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Cat Genie 120 - Self Cleaning Litter Box

Updated on June 30, 2014

Best Cat Litter Box Ever? My Review

With five cats living at our home, you can imagine how many bags of cat litter we used month after month after month. How many droppings we scooped and cat litter dropped in the trash.

I had already found and bought another automatic litter box, the Litter Robot. We had it in our house for a couple of months, but that one wasn't working for us. We have a couple of cats that have the bowl dirty within a day! That was really hard to clean, and not to clean the litter box as often was what we bought it for. So one day I was surfing the internet to find out if there were other self cleaning litter boxes on the market, because I really liked the idea of not having to clean so much.

That's when I came across the Catgenie. I really liked the way it looked, it was an expensive litter box. But the Litter Robot was too and that one wasn't doing the job for us. The Catgenie would scoop, clean, disinfect, flush and dry the granules. The website add said you would never have to touch the granules again. Also you never had to refill the litter box, because the granules were recycled over and over again. That sounded to good to be true. In this lens I am going to answer that question. Is the Cat Genie self flushing litter box a scam and just too good to be true?

The Buying Process

When I "click click click" bought the Cat Genie online on Ebay and it was now official -I was really expecting the Cat Genie to join our household- I doubted myself. What if I had made another expensive stupid mistake. The Litter Robot I thought was also a great purchase, but after some time it turned out to be a great disappointment. The Cat Genie was less expensive, but it was still a huge amount of money. But we would benefit from not buying Cat litter anymore. Therefore we would earn back our purchase in a couple of months.

In the Netherlands the Cat Genie can't be purchased! That's why I probably never heard of it before. I had to buy it from Ebay and made a stupid mistake. I didn't read the conditions very well and ended up ordering a Cat Genie with shipping costs as much as the Cat Genie itself. Thankfully the seller gave me a refund and I could buy me a Cat Genie from Italy. With the shipping costs as low as 30 euros. I was very thank full for that.

Cat Genie Polls

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The Cat Genie Arrives

Within a couple of days the Cat Genie arrived in two large boxes. I was very nervous to unpack it and couldn't get the boxes open soon enough. Finally I had it unpacked. There it was, in pieces and a lot of them. There was a hose and other plumbing objects and I panicked. I couldn't possibly manage to make the Cat Genie running and flushing. I called my dad and he came to save the day.

I managed (reading the manual) to set up the Cat Genie and it was really not that hard after all. I didn't want it to be in my toilet or bathroom, so we (my father actually) made an extra tap in the water supply. The disposal of dirty water was not that hard, with another hose it was connected with the one already in my kitchen.

When everything was back in place again we were the proud owners of a nice looking self flushing cat toilet (I didn't want to call it a litter box anymore). It was beautiful.

Photo Credit Amazon

Introducing the Cat Genie

When it was up and running I had two curious cats checking out the Cat Genie. Also my dog Henkie was wondering what that strange little thing in the kitchen was. I made a short movie that day and I'm happy to share that with you. Hope you don't mind my voice as I talk with a higher voice to my pets ;) also I really hate hearing myself on recordings.

Meeting The Cat Genie

First Weeks with the Cat Genie

In the manual there were a lot of tips how to get your cats using the Cat Genie. One is to put the CG on the spot where your other litter box is placed. We couldn't do that, because we had our CG in our kitchen. Therefore we moved the old litter box to the kitchen and had the CG running for once in a while so the cats could get used to it and see it. They didn't use the CG, but one of my cats really liked the CG mat. He would love to lay there.

In the movie below you can see how one of my cats will still use the old one instead of the CG. That stayed the same for a couple of days/weeks. I also took out the old litter box as an experiment, but the big one Pooh refused to use the CG and he took a leak at the kitchen floor. At that point I thought it will never work and I made the wrong decision.

Photo Credit: Pooh and Balou

Pooh not Poohing on the Cat Genie

(it's) dogged (catted) does it

We had tried it all...... removing the old litter box, let the CG run when the cats were on the old one, put them in to the CG, luring them with candy into the CG, getting the old litter box become really dirty and smelly.... it didn't work.

That's when I tried removing the side flaps, so they could get in more easily. It worked! They would carefully step in the CG and do their business. Then when they quickly jumped out I let the CG run. They now realised it would only run after they left it. Within a couple of days all my cats (except one) were using the CG. But if I put back the old litter box, they still preferred that one.

One Year Proud Owners

It's now been over a year that we purchased the Catgenie 120 and it saved us a lot of money on cat litter. We only have to replenish once in a while but we don't have to buy big bags of cat litter every week. We have still one cat that prefers the normal litter box and for her we still buy cat litter. The other cats prefer the CG now.

One of my cats manages to self activate the CG, don't know if he does that on purpose but in the beginning this never happened. We now put a towel on top of the CG so he can't activate it that easy. We won't set the CG on automatic, because we prefer to scoop the droppings out with a little spade. Actually you won't have to, but we have a roof terrace and our drain leads there (in a corner and drainpipe but still).

We prefer to use the SmartCartridge with Fresh Sent, never smelled a Litter Box this fresh! Really love the smell. There's another cartridge with no sent, but we don't like that.

Photo Credit: Pooh and Pietje

What Will You Have To Purchase?

When you buy the Cat Genie you will need some other stuff as well to make it work. You will need the Cat Genie itself (of course), CatGenie SaniSolution Smart Cartridge, CatGenie Maintenance Cartridge and CatGenie Washable Granules.

- The Cat Genie is the biggest expense and will cost you about 250 dollars.

- The Smart Cartridge will cost you about 25 dollars when you buy one, but I advise you to buy two or three. When you ran out of solution, you can replace it. One cartridge will last for weeks!

- The Cat Genie Maintenance Cartridge will cost you 20 dollars, but you don't use that a lot. You'll have to use it per 3 months and you can use one cartridge 4 times.

-The Washable Granules you'll get together with your Cat Genie, but I advise to order them with the Smart Cartridges.

With some Cat Genie packages you get all the stuff complete. Check out different sellers, to get the best deal. And watch for high shipping costs! When you live in Europe you should search for Catgenie Italy. That's where I bought mine and the service and shipping are fast and excellent.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat BoxCHECK PRICE

CatGenie Maintenance CartridgeCHECK PRICE

CatGenie Washable GranulesCHECK PRICE

CatGenie 120 SaniSolution Smart Cartridge, Fresh Scent (6-Pack)CHECK PRICE

CatGenie GenieDomeCHECK PRICE

SmartScoop Self-Scooping LitterBox 1073211347CHECK PRICE

My Final Judgement

We are very, very happy with the Cat Genie. It really made our lives easier. It saved us so much money and time.


- Minimum litter box cleaning

- Saves you a lot of money

- Saves you time, time, time

- Very hygienic

- Liquifies droppings

- Can be fully automated (scoop, clean, flush, dries)

- Better for the environment (recycling, no more waste)

- No more bad smell, just nice Fresh Sent

- Dust free

- Biodegradable materials

- Only need to buy supplies a couple of times a year


- Granules all over the floor (because we don't/can't use the dome and sidewalls)

- When it's running we can't use the washing machine

- It takes a little effort to get your cats to use it

- You will need a drain and water supply

- It is an expensive purchase, but you save money within a couple of months

Total Cat Genie Cycle

Should You Buy The Cat Genie?

If you really hate cleaning the cat litter box you really should buy the Cat Genie. A few more good reasons/excuses to buy one are:

- You won't have to buy and carry hundreds of lbs. of litter a year.

- You just purchase a few cartridges of cat-safe cleaner a year.-

- You protect yourself and family by stop breathing in germ-filled, smelly dust particles.

- You help save the planet and stop littering!

Specifications of the Cat Genie

One-time, simple setup to cold water, a drain or toilet, and electric.

CatGenie is 19" wide in front, 16" wide bottom back, 17" top back, 21" high, 24" deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8' long, Drain Hose 10' long. The hoses were included in the package.

CatGenie Colors.

Base: Pearl Gray, Top: Porcelain White.

Assembled CatGenie weighs: 25 lbs.

Source: Catgenie


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    • sujaya venkatesh profile image

      sujaya venkatesh 2 years ago

      so cute

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      opatoday 5 years ago

      Great lens

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 5 years ago

      This is an excellent lens. You sold me as I am a breeder of kittens and my litter box is one problem that needs a solution and this look like it. The problem is space. I noticed you have a drain but will it plug into an outlet like the washing machine? Featured on Blessed by Skiesgreen 2013. Hugs.

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      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      These cat "toilet seats" look like a great idea!

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      I think this is a great idea.

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      SteveKaye 5 years ago

      I showed this to Olivia Felina and she's thinking about it. Well, actually she walked away to take a nap, but I'm sure she's considering this.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Great review. These could solve a lot of problems for cat lovers. Thanks for sharing how it all worked for you. Blessed.

    • jolou profile image

      jolou 5 years ago

      Great idea for cat owners.