: After Pet OPC

The difference is simply astounding. I think the videos say it all. :)

Before Pet Health OPC - After Pet Health OPC, cute animal videos

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Cat Smile - Kitty smiling, cats smiling

Cat smile
Cat smile

Please feel free to message me for more details. I'm a huge animal lover and I'm happy to help any way I can!

Comments - Does your cat have allergies? Did you find this information helpful for your pet?

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